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Smiling, placing the Santa Isabella into the icebucket, I look over at the glasses and position them beside the 3 red roses I so nervously picked out at the florist, thinking to myself, “Ok, perfect…oh! Gotta get the candles ready!”

Digging in my bag of goodies I pull out the 6 white candles I had made with the word love embedded into them, and place them strategically around the room. Placing one on the left hand side of the king size bed, another on the right, then looking over at the desk and placing one on each side of the wine glasses.

“Hmm,” I think, “Where shall I put these ones…” I have a look around the room, and find the perfect spot. Moving to the little table by the window, where the card I bought earlier sits, I place the final 2 beside the card. “Ok, all set,” I think to myself, with a nervous breath.

Hearing a quiet knock at the door, I turn and take a deep breath, and head to the beautiful woman waiting on the other side. Stopping, I look in the mirror, wondering if baby will see a difference in the way I am. I fluff my hair and give a quick smile, making sure my smile is bright. Taking a closer quick look I see a small bit of mascara on my eye. Hastily leaning in and grabbing a tissue, I wipe it away. There’s another knock at the door, and I breath out, running my hands down along my sides.

“Ok,” I tell myself in the mirror, “Here goes.” Clearing my throat, I place my hand on the door handle. Smiling, I open it slowly.

“Hey,” you say as I look you up and down.

“Wow baby… you look, well, amazing!” I say as I open the door wide and step aside to let you enter.

“Thanks,” you say, smiling as you come in.

Hiding my goofy smile as I close the door, I follow you in. You turn and look at me and I smile.

“Good to see you baby,” I say, as I take your hands in mine and pull you close. “Here’s the hug I meant to give you when I first saw you baby,”

Releasing your hands, I wrap my arms around you. Pulling you to me I hold you tight, my head on your shoulder.

“Good to see you baby… finally,” you say as you hug me back.

Holding you, feeling you close to me, makes me realize how badly I’ve wanted to hold you for so long. Releasing each other I smile and take a step back, looking you up and down.

“Damn baby… My God, you sure you’re over 40? ” I ask, smiling as I hold you at arms length.

You look at me and smile, stepping in to fill the space between us and placing your hands on each side of my face, you lean in and whisper, “Where’s my kiss? My real kiss?”

“Right here, baby,” I reply, quietly lifting my fingertip to your lips. Tracing your bottom lip softly, I lean in and brush my lips gently over yours, holding the soft kiss, loving the feel of your lips on mine. I close my eyes, relishing the tingles that are being sent all over my body, moving my lips over yours slowly and taking in the warm sensations that are shooting all over me.

“Mmmm,” I moan as our kiss ends.. Speachless, I blush and try to regain my xhamster porno composure. “Umm, wow… ok, wine?” I stammer and smile, looking at you.

“Sure, baby,” you reply, and smile, moving to the middle of the room.

Grabbing the bottle of wine I pop the cork, pouring some into the glasses. Taking one in each hand I turn and hand you yours.

“Cheers, baby. To us, and finally sharing space!” I say with a smile. Tapping the glasses together, we each take a sip. “Mmm, good stuff,” I say, licking my lips moving to the edge of the bed and sitting down, crossing one leg under the other.

You smile and look around the room, noticing the candles. “Hmm, ” you say with a smile.

“Well, had to have the right ambiance, baby! ” I say as I chuckle.

“I see,” you reply, sitting on the edge of the bed 2 feet away from me.

“Not that we’ll have use for them baby, I just thought it would be a nice touch when I gave you this,” I say, getting up and picking up the roses. “For you baby… One for each month we’ve been together,” I continue, handing you the bouquet.

Taking the bouquet, you smile and whisper, “Thank you baby… They’re beautiful”.

Smiling I go to sit down until you stop me with your hand and look up at me.

“Light them” you whisper and give me a wink.

I look at you with a question and realize, looking into your eyes, that no more words have to be spoken. Giving you a small smile, I get my lighter and go around the room, lighting the candles. Moving to the entrance shutting off the main lights and the lamps, I turn and see you standing with your arms out, inviting me in.

Your glass is already on the desk, and I place mine beside yours. Moving into your waiting arms, I slide my hands around your waist, taking a small glance down and noticing how damn sexy you are. My gaze moving upwards until I am looking deep into your eyes, I lift my hand to your cheek as you do the same. As I lean into you, our lips meet in a soft kiss.

You say to me, “Now, here is where you give me another of those kisses that I have been waiting for…” Our lips slowly meet, so gentle at first. I can feel our bodies moving together, meeting as one, slowly molding together, our kiss becoming more passionate as the nervousness subsides.

Sliding your hands around my back, pulling me closer to you, feeling what we have known for a long time, that this was how it was supposed to be.

As our lips part, we gaze at each other, knowing this is the time, the time we have been waiting for, to be together completely. You take my hands, looking around the room at the romantic atmosphere I have created, and say, ” I love you, Carrie,” Pulling me closer, you kiss me again, loving the feeling it’s giving you, so much more than the sensations we have felt from afar.

Sitting on the bed, you pull me close, your hand moving to my cheek. Gently caressing it, you gaze deeply into my eyes.

“Make love with me… now,” you whisper.

Slowly, you kiss me, erotik porno moving from my lips to my cheek, along my jaw to my ear, your hands finding their way to my top. Working your way under to slide it over my head, and raising it up as I put my arms over my head, exposing me to my bra. I smile and do the same, sliding my hands under your shirt,letting my fingertips graze your skin. Slowly I let the material slide softly over your head and arms, before tossing your shirt to the floor.

You pull me to my feet as you rise, caressing me as we kiss each other deeply. I slide my shorts to the floor and you do the same. As we stand, almost bare, kissing and caressing passionately, you take my hand and look at me as you lead me to the bed with you. You take our wine, inviting me to lay with you. With the candle light glowing in the room, and our soft gentle smiles shared, you raise your glass to me and say, “Share this wine, this evening and this bed with me?”

I smile at you as we toast and sip our wine. You place your fingers under my chin, kissing me again, gently, and showing the passion you have for me. Pulling me close, our bodies touching, you move over me with your legs on either side, kissing me. Your hands explore my waiting responsive body, as you kiss me on the lips, moving towards my neck, leaving a little trail with your tongue.

Moving towards my breasts, slowly, ever so slowly, sliding my bra straps over my shoulders, watching my expression as I help to remove them. Unclasping my bra, you kiss my chest, watching me every step of the way. I moan as you remove it, and you take one breast in your hand, softly cupping my other breast, and slowly you move your lips towards it as you kiss along my chest, your mouth slowly making its way to my nipple. Then, you gently take my nipple in your mouth and tease it with your tongue.

“Fuck baby,” I whisper biting my lower lip, sliding my hands in your hair. My head tilts back as the tingling surges through my body. “I want you so much!”

“You have me, here, now, for as long as we both want, baby,” you quietly say, between nibbles of my nipple.

I give a low moan and switch postions, pushing you gently onto your back, leaning over you. I look into your eyes, before bringing my fingertip over to your lips, tracing the top and the bottom, watching your lips part.

“Laura,” I whisper, my heart pounding, my breathing heavy, “God I want you to feel everything baby, I want you to feel how much I love you, need you…”

“Baby take me, I’m yours, ” you whisper, sliding your hand behind my head onto the back of my neck and pulling my lips to yours.

Kissing you deeply, my tongue teasing yours, I take your hand and place it between my thighs, before sliding my own between yours.

“This is what you do to me baby, this is how you make me feel,” I whisper as I take my lips off yours. I feel your fingers touching the soft smooth skin between my thighs, slowly sliding up and down. Feeling you respond, I mirror what you milf porno do to me. Your fingers dip in between my pussy lips, and mine do the same to you.

I watch your face as we slowly tease each others clits, first with our fingertips, then taking them and massaging them between our fingers. Moaning, my hips slowly moving forward and back in small motions, I feel your pussy getting so very wet.

“God baby! god I want to feel your tongue on me baby!” I moan loudly.

“Fuck baby yes!” you whisper, your voice filled with passion.

Laying on my back, taking you with me, I whisper “Baby… ” and position you as such that your legs straddle my head on either side and your head is just over my thighs. Bringing my head up, I flick my tongue over your clit, feeling your hips buck a little. You bend your head down and do the same to me. Slowly I spread my thighs, and you spread yours.

“Mmmm,” moaning loudly, I take your clit deep in my mouth and suck greedily on it, tasting you, feeling you do the same to me.

“Fuck Carrie!” you cry out as I release your clit and start to tongue your pussy nice and slow.

Taking your lips off my clit , you throw your head around and watch what I’m doing, your fingers digging into the sheets. Grabbing your thighs, I pull your pussy closer, tonguing you faster, harder.

“Fuck Carrie… oh Carrie fuck let me do that to you! I want to feel you baby!”

I moan and slide my tongue out, spreading my thighs wide for you. “Mmm,” I hear you say and then I feel your tongue slide slowly over my clit, down my pussy. You dart your tongue in slowly, and then out. I feel your tongue, thrusting in and out little by little, deeper, faster.

“Fuck baby, oh god baby cum with me!” I moan as grab your thighs and thrust my tongue inside your pussy as we tongue each other deep and slow. Bringing my hands up and grabbing your ass and squeezing, I feel your tongue thrusting in and out of my pussy. Your head bobs up and down, your tongue driving deep as you feel mine filling you over and over.

“Baby oh god baby… fuck Laura! fuck cum NOW! oh fuck now!” I yell as I thrust my hips up and drive my tongue in and out of you!

“Carrie fuck Carrie! oh god Carrie! Fuck baby!!” you cry, and I feel your body tense and your hips press down on my mouth, as I shove my tongue in deeper.

“Fuck ..oh fuck baby!” you moan loudly as your hips thrust with the rhythm of mine.

Feeling your pussy squeeze and tighten, I lick slowly up and down, letting my tongue slide out. I feel your tongue lick my pussy in long slow strokes.

“Mmm,” I moan as my muscles relax and my pussy tingles… “Godamn, mmmm,” I whisper as I give your pussy a quick soft kiss, and then a nice long slow lick.

Our breathing becoming normal, you move onto me, laying on top of me with your elbows on either side.

Looking at me, you smile and say, “I love you.”

Sliding my arms around your waist and looking up at you, I smile and reply, “I love you too baby.. with all my heart.”

Lifting my head up and brushing my lips to yours, still tasting me on you, I kiss you deeper.

“How about some more wine beautiful?” I ask softly.

Smiling, you whisper in reply as you touch my bottom lip with your fingertip, “Im not done yet…” and lean in…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32