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Thank-you for the (mostly) nice feedback I had from my earlier stories. I took a bit of a break from it but thought I would try again and describe some more of Alison’s adventures. I hope you enjoy.


My name is Alison and a few months back I was introduced to something new in a hotel room in London. I was initiated into this life by a woman known as Kala who showed me how to excite and control others. The ability changed me … before this, I was a happily married woman living in London. When I left Kala that day I vowed to keep this side of my life separate from my marriage. For months I managed to do just that. But then things changed …

I live in a small village with my husband Ian. It is a quiet community where most people know each other and get along. We keep ourselves to ourselves and live a quiet life. I am very aware that my new found ability could make things difficult for me here and I try to keep it in control at all times. We have several good friends around the place and I appear to be one half of a normal couple living a simple life. We shop, we go to work, attend church on a Sunday … a nice normal middle class husband and wife. We know a few other people in the village – one couple in particular, Garry and Gaynor, live a few streets away. Ian first got to know them as he would see Garry every morning at the train station. Garry’s 33 and works in London, one of those boring trader types you hear about all over the place. He is tall and athletic – cute you might say – I see him jogging around the village at the weekend. Garry is married to Gaynor – a live at home housewife who does a lot of local charity work. Gaynor is quiet and in her mid 30’s; I think Garry is definitely the alpha male in their household. Gaynor’s about 5’8, is pretty with nice short dark hair and is also in good shape. They make a very attractive couple.

Last weekend Ian had to travel away on business and I was at a loose end on Saturday. I got up early, cleaned the house and then went shopping in the village to pick up a few things. Whilst I was there I saw Gaynor.

“How are you doing Alison? Garry said that Ian is away.”

“Oh I’m fine thanks, just keeping busy,” I replied looking at her. “I hear you have a visitor this weekend.”

“Yes,” Gaynor said, a frown crossing her features. “My niece Ellie is spending a few days with us. She is a nice girl but a bit temperamental. My sister has never been able to control her properly.” I had met Gaynor’s sister – Carol – a couple of times. They were very similar in appearance. From a distance it was hard to tell them apart. I giggled inside thinking that I was pretty sure I could “control” Ellie better than her mother would be able to.

“Actually,” Gaynor paused, “Garry and I are thinking of getting out of the house tonight to go to dinner … for some peace and quiet. Just to the local Italian restaurant, nothing fancy. As Ian is away, why don’t you join us?” she said.

And without thinking I nodded and replied “Thank-you, I think I will.”

“That’s great!” said Gaynor, “We’ll pick you up at 7:30.” And with that short sentence, things between me, Gaynor, Ellie, and Garry began to change.


I had heard the ‘nothing special’ part of Gaynor’s sentence so didn’t really take the time to dress up. I was wearing jeans, a dark tee-shirt, and black heels. Nothing exceptional, but I would definitely have raised a look from Ian if he’d been at home. I am no slouch and do look very good in jeans. On time at 7:30pm my door bell rang and Garry was standing outside with a smile on his face. He was dressed casually in a pants and a dark blue tee-shirt; I thought I saw him flick his eyes over me. I took it as a complement.

Smiling he said, “You look nice, come on … Gaynor is waiting – and she’s hungry!”

I joined them in the car for the short drive. It turned out Gaynor was indeed very hungry. This was probably because despite what she’d said, she had taken the time to dress up for the evening. She had this dark blue knee-length dress showing just an inch or two of calf before the rest of her leg was clad in her boots. She looked very sexy, and I cautioned myself to be careful. The evening passed pleasantly, we chatted over a lot of things. They described what Ellie was like (a very typical – high energy – 19 year old student), and we discussed some of the other characters in the village. Soon we had finished our meal and were driving home.

“Would you like to stop by and have some coffee,” Gaynor said. “We can introduce you to Ellie.”

I replied “OK” and I followed them into their house. Taking off my coat I turned and saw Ellie for the first time. The youngster was watching TV and glanced up – nodding a greeting. She had long blonde hair cascading below her shoulders, and was wearing jeans and a red tee-shirt. She was curled up on the sofa, one eye on the TV, and the other on a book she was reading on her lap. Her tee-shirt had ridden up a few inches showing görükle escort her bare stomach. Gaynor and Garry moved into the kitchen to start the coffee as I sat down opposite the 19 year old.

“Hello, you must be Ellie. My name is Alison, what are you reading?” I asked. The girl smiled back at me, a little nervously.

“Oh this is just one of my study books, I need to finish it by the end of the week” she replied. Talking to Garry earlier I had discovered that Ellie was at College and was a very good English Literature student. She was nervous around other people when she first met them, but very good academically. As she relaxed she got more high maintenance.

I nodded in return, “Oh I’m sure you’ll have finished by then.” I smiled back – looking at the girl, trying to put her at her ease. Subtly I looked the teenager up and down, looking at the way her tee-shirt clung to her body and her jeans hugged her hips and thighs. Imperceptibly my breathing started to quicken as I looked the girl over. She did look delicious … ‘good enough to eat’ I thought to myself. Ellie’s eyes turned back to her book and I took the opportunity to look more closely at her. Part of me knew this was dangerous and I should be very careful playing with the girl. But another part of me found the danger exciting.

Pretty soon Gaynor was back with the coffee and the four of us sat around talking. The feeling of danger eased and the conversation started to flow. Ellie put away her book and joined us chatting. I could see she was more at ease in a group and the time passed quickly. Soon it was 10:30pm and I rose to leave, offering to take the coffee things back into the kitchen. Ellie picked up a couple of the cups and we both walked into the hallway and then through to the kitchen leaving Garry and Gaynor in the lounge talking.

I offered to wash the coffee things and Ellie joined me drying up and outing things away. Straight away I was conscious of her body next to mine and the thoughts I’d had earlier returned. Ignoring the warnings inside my head I handed her a cup gently brushing her wrist with my hand as I let go of it. I watched her out of the corner of my eye seeing she had hesitated before starting to dry the cup. I did the same again with the next cup and saw the same reaction. Ellie was concentrating hard so that she appeared relaxed. We continued this way for the remaining things … each time my hand or arm brushing hers and each time she would take a little longer before shaking herself mentally and starting the drying.

Eventually we had all the coffee things put away and I turned looking at her. She was leaning back against the kitchen top, her eyes looking down, gently biting her lower lip. She looked distracted and a little flushed. Pretty much the reaction I had been hoping for. Her tee-shirt had ridden up that inch again so she was showing a strip of bare flash around her midriff. I stepped closer and stroked my right forefinger across her stomach waiting for her reaction. She looked up, surprise in her eyes, blushing intensely.

“Is everything alright Ellie?” I asked with a slight smile on my face. Of course I knew exactly what was happening to the girl. Ellie was breathing heavily now and was very red. She was licking her lips and trying to focus. Glancing down I could see her nipples were erect, like little buds pushing against her bra. She must be feeling the delicious tingling sensation moving across her body. I had started it by touching her arms. That in itself was difficult to cope with, but sliding my finger across her stomach would have finished her resistance for sure.

“May I have some water please Alison?” she said, the words coming quickly and quietly. “I feel very warm all of a sudden; almost feverish”.

I moved to the sink and poured the girl a glass of water and offered it to her, careful not to let go of the glass. She tilted her head up and I held the glass as she drank the cool water. My other hand flicked her hair out of the way and gently stroked her cheek. After she finished drinking I took the glass away and looked at her. She stood there, eyes closed, her hands clasping the edge of the kitchen worktop. She looked flushed, her nipples erect, breathing deeply, thigh muscles clenched hard as the waves of electricity undoubtedly pushed through her. She was ripe for taking now.

“Are you feeling OK Ellie?” I whispered to her, watching for a reaction. She looked up at me through half shut eyes.

“I don’t know, I feel … warm … what’s happening to me?” she said, almost writhing, her hands gripping the worktop to steady herself.

Stepping closer to her I whisper, “I think you want me to kiss you. Don’t you Ellie?”

I stood there waiting, watching the girl as she looked at me, then slowly imperceptibly she nodded, all the time looking at my lips.

“Have you ever kissed a woman before Ellie?” I asked, interested in hearing the answer. Had she played around with other girls bursa escort bayan in college? Slowly Ellie shook her head, her eyes looking hard at my lips. She looked like she was hypnotised, her eyes locked hard on my mouth.

Obligingly I leaned forward and kissed her. It was just a gentle kiss, our lips touching. As they parted I heard her sigh and watched as she licked her lips. “Feel good?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” came the answer as she pressed her lips back to mine, this time her lips parting as she slid her tongue into my mouth. I moved forward our bodies pressed against each other as she slid her tongue up against mine, more urgent now as she felt me push back. Looking down I was surprised to still see her hands holding the worktop, steadying her self.

“Have you ever touched another woman Ellie?” I asked, upping the ante, already knowing the answer. Ellie slowly shook her head. I watched as her long blonde hair moved on her shoulders, she looked so innocent and beautiful.

Not waiting for another answer I picked up her right hand and slipped it under my tee-shirt guiding her hand over my left breast. I held her hand there, encouraging the fingers to squeeze me. Ellie gasped as she felt my tit, but certainly didn’t resist or try and pull away. After a couple of squeezes I realized she was holding my breast on her own and did not need any more guidance from me.

Now it was my turn to sigh, and as I did I released Ellie’s hand so that it could play with me unassisted. The girl was a fast learner.

“Hmm oh yes Ellie, that feels good,” I said as she squeezed me. I realized her other hand was behind me and my bra had come loose. Ellie was enjoying the game – she was a very able pupil. I felt her fingers move to my nipples, her eyes closed, and I decided to continue the game.

“Do you enjoy touching me Ellie?” I asked breathlessly. The girl nodded in response so I pushed on to the next step.

I lent forward kissing her earlobe whispering to her “Have you ever played with yourself Ellie? I mean, when you’re not alone: when someone else’s watching?” Ellie hesitated and then murmured no, she hadn’t. Already my hands were on her zipper, sliding it down to loosen her jeans. I took one of her hands away from my breasts and helped her slide it inside her panties. Ellie watched me do it, at first very shy, then when her fingers were inside her panties she looked up at me, making eye contact. I was pressing her back against the worktop – my hips pressed against hers so I could feel her hand inside her panties. Her eyes were locked on mine. When she slowly began to move her fingers inside her panties, I felt it instantly.

“Does that feel good Ellie?” I teased, knowing the girl was intensely aroused. Her eyes were on mine radiating lust as she nodded in response. Her fingers were quickening as they played with her clit. I moved closer kissing her sliding my tongue inside her mouth again: there was no hint of resistance, quite the opposite, Ellie was on fire and close to cumming.

But just then out of the corner of my eye I saw something move in the doorway behind Ellie. With her back to the door Ellie was unaware and was lost inside her head, stroking herself.

“I bet Garry would love to watch you play with yourself” I said, watching for a reaction. Ellie returned my gaze biting her lip, moaning.

“What do you mean?” she said, her voice shaky as she stroked herself.

“I mean I bet he would love to see you grind against me whilst you finger yourself?” I continued. Out of the corner of my eye the door had moved again.

“Mmmm oh god yes” Ellie moaned.

“Would you find it a turn-on to have him watch you kiss me?” I said, teasing the teenager. “Imagine him watching you as you kiss me, as you stroke yourself to orgasm.” Ellie’s right hand was frantically moving now inside her panties, the other was around my neck pulling me to her. Her mouth opened wide and she was kissing me hard, her tongue sliding against mine. Her breasts were pressed against mine as she wriggled back and forth.

I had both of my arms around Ellie’s neck and if truth be told I was having trouble concentrating too. I raised a hand and gestured for Garry to join us. I was unsure if he would react or just slip away from the gap behind the door but after a few seconds I did see the door swing wider and he stepped silently into the room. I gestured again for him to come closer and slowly he walked across the kitchen towards us. Looking down I could see he was very erect; his eyes filled with lust as he took in the sight before him. Ellie was gasping and moaning in my arms as she finger fucked herself … very close now.

I reached out and grabbed one of Garry’s hands and pulled him into the embrace. As he moved up behind Ellie she froze and looked panic stricken as if she’d been discovered. Her eyes stared into mine, uncertain, and then I lent down to kiss her on the lips feeling Garry’s arms move around both our waists. bursa escort Garry had taken very little convincing to join us but my touch was enough to cancel his remaining reservations. He moved sideways kissing Ellie’s neck as I pushed my tongue into her mouth. I felt Garry push against Ellie from behind squeezing her between the two of us. Slowing the kiss I moved back and turned her around so now I was behind her and she looked up at Garry. She seemed very nervous as she looked up at her uncle, quite a change from the precocious teenager of an hour before.

Garry watched her hand as it still moved inside her panties … “Having a good evening Ellie?” he said with a smile on his face. In the next second uncle and niece were locked in embrace and kissing each other enthusiastically. Ellie’s hand finally came out of her jeans, moving to Garry’s trousers stroking his impressive bulge. My arms were around both of them, stroking Garry’s neck, removing any inhibitions he may have had about kissing his niece. From their reaction, this wasn’t really that necessary.

“I think you should take Ellie quietly upstairs, don’t you Garry?” I said, concerned that Gaynor was waiting for them in the lounge. “I will ask Gaynor to call your mother Ellie to tell her you’re staying over.”

My hand moved down to Ellie’s jean clad ass, caressing it as I spoke. The youngster looked a little confused how I would explain the sudden change of plan to Gaynor but between Garry’s tongue inside her mouth and my hands pressing her against his erection, she didn’t complain too hard.

“Time to head upstairs Ellie,” I said. “Just be quiet as you do.” I watched the two of them move towards the stairs vanishing around the corner. The sounds of Ellie giggling quietly reached me as Garry groped her, hurrying her upstairs.


I decided I should move back to the lounge quickly to talk to Gaynor. She was leaning back, relaxing on the sofa. Her legs out stretched, arms curled behind her neck, eyes almost closed. She yawned as I entered, “Oh sorry Alison, just a little tired now. Where’s Ellie and Garry?” she asked unsuspecting.

“Ellie decided to stay over tonight and Garry is showing her upstairs,” I said. “She asked if you could call her mother and explain so she wouldn’t worry,” I continued.

“Is there anything wrong?” my neighbour said, looking at me concerned.

“Oh no, she seemed quite OK as she went upstairs. She just needed to get to bed soon,” I remarked with a slight smile on my lips. That certainly wasn’t a lie. But Gaynor was still looking worried and made to get up to go upstairs.

I reached out and stopped her; holding her upper arm looking into her eyes. I decided I had to act quickly – otherwise I might have a bad scene on my hands. So I dropped what you might call a mind firecracker into Gaynor’s head and waited a few seconds.

“Everything is fine Gaynor, I just think you should call Ellie’s mother and explain,” I said slowly, and with that I let the firecracker off.

Gaynor’s eyes lost focus and she gasped. Then uncertainly, she said “Yes, I will call Carol and explain Ellie is staying.” She reached for her cell phone and dialled her sister and began to slowly explain the situation. I sat next to Gaynor, watching her. She looked distracted and confused about what had just happened. She was flushed and was struggling with the conversation. Once or twice I “accidentally” brushed a finger across her bare arm and listened to her stumble over her words.

She apologised to Carol, “Sorry sis, just a little – tired here.”

I heard Carol say not to mention it and that seemed like a good time to carefully rub my neighbour’s neck, “You look tense tonight Gaynor,” I whispered, making sure Carol couldn’t hear me. The effect on Gaynor was dramatic: she stretched her legs out and lent back into the sofa relaxing. Her eyes closed as she tried to concentrate on what her sister was saying.

I slipped my hand down to caress her knee, then sliding it up to her thigh, stroking slowly back and forth. She moaned quietly, forgetting she was on the phone to Carol. Carol asked if there was a problem.

“Oh no Carol, I am just tired,” she said. My hand was continuing to move on Gaynor’s thighs, moving higher up her leg, under the hem of dress now. Gaynor’s legs felt tense, the muscles stretched, her nipples looked very hard poking up inside her dress. Carol sounded concerned, asking if she was coming down with anything.

“I’m fine Carol, I’ll see you soon. Don’t worry about me,” Gaynor said as she arched her back looking like she was close to cumming. She pressed the red button ending the call. She looked at me with lust in her eyes wondering how this could be happening. Of course I knew about the firecracker, she didn’t. Detonating that had shorted out any inhibitions she had and floated all her fantasies and pent up desires to the surface.

Still on the couch, I crawled up and over her – sliding one of my legs between her thighs. Looking down I smiled.

“Having fun Gaynor?” I said as I kissed her. She looked back at me, having trouble speaking, her gaze still confused. Not waiting for an answer I slid my tongue inside her mouth, and then quickly whispered, “Take off your dress Gaynor.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32