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If it is illegal to read this where you are from, don’t. If you are legal and enjoy the story please send feedback.


It all started with a bit of dust wiped on a subway handrail in New York City. The man who did the wiping came from Iran, though Turkey and into London. The dust was smuggled in the cotton stopper in an aspirin bottle. The first commuter to come in contact was heading for JFK airport on his way to Milan Italy.

The business traveler infected the TSA screener, the flight attendant and most of the first class cabin. The virus had a ten day incubation period. During the incubation period the virus was engineered to mutate. Mutate it did. A week and a half later people started getting sick. During the following two weeks the World Health Organization made the mistake of classifying the virus as the flu.

One month after the dust had been wiped on the handrail, 80% of the world’s population had been infected. Men would get sick and recover. Women would get sick and die. This was an unexpected mutation. By twelve weeks the virus had killed 98% of the women of the earth.

The CIA traced the virus back to Tehran and the missiles flew. World War Three was over in less than a month. When the war ended less than 25% of the population was left. All male and it looked like thousands of years of civilization was doomed.

Scientists held a conference with the best minds. How to create a woman and save man kind? Creating a woman from scratch was quickly ruled out. Scientists moved to modifying DNA. Five long years passed with surprisingly large negative population growth. Finally a breakthrough in the form of a drug that regressed the donor to prepubescent form. The drug then changed all DNA to XX chromosomes. Finally the new drug metamorphosed the donor to her late teens. The result was a fully functional female teenager.

The new drug was first tested on the entire population of Gitmo. The thought here was the Iranian terrorists caused the problem, they could help fix it. Biologically the test was a success. Soon there were pregnant teenage terrorists filling Gitmo. However the long term problem was suicides. More than half the transformed population of Gitmo ended their own lives after one night of forced breeding. A call was made to anyone who identified as a male to female transsexual. The transsexuals were transformed and loved the process. Unfortunately the number transsexuals in the remaining population were quite small. Even the sluttiest were soon worn out.

World leaders called a conference to decide what to do. A call was made for volunteers. Not enough responded to make a dent in the problem. It was finally decided to draft gay male bottoms. The reasoning was that they were used to servicing men. Even though the gay bottoms did not identify as female, it was thought that they were equipped to deal with the psychological trauma. The next issue was where to find enough gay male bottoms to repopulate the world. Craigslist was hacked. Any man that had advertised sucking off another man or better yet getting fucked by another man was identified.

Chapter 2

I woke up with morning wood. It was Saturday and I had the day off. I needed some time to decompress from my high stress job as a systems engineer. I rolled over in bed, grabbed my Ipad and started scanning Craigslist Casual encounters. I always considered myself bi-sexual, but in a world without women I guess I was gay. Rolling through the ads I didn’t find anything that appealed to me. So I placed my own like I had done countless times before.

Bottom bear seeks Top -age 49 –I can host SW side Looking to suck dick and get laid. Bear bottom 6’4 260 7″ cut cock. Please respond ASAP I am horny/

I posted my ad and hit the shower. I got myself clean inside and out. I was just toweling off when my door burst open. Four cops in riot gear came through the door. One of them was holding a picture of me and said to the others “this is the one”. I was thrown to the floor, my arms were pulled behind my back, my wrists were zipped tied and I was marched out of apartment naked as the day I was born. Forced into the back of a squad car, one of the cops said jojobet “just relax princess”.

None of the cops would answer my questions. I was driven downtown. Marched into the jail and through a door marked transitions. I was then marched into a room that looked more like a doctor’s office than a jail cell. A man in a lab coat entered along with two cops. He said “we can do this the easy way or the hard way, the choice is yours. Either way the results are the same” I agreed to cooperate. I sat up on an examine table. Blood was drawn and a physical done. The doctor looked at the two cops and said “She should do nicely. I will sedate her for transport”. Before I could get another word out a hypodermic needle was sunk into my arm and the world turned dark.

I slowly awakened. My head felt as though it was being squeezed in a vice. Even worse a bell was going off and sounded like it resided between my ears. A male in a white coat entered the room and turned the alarm off. He looked down on me and said “you are awake right on schedule” I asked where I was and he replied “Just take it easy. You have been through some big changes. Relax and all will be explained shortly”.

As I sipped a glass of water and took a couple of Tylenol that he offered, I began to take stock off my situation. As I reached for the Tylenol, I noticed my hands were smaller and my arms were slim. Something shifted on my chest. As I shifted my head to look down blonde hair fell across my eyes. Whenever I had been in a hospital bed before my feet had hit the foot rail. Now my toes were a foot short of the foot board.

I started to raise myself up. The nurse put a hand on my shoulder and said “relax; I don’t want to sedate you again”. I was nauseated enough; I didn’t want any more drugs. So I laid back in the bed. “Good girl” he said, and walked out of the room. Well that pretty much summed things up. I had heard of the female conversion program. I didn’t think I would ever be part of it, I liked being a man. There were no mirrors in the room; I could not see my face. Looking at my skin, it was obvious I was younger. Not a wrinkle to be seen. I looked around and when no one was looking I lifted the sheet. My god did I have a set of tits. My breasts were round and full with large nipples. I slid my hand down and sure enough no joy stick. Just a cleft that sent shivers through me when I traced it with my fingertips.

Before things got out of hand the nurse returned. He gave me a pink gown and helped me put it on. Then he helped me stand up and put a robe on me. I was escorted to a conference room. There were about one hundred women there. All of the women had mussed up hair and dazed expressions. Probably very similar to the way I looked.

A man entered, walked to a podium in front and cleared his throat. “I would like to welcome you all. By now you should all realize what has happened to you. I know none of you expected this. You were all gay male bottoms in your previous lives. You all are experienced at servicing men. So servicing men and helping repopulate the earth, should not be a big deal to you”. At this point one of the women stood up and started screaming at the speaker. “I am not a cunt! I am a man and demand to be returned to being a man”.

At this point the speaker nodded to two men in the back of the room. They walked up to the woman grabbed her by both arms and escorted her from the conference. The speaker started talking again. “Those of you who were in the military are probably familiar with the expression: Cooperate and graduate. The young lady who decided to have her little outburst, was not cooperating. You will all find it is far easier to cooperate. As a demonstration I would like to direct your attention to the TV screen to my right”.

The girl who had the fit was being escorted into a room with a sling. I knew what the sling was for. I had been in one many times myself. The two guards tore her robe from her and then ripped off her gown. She was forcibly placed in the sling. Her feet and arms were spread and attached to leather cuffs. Two large naked men entered the room. They were both sporting monster erections. Their cocks must jojobet Giriş have been ten inches and very thick. I could see the veins sticking out. Although the sound was turned off, I could see she was screaming. The first man walked up between her legs. The second walked up to her head and grabbed her hair. He pulled down hard. I could see the muscles in his arms bulging. As she opened her mouth to scream, he shoved his dick in her mouth. He grabbed her throat and I could see his lips move. He must have been warning her not to bite. The man between her legs lined up his missile with her opening. In one big lunge he buried himself up to the balls. The expression on her face was pure agony. As he pulled out, I could see his cock streaked with blood. The two started fucking her orifices. One moment she would only have the heads in her. The next moment they were both buried to the hilt. This went on for about ten minutes. I could see the look in both men’s eyes as they got closer to orgasm. Finally both came. When the man between her legs pulled out, a mixture of blood and semen oozed from her slit. The man at her head wiped his big cock across her face. They both walked out and two more men replaced them.

The man at the podium said “I hope you get my message. Since there have been no women to service the men, there is no lack of volunteers for our rape team. The flip side is that if you cooperate, getting pregnant can be very enjoyable. You have all gained years on life. We can regenerate you again and again. Or you can be taken to the rape room. How many of you volunteer for reeducation?” All the hands in the room went up.

“Your education will last one month. You will have classes six hours a day. This schedule will help us get your menstrual down. We will figure out when you will be ovulating. While you are fertile you will only be servicing one man. During the rest of the month you will be providing relief for the rest of the population. Classes will be held on how to be women, clothing, makeup, and hygiene will be covered. Any questions?”

No one raised their hands. At that point the first woman I had seen in five years entered the room. She was heavy with child and almost waddled when she walked. “Ladies please follow me single file to the fitting room. Please disrobe upon entry.” We walked to the first station where another very pregnant woman got all our measurements. She wrote them down on a form and we moved forward. The second station was all about panties. When I handed my form to the woman at the counter she smiled and went to a box, pulled it off the shelf and handed it to me. She told me I could put a pair on. I looked in the box and it was full of thongs and frilly bikini bottoms. I picked the biggest one and put it on. It barely covered my pussy and didn’t cover my ass. She smirked at me and said “You will learn”.

The third station was all bras. Not only did we get handed a second box but a woman showed us how to put them on. It was nice not having them bounce, when I walked. So went the first day, we received a full wardrobe and the last station a woman looked at our complexion and hair and selected a makeup case. We were all marched to a dormitory and told to put away our things.

So our reeducation went. We were taught how to dress, how to walk, to sit, and how to put on makeup. One day were all taken for what was referred to as glamour shots. We were primped and made to put on sexy clothing. Then our pictures were taken. Just as I finished up, I started having cramps. I knew the moment I dreaded was upon me. I was having my first period. As we were all virgins we were not allowed tampons. We had to make do with messy pads. It was a long five days.

Finally graduation day was here. We were told to put on our dresses. As we were marched across the stage and got our certificate a man came up to escort us off the stage. As we exited he told me, that he had won the lottery and been certified for breeding. He chose my picture. The man introduced himself as Clark. He was 6’4 had bulging muscles and was wearing a tux. I looked at him and felt myself go all liquid.

This was exactly the kind of guy I would have jojobet Güncel Giriş chosen to blow and fuck before my change. We went to a nice restaurant. He pulled out my chair for me. He even ordered for me. I had a chicken ceaser salad and he had a rib eye. We made small talk until the meal was over. Then we went to his place. He took me in his arms and kissed me. Then he walked me into the bedroom. I was surprised that all my clothes were in the closet.

We were kissing his hands were all over me. I did as I was taught and allowed him to grope what he wanted to grope. Mostly my ass and boobs. He was pulling my clothes off. Then he pushed down on my shoulders. I had no choice but to go to my knees. I was face to face with an enormous bulge in his pants. He told me it had been too long since he had a woman. I was to suck his dick before he fucked me. This was nothing new to me. I unzipped his pants and pulled his hard ten inch cock out of his pants. I kissed the head and licked him from balls to tip. Then I slowly took him in my mouth. Something funny happened to me. All of a sudden my pussy started getting wet. I slowly slurped his dick with my red painted lips. He moaned during my assault of his purple headed warrior. Finally he grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth. He pushed all the way in, his balls rested against my chin. I felt him shoot his load down my throat. I swallowed every drop.

Clark sat back on the bed and motioned me to sit next to him. He snuggled up and told me what a good cocksucker I was. As he started groping my bare breasts and then tweaking my big nipples I started getting wet. He pushed me back on the bed. Sucked on my nipples, it seemed like they were hard wired to my pussy. I started moaning and undulating on the bed. He kissed his way down my flat tummy and then kissed my mound. He then licked my slit and almost put me in orbit. I had never felt anything like that. He kept working my pussy and the tension grew and grew. Finally I exploded drenching Clarks face in my female pussy juice.

I was in seventh heaven. I was almost comatose. I felt him moving on the bed. Then I felt his big cock nudging the entrance to my virgin pussy. He slowly entered me. I felt his cock stop and my insides fold a little. He said “this is going to hurt.” Before I could even tense up he pulled back, thrust forward and I was no longer a virgin. He buried himself to the hilt in me. I had involuntarily arched my back. He told me to relax, as he kissed me. His head moved lower and he sucked on my nipple. When I started to moan again he started to thrust himself in and out of my tight recently deflowered pussy. Little by little pleasure replaced pain.

I had never felt anything like a rock hard cock in my new pussy. I was making plenty of pussy juice so he just kept fucking me faster and faster. My clit was throbbing and I exploded. I had my second orgasm and it was even better than my first. I felt my pussy grab his girth. He just kept fucking. I was pinned under him with my legs spread. I was totally at his mercy. Finally his face tensed up and he told me he was cumming. I felt him explode in me and I orgasmed again.

Clark slowly pulled out of me and I felt empty, like something was missing. I felt semen and blood oozing from my slit. I excused myself and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I came back to bed Clark was sleeping. I cuddled up and he put an arm over me.

I dozed for a while and then felt something hard running up the crack of my ass. He was playing with my tits. As he kissed my neck, he whispered in my ear “you are probably still sore. I am going to teach you another way of pleasing your man.” He reached into the night stand. I knew what was coming. He started rubbing cold wet lube on my ass. Then he lubed his dick. He stabbed my back door. I relaxed and pushed out just I had before my change. I gave out a gentle oof as he penetrated my ass. He stretched my butt out good. Not the same as when I was a man. No prostate to rub. But then he had one hand on a nipple and another on my clit. He fucked my ass. It felt good but I didn’t cum.

When I am ovulating Clark is the only one who gets to fuck me. While Clark is working I have to service at least three men a day. The only time I get time off is during my period. Clark usually fucks my ass and mouth at least once a day during my cycle.

I can’t wait to get pregnant. I am a woman and loving it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32