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Aiden was only 28 and had never had to see a doctor for anything penis related, but there they were, sitting in the waiting room to see Jen’s female GP.

“Don’t be nervous honey, she’s a professional and you have nothing to worry about.” Jen reassured him.

Aiden smiled back at her and was about to say something when the doctor appeared and called them in.

Aiden was more worried about sporting a boner during the exam than anything else. He had this problem where he always got aroused when thinking of exposing his long foreskin to people and being in embarrassing situations because of it. He never really acted on it, but it was a thought in the back of his mind that always triggered certain feelings.

“Nice to see you again Jen.” Doctor Addams said.

“And you must be Aiden, nice to meet you.”

“Likewise.” He replied shaking her delicate hand.

Jen had forgotten to mention that her GP was a total bombshell! Aiden was increasingly worried about sporting a hardon and could already feel a semi growing in his pants.

Dr Addams was a short, slender brunette, with large boobs and a good pair of legs. She looked like she worked out often, but Aiden could not be sure as her white doctors coat covered her rear.

They sat down, and Dr Addams got the pleasantries out of the way.

“So, what can I do for you today?”

“Well…” Jen started. “We have been trying to conceive for some time now, but we are having some difficulties.”

“Nothing to be worried about, I’m sure. You are both still young and in good health from what I can see. How long have you been trying for?”

“About 4 months.” Jen replied looking at Aiden who simply nodded nervously.

“Shall we do a physical check to be sure all the equipment is working as it should?” she asked looking at them in turn.

“We think the problem might be related to Aiden’s foreskin, so maybe let’s start with him.” Jen came right out and just said it! Women were always so comfortable with things like this.

This shocked Aiden a bit, but there was probably no other way for it to come out. If only his dick wasn’t growing more erect by the second!

Dr Addams pointed Aiden to the examination bed and asked him to remove his pants.

He turned away from them and pulled off his pants. He also considered removing his shirt but decided not to. It felt strange being pants-less while still wearing a shirt.

He had wood, but at least he was not a full mast. He quickly got onto the bed and was thankful to see his member hang to one side instead of standing straight Bostancı Olgun Escort out.

Aiden could see Dr Addams’s eyes go wide as she looked as his penis and more specifically his 7 inch foreskin. She didn’t mention anything as she walked over to the bed. Years of experience kept her jaw from falling open in amazement at the sight in front of her, but she could clearly see why Aiden could be the main reason for Jen struggling to fall pregnant.

Dr Addams held up his penis and inspected it. As she lifted it up his long overhang flopped over her hand and gave her a start. With the shock from the initial sight she had forgotten to put gloves on and her warm hands started to have an effect on Aiden junior.

Aiden could feel his hardness increasing and was almost at full erection now. Luckily his long overhang made it less obvious.

He looked over to Jen for support, but she was staring intently at Dr Addams and waiting for her reply from the initial inspection.

“Well, your foreskin is definitely pretty long. Have you ever experienced any pain or discomfort?” she asked, seemingly completely ignoring his erection.

“Uuuh no more than normal I guess.”

“Intercourse can be tricky sometimes.” Jen blurted out, not looking embarrassed by the current situation.

“Oral sex as well.” Jen continued.

Aiden thought that last bit was just unnecessary info at this point, but Dr Addams nodded her head in agreement with what Jen was saying.

“I can see how that might be. Have you ever considered a circumcision?”

Aiden and Jen just looked at each other, both thinking the same thing.

Aiden had made her promise not to say anything about his restoring activities to the Dr. He had explained to Jen that it would just send them down a long and unnecessary conversation that would probably end up with the Dr explaining the risks of things she probably knew very little about.

“No, never.” Aiden replied in a firm voice. “I know my foreskin is quite long, but I can still reach a climax and see semen can come out, it’s just tricky getting it into the right place.

“Alright, well let’s try and retract your foreskin so that I can check out the rest.”

“Are you erect now?” she asked, realising the penis she was holding was not as soft as she might have initially suspected.

“Yea, sorry. I get nervous and I’ve never had an exam like this before.”

“Nothing to be ashamed about, it happens and is a good sign of your virility.” Dr Addams gave Aiden a reassuring smile, but he could see her cheeks Bostancı Sarışın Escort turn red.

She proceeded to start pulling his foreskin down the length of his shaft.

“With you long foreskin this is actually easier with you being erect.” She said to no one in particular as she seemed very focussed with everything she had on her hands.

She only managed to retract about half of his foreskin before running out of dick to pull it back onto.

She released it and gripped it again higher up but pulling down only retracted another half an inch of skin.

There was simply too much skin to roll back onto his stiff penis. Her hand slipped, and his skin slid forward again some, so she started the process again.

It was becoming frustrating for Dr Addams, but to Aiden it felt like she was giving him an awkward hand job.

Jen started to get involved and tried showing the doctor how she opens his excess skin up at the top while pulling down onto the shaft with her other hand.

A few more tugs and slips and Aiden could feel the inevitable orgasm approaching.

Trying to save himself from any more embarrassment he told them they should stop trying and that he cleaned under his foreskin regularly while in the shower.

“It’s ok, let’s just skip this part.” He said, hoping to be done with the examination.

Dr Addams looks slightly confused at this point but stepped back from Aiden’s boner.

He pulled his foreskin all the way forward again and started getting off the bed.

“I should really inspect you more thoroughly to be sure everything is in order, you have a higher risk of infections with a long foreskin like that.” Dr Addams said.

“Please Aiden, just let the doctor do what she needs to.” Jen said grabbing at his penis and trying to retract his long prepuce once more.

“No Jen, it’s really ok.” Aiden said as he pulled her hand away. He was trying to get the message across to Jen that he was in danger of cumming right there!

“Honey, please!” she said as she tugged on his dick once more. Obviously she wasn’t getting the hint.

Too late!

Aiden felt a huge orgasm starting to take hold of him. Jen had her hand on his foreskin, basically the entire 7 inches of overhang.

Dr Addams was standing to one side with her arms folded waiting patiently to continue her examination.

Aiden grabbed Jen by the shoulders and looked her in the eye. “Jen, stop please!”

Jen looked back confused, until she felt his penis spamming and some cum rushing into the tube of Bostancı Şişman Escort skin she was holding onto.

“OH!” was all she managed to get out.

She quickly dropped his foreskin and turned around to face the doctor.

Having a doctor fondle her husband’s erect penis for an inspection was one thing, but someone else holding his penis as he was cumming was a bit too much for her to handle.

Luckily for Aiden his overhang was long enough to hide the cum that was currently gushing out of him. He stood frozen for a second with Jen blocking direct view to his penis to the doctor.

“Maybe you could check me now doc?” Jen asked sounding unsure about her own idea while trying to block the view of her husband.

“I’m just going to go to the bathroom quick.” Aiden said as he started pulling his underwear up in a clumsy hurry while still reeling from what had just happened.

“Alright sure, I guess…” Dr Addams replied with a confused expression on her face.

Aiden folded his foreskin back onto his penis and tucked it into his underwear to stop any juice from leaking out. It was uncomfortable stuffing his hard penis into his underwear and pants, but he had to bear it for the moment.

Jen started to undress in front of the doctor as Aiden finished getting his clothes back on and rushed out the door.

Aiden made it to the bathroom without further incidents. He milked his long foreskin out over a toilet to get all the semen out. This was usually a messy affair, but he had long ago accepted that having such a luxurious foreskin came with some extra maintenance.

Once Aiden was cleaned up he made his way back into the doctor’s office just in time to see Jen buttoning up her shirt again.

“So you both appear to be in good health. There are a few tests we could run but for the moment I think we could first try a few other things.” Dr Addams explained.

“Aiden your long foreskin could definitely be causing some problems for your sperm reaching Jen’s cervix. I am recommending that you try to cum onto a dildo and then use that as the delivery method on Jen.”

Both Jen and Aiden’s eyes went wide at this suggestion.

“I know, it’s unconventional, but we have seen success with this method in other couples, especially in cases where the male has some shortcomings in the penis department. I know your penis length is pretty normal, but your long foreskin is a unique problem here.”

Dr Addams recommended a few places to buy the equipment and also suggested that Jen and Aiden take some time off from work to just relax and work on this for a while.

With the most interesting doctor’s appointment ever done, they made their way home, but stopped at the local adult store on the way home. They also took the doctor up on her suggestion of a “sex” or rather “get pregnant” holiday and started planning it that very same day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32