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Big Tits

~~All characters in this story are over the age of 18 and are willing participants the activities which make us this story. I broke this story down into multiple pieces not because it made sense that way, it was to keep the segments short enough to post without have a story spanning a dozen pages or more. All of these segments represent one time between our characters. There will be other moments which deserve their own chapter. ~~

“It’s about time you let loose,” you said as my hands moved down and ripped your panties off you.

“Your turn,” the monster growled as it spun you around and slammed your back into the wall.


After I slammed you back into the wall, I remember starting to lick up and down your neck. This wasn’t a sensual lick; this was a lick of a predator about to devour its prey. I wanted to taste my food. I wanted you to have a little sense of fear about my intentions. Was I going to just lick? Was I using the licking to soften you up before biting you? Do you remember what you were thinking that moment as my internal monster was let loose and came after you?

Lick followed lick as my tongue made its way from the base of your neck to your chin. A quick, but deep kiss would follow a few of the licks. Not a soft kiss, but one where it was my goal to get my tongue as far into your mouth as possible. My lips forcibly pressing into yours as I stuck my tongue in your mouth and lapped up your juices.

Soon the licks stopped, I had softened you up enough. Now, it was time to enjoy my meal as my lips kissed and sucked on your throat. I tasted your skin with small bites. I remember you trying to push my head back and trying to say, “Please, no marks remember?”

I remembered, but that didn’t stop me from tasting you from one side of your throat to the another. A light layer of sweat was forming from your activities with me a few minutes ago. Damn, you tasted good.

In between bites I left my lips on you, trailing them up and down, side to side. A nibble here, a nibble there. A small bite on that beautiful chin of yours. The monster that you had unleashed tried to devour you sending waves of pleasure down your body and mine.

A few minutes of kissing, sucking, and licking you sent me into overdrive. My hand snaked down to your thigh. I quickly slid it up and görükle escort slammed it into your wet pussy. This wasn’t making love; this was pure animal fucking. No “slow, stop, or hang on” was going to stop me.

My fingers separated and with one outside on each of your outer lips and one digging into your slit, I rubbed you. Pressing up against your body the whole time. Putting immense pressure on your clit and lips as I rubbed back and forth.

I remember you jerking up and down causing my lips to separate from yours. “Keep kissing me until I tell you to stop,” commanded the monster causing you to put your lips back on mine.

I continued to finger you, roughly rubbing your clit and lips. You couldn’t help yourself as you opened your mouth and started moaning. God, I still hear that moan of pleasure today. No woman has ever moaned like you did that day.

Your moaning just triggered the monster to continue. He loved those sounds, fed off them. “Louder,” he grunted. “I’m going to make you moan louder.”

You lost control as my fingers dug into you. A simple curl of the middle two into your G-Spot and pressure put by my palm against your clit caused you to shiver. You couldn’t help yourself, you started grinding back against my hand. Your body moving up and down the wall as your pussy moved against my hand. It was like your pussy muscles wanted to swallow my fingers. Wanted to suck my whole hand up into you to fill you and put pressure on your walls.

“No, its too early,” I grunted as I removed my hand from between your legs. You started to protest, but I didn’t give you a chance. I spun you around and forced both of your hands against the wall with your ass pressed against my hard dick. I was going to pat you down. My hands were going to explore your body, not for weapons as a cop would, but for places on your body which when touched would send waves of pleasure throughout you.

My hand went around your throat, putting slight pressure on it as I forced your head back. It held you there as my other hand started to explore the front of your body. Your breasts and your nipples became my playground. Grabbing, squeezing, and crushing them while you wiggled with pleasure. I grabbed ahold of one of your nipples and pulled. Pulling it out causing your breast to elongate. bursa escort bayan Just when I thought you had enough, I let go. Your breast bouncing back into that shape that drives me crazy. Another yank and release. And yet another. I wanted you to feel my presence. I needed you to know that I owned you at that moment.

My hand then continued its march down your front, finding its way to your mound and wet slit. I didn’t gently finger you, no I grabbed your lips and clit and pulled slightly before letting go. I still remember the shiver and moan that came out of you as your lips popped back into place. I repeated the pull, this time stretching you out a little more until you cried out and tried to pull away. You couldn’t could you, I was too strong. I kept you pressed up against me while I played with your lips. Causing you to shiver and shutter, moaning the entire time.

“Not yet,” I remembered saying as I let go of your pussy. My hand reached around and grab a handful of your right cheek. Still holding your neck, I placed my mouth next to your ear and groaned, “God, I love your ass. It’s tight, but loose at the same time. I could play with it all day long.”

But, as you know, I didn’t. My hand dug into you. Squeezing one cheek then the other as it moved down, so my fingertips contacted your lips again. My hand trailing up and down your crack, playing with both cheeks as I continue to groan into your ear.

“Feels so good,” I would groan out every minute. I loved how your wetness coated my fingertips. I couldn’t get enough.

I pushed you hard against the wall causing you to try to push back. Your hands and arms holding you back just short of the wall. My hand left your throat as I bent down. Grabbing your left cheek, I push into it with my hand. Grabbing and playing with it as I held you against the wall.

“Don’t move,” I remember commanding you. “Don’t move or I’ll punish you.”

But you couldn’t help moving as my right hand slid between your thighs and pushed into your pussy. My fingers assaulting your G-Spot again with my thumb making its presence known of that cute button between your ass cheeks.

My fingers slid in and out causing my thumb to rock up and the tip pressing just enough into your hole to cause it to open a little. The very tip of my thumb bursa escort disappearing for a second before my hand rocked forward again causing my thumb tip to pop out letting your muscles slam the hole shut again.

I stood up and pulled you away from the wall, pressing your body into mine as my fingers found their way back to your pussy. My fingers began their assault again. G-Spot, clit, G-Spot, lips. Over and over I repeated the rhythm, going faster and faster.

I remember how your body pressed into mine causing me to have to hold you up with one arm and the hand on the other arm continued its assault. I still remember your legs shaking against mine as you tried to keep yourself from erupting.

“Not yet,” I command again as I continued to slide my fingers in and out, up and down, side to side. “Not yet.”

Do you still remember the moment your legs gave out? I do, you almost fell to the floor as your legs became so weak, they couldn’t support you. I held you and we both slid down while my fingers continued to send waves of pleasure through you.

You ended up with toes on the floor, both legs bent and your hands behind your back, palms down on the floor. I still had to help you; your body had given itself to the pleasure. Muscles were shaking and shivering instead of holding you up.

I continued until you could no longer stand it and you cried out, “Please. Please let me cum.”

I remembered grinning as I watched your head bend back against my chest. Your eyes closed having gone beyond the ability to see. Your mouth was open, and your jaw was shaking from the pleasure you were feeling.

Finally, I gave in and bent my head down and whispered one little word, “Now.” This simple word caused you to cry out as a massive organism ripped through you. You came so hard; I could feel the pressure of your juices as they squirted out of your body. That stream of juices coating my fingers and gushing out onto the floor.

When you stopped, your body had had enough and both of us collapsed onto the floor. Me sitting there, holding you in my arms as I stroked your hair and watched you regain your senses. For ten minutes you were out of it. A soft moaning sound, almost like a purr was the only thing your body gave off.

The moaning stopped and your eyes popped open, your mouth still unable to form words. I picked you up in my arms and carried you to the bed. As I lay you down, I remember whispering into your ear, “You like?”

You still couldn’t respond as I laid you down and watched you fall asleep.


To be continued …

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