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Sitting across the table from me was one of the most wonderful people I’d ever known. Michelle was a dear friend of mine, the woman I always went to when I was sad or scared or lonely. A lot of people thought we were related. One of the only differences between us, physically, was that my eyes were green, and hers were blue. We were both tall, lanky girls with long brown hair and freckled skin, high cheekbones and quiet dispositions.

And now my blue eyed reflection was pensively stirring her coffee, her cheek against her palm.

“A penny for your thoughts?” I asked, dipping my head down to catch her gaze. She blinked at me for a moment, bewildered.

“Hmm?” She shook her head, “oh, I’m just thinking about what Greta said to me the other day, about Rick and me.”

“You mean the repellant thing?”


“I wouldn’t worry about it,” I assured her softly, taking a sip of my coffee, “she’s been really horrid lately, what with her divorce and all. I know a lot of what she says is because she’s not happy, hence doesn’t want anyone else to be.”

“I suppose,” Michelle sighed, “But in a way, she’s right. I mean, Rick did leave me because I kept pushing him away. I don’t even know why I was, I guess I just, fell out of love with him.”

“And sweetie, that’s understandable. The same this happened to mine and Dan’s relationship. I couldn’t help it. I just – didn’t love him anymore. It could’ve been the trip we took to Cape Cod last month, but lately, things had been spiraling downward. It was time.”

“I guess you’re right.” Michelle smiled at me and took a long, deep drink from her mug.

“Come on,” I said, standing up, “let’s clean this up and we’ll go watch a good black and white movie.” I grabbed my mug and spoon and she followed me to the sink, where we rinsed our things and gathered on the sofa in my living room. I pulled a couple of throw pillows and blankets from the chair nearby, and we snuggled under them as I searched for the remote. I stuck my hand down between the cushions awkwardly, as Michelle leaned forward to fix her blanket, and we bumped heads, wincing and recoiling. “Are you okay?” I asked, concerned, but laughing.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She rubbed her forehead and closed one eye, obviously still in pain. Still giggling, I got up and got some ice from the freezer, wrapping it in a washcloth, and came back to sit beside her. I leaned over and pressed it to her sore spot tenderly. She hissed, and I helped her lay back on the sofa, letting her bring her hand up to mine to take the washcloth from me. Our fingertips brushed gently, and for the first time in ages, I felt comforting warmth spread through my body. We locked eyes and she smiled. “Thank you, Lorelai.” She told me, as I brushed a few strands of hair from her face. I put my hand to the washcloth again, and took it from her forehead, setting it on my coffee table.

“You’re welcome,” I whispered back, and noticed that she had tears in her eyes. “Does it still hurt?” I asked, not sure what was wrong.

“No, no – it’s fine.”

“Are you sure?” I paused. “What is it, sweetie?”

Michelle took a shuddering breath. “I’m scared, Lorelai. What if Rick was the last guy who’d ever love me? And I let him go. How can I ever forgive myself?” She tried to blink back the sadness, but it spilled over and down her cheeks. With a sympathetic sigh, I pulled her into a hug.

“Baby, you have nothing to worry about. There’s always somebody else out there for you, okay? Just let it go. Let it go, baby.” I gave her a kiss on her temple, and then on the bump on her forehead, soothing her as she shut her eyes. “Shhh…” I cooed, and rocked with her, kissing her cheek, and then again by her chin. I sat there with her for a moment, holding her closely while she relaxed and grew silent in my arms. I gave her three more kisses, all by the corners of her mouth, and when I was leaning in to give her a fourth, Michelle turned her head to me and our lips pressed together for just a moment. It was like a jolt of electricity shot through my body. Instantly I pulled away, like I’d been shocked with static, and looked at her intently. She looked lost and confident at the same time, and we stared at each other for another eternal moment, before we hesitantly closed the gap between us, unsure as to what we were doing, or why we were doing it, only that we both desperately sought this comfort.

I pressed my lips to hers and we kissed for the second time, longer than before. My hands slid up her back and to her neck, as she wrapped her arms around my waist, shifting her weight to help me closer. We both knew we were straying into dangerous territory, but neither of us could find the strength to stop. Michelle reached around me and pulled a blanket up over both of us, as she lay back again and gathered me in her arms. At this point, my body was pressed gently into hers, my legs settled in between hers, and my arms were hooked beneath hers, absentmindedly playing with her long görükle escort hair. One of her hands strayed down to the small of my back, where our movement had shifted my shirt up, exposing a small patch of skin. With a caress like a feather, she ran her fingers over it, sending a deep tingle through my body. Slowly, I parted our lips, and kissed her deeper, wondering idly how far this was going to go. I didn’t know why Michelle initiated this, or why I was going along with it, but the most puzzling question I had was simply: why was all of this, despite the complications, still succeeding in turning me on?

I let my hands wander a little more, when I gathered Michelle close to me and switched our positions a while later. It wasn’t until both my hands began to drift beneath her top that she let out a soft sound, and slipped me the tongue. It was unexpected, and it made me moan softly back. I tilted my head up to press my tongue into her mouth in return, and my fingers bent into claws as I dragged my fingernails wickedly slow across her bare back. She arched into my touch and very audibly moaned, rolling her hips against me.

“Ah, Lorelai,” she purred, trailing her kisses down to my neck. There was something undeniably arousing about hearing a woman moan my name, let alone Michelle, one of the most beautiful women I’d ever known. I slid one hand up to the clasp of her bra and paused, moving to meet her eyes for approval. “Wait,” she said, helping me sit up, “let’s go to your room.”

“All right.” Hesitantly, I stood up with her, inwardly giddy when she laced her fingers with mine and dashed towards the door with me in tow.

When we shut the door to my room and paused for a moment, we realized finally the awkwardness, not to mention hugeness of our situation. Michelle had kissed me. I had kissed her back. And the next thing I knew, we were rounding second and well on our way to third.

What I didn’t realize was that I had just said all this aloud.

“I know it’s huge,” Michelle told me, sitting down beside me on my bed, “but I mean, think about it. Neither of us is seeing anyone, from the way you were kissing me, you obviously want it too, and it doesn’t have to be more than just tonight if you don’t want it to be. We don’t have to worry about anything until morning. But that’s tomorrow. And in the strictest sense of the word, tomorrow never comes. Ever think about that?”

“But, Michelle, what if it gets –”


“Yeah.” I nodded, looking down.

“It won’t. If we both decide it’s not right, then we stop. Ever stayed friends with an ex before?”

“Well, sure –”

She smirked. “See? Same thing.”

“You’re really sure about this?”

“Sure I’m sure.”

I looked her in the eye. She looked so scared, but she looked so hopeful. I relented.

“Well, I just – ah, what the hell.” I pounced on her, pinning her to the bed, kissing her hesitantly and chastely, until Michelle unclasped my bra from the front and began to massage my bare breasts. God, it felt so good, and I told her so, by making our kiss more heated and passionate. We took each other’s shirts, pants and bras off together, discarding them at the end of my bed. At that moment, I paused, as we took each others’ near nakedness into our minds. I’d never forget that moment, nor did I think I’d want to, as Michelle was more beautiful that I’d imagined. Even in her white cotton panties she was irresistible.

I took it as a point to let her take control. She seemed to know more of what she was doing that I did, anyway. Michelle reached her arms out to me, smiling widely. I took them, and we lay down together, our bare flesh pressed heatedly together against each other for the first time.

It was nice, being with a woman for a change. Michelle’s skin was smoother and finer, and she had no hair practically anywhere on her body, which was something I could get used to quite quickly. The men I dated were usually older, and had hair on their chests and legs, but now, I was slipping sensually beneath Michelle, my arms and hands perfectly content lying still, wrapped around her warm, soft frame.

“Michelle,” I began in between kisses, “have you ever been with a woman?”

She looked down at me, her hair falling around her face. “No, why? Have you?”

“No, I was just asking.”


“Well, because you seem to know what you’re doing, and I just assumed—”

“Lorelai, my sweet,” she smiled warmly at me, “I believe you’re mistaking my technique. I know what I like, not what to do.”

I grinned back. “Well, whatever works.” I sat still and sighed contentedly as she dropped to her elbows and curled my hair behind my ears. We moved closer, and Michelle slid up until our bodies were completely aligned. She giggled when I wiggled my toes against hers, and she put her feet on the inside of mine to pry me legs apart, settling her hips in between them. Resting her fingertips on my waist, she craned her bursa escort bayan neck up to meet my lips in another kiss. I placed my hands on the sides of her face and kept her mouth close to mine, and she soon shimmied up me so she could have easier access, and she rolled me on my side, then breaking our kiss again. She turned me so I was facing away from her, and pressed up against me. Her hands left my waist and slid gently up my back to my head, gently massaging my scalp with her fingertips. I hummed quietly and closed my eyes, the combination of the softness of her touch and her skin with the sensation of Michelle’s nipples brushing against my back was mind numbing.

My hums turned into sighs, and then into moans as she slowly switched to using one hand, while the other slid over my shoulder and down my chest to caress my soft mounds. I felt a tingle drift from my chest down into my stomach and make its way between my legs, my panties dampening profusely. She rolled one nipple in between her thumb and forefinger, her other hand soon leaving my head to hold me close and reach my other one. Dipping her head down, she used her nose to brush the hair off my neck, and began to kiss and lick the soft skin. Her hands hand now been twisting and pulling and pinching my nipples into hard, pink peaks, and she proceeded to let her hands wander over my sides and stomach and back up again. I brought a hand back over my head to run my fingers through her hair, and she stopped what her lips were doing to welcome my tongue into her mouth again.

I turned over to pull her close, my hands closing over the globes of her backside and caressing them, working closer to the inside of her thighs. Michelle stopped kissing me to let out a loud moan, dragging her nails over my skin lightly. Pushing her onto her back, I kissed her neck and the hollow of her shoulder down, down to her firm, round breasts. Taking them gently into my hands for the first time, I leaned forward and circled first one nipple, and then the other, the taste of her flesh as delicious as it looked. I settled down as she began to relax and stroke my hair, the warmth of her body both comforting and arousing. After a minute or so, I was overwhelmed, and I stopped to lay my head on her chest, listening for her heart beat and the sound of her breathing. I closed my eyes as her embrace brought me closer, and I felt as if I might fall asleep, until Michelle spread her legs a little wider, and my body slipped downward an inch or two, the dampness of her arousal now pressed against my stomach.

My contact with her body’s juices instantly woke something in me. Delicately, I smiled up at her, pushing my body upwards to kiss her again, then slid over to draw her earlobe into my mouth, nibbling gently at it, making Michelle let out a squeal of delight. Her expression shifted from happiness to desire against my cheek as I reached down and cupped her sex in my hand, and she inhaled sharply, pulling my face to hers and pressing her tongue into my mouth. I slowly rubbed her through her panties, the feeling of her desperate attempts for more contact with my hand incredible to even think about. As her moans into my mouth grew louder, she broke away and breathed my name into my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

“God, Lorelai, that’s it. Right there. Ohh…” she moaned as I pressed my hands harder against her, sucking on the soft skin of her neck. A minute passed, and I stopped suddenly, making her noises cease as she looked over at me. “Why’d you stop?” she asked, breathily, and I smiled, hooking my fingers into her panties and sliding them down her legs. I took in the pungent scent of her and smiled as I admired her in all her nakedness.

There, lying in front of me was this feminine deity, the folds of her skin as precious as the woman beneath them. Her long brown hair was recklessly tossed about her head like a haphazard halo, and she smiled down at me through her sea-blue eyes. I’d always known she was beautiful, but since the sparks flew as we shared our first kiss, I’d been mesmerized by her in a whole new light. It was refreshing, invigorating, and terrifying to realize how much I wanted her at that very moment in a way I never thought I would.

In one fluid motion, Michelle had discarded her underwear and peeled mine off, tossing them to the foot of the bed, before I intercepted her and pinned her to her pillow, sensually rubbing my naked body against hers. She ground up against me, and tilted her head up to kiss me. In our passion, our teeth kept crashing together, but I didn’t care. I freed her hands and they instantly went to my face and wound in my hair, as we roughly turned over on the firm mattress of my bed. We necked there for as long as we could stand it, our tongues battling and our fingers searching. I clenched my ass muscles as she squeezed and kneaded the fleshy globes in her hands, flicking her tongue across my lips, and making my eyes roll back into my head, and my back arch bursa escort into her.

She and I had always had a connection I never quite understood; something beyond our friendship that neither of us spoke about. I think, maybe, deep down, we’d always craved each other, but would never let it form anything that would interfere with our relationship. I remember one night, Michelle and I had gotten tipsy and I’d kissed her once, but I had figured that was the alcohol talking. I ignored the fact that the feel of her lips seemed to keep me from fully enjoying a kiss from any man after that. I ignored the fact that I wanted to do it again. I blamed it all on the wine. But now – here we were, devil may care, two vulnerable and desperate single women who really wanted one string-free night, fiercely kissing and throwing caution to the wind. It was all a sensual daydream, I thought, twining my fingers into her hair. It was all a blur. Simply moving from one candescent caress to the next, never thinking, never questioning.

Michelle looked up at me from my breasts, where she smiled delicately, my left nipple still in between her teeth. Her tongue flicked over it several times, and I bit my lip as the juncture of my thighs began to throb. My head fell back as she shimmied down my body, and I flattened my stomach and clenched my abs as she dragged her tongue up the center of my torso, stopping just below this small patch of freckles in my cleavage. I reeled her in with one of my favourite come-here-to-me stares and we kissed again, this time without our arms around each other. The only things touching were our thighs and our lips, and I felt her grind up against me, her elbows buckling as she fell down hard on top of me.

I giggled lasciviously into her mouth, carelessly dismissing my injuries because of my overwhelming need to keep kissing her. We rolled over in bed, and I pinned her down

Michelle broke our kiss a moment later, turning her face away from me. “You know–”

“Shhh,” I whispered against her lips, “talking comes later.”

She laughed, and kissed me again. “But, Lorelai –”

“Shhh, it’s just getting good.” I dipped my tongue into her mouth and she moaned.

“Lorelai, I’m trying to—” kiss, “compliment you here.”

“Yeah?” kiss, “on what?” I began to kiss her throat when she turned away from my mouth again.

“I just wanted to tell you how—” She moaned low in her throat as I ran my tongue up her neck, “mmmm, how good your skin tastes. I never – ahhh – never thought it could be like this.”

“Sweetie, the feeling’s totally mutual.” I took my tongue out of her ear to look straight into her eyes. “It’s crazy, isn’t it? Thinking that you feel one way about someone or something, and then fate coming and throwing you off like that.”

“You think this is something more than physical?” She asked, breathless and honest.

I thought for a moment. “I – I don’t know. But I know I won’t have any regrets, however it turns out.”

“Me either.” She smiled at me.

“Michelle, you’re my best friend. I don’t think there’s anything that could change that.”

“Not even a really great orgasm?”

I laughed. “Not even a really great orgasm.”

“Are you sure? I might be able to sway you.” Her eyes glazed over as she ran her hands down my sides.

“Mmmm, try me.” I held my parted lips just centimeters from hers and brushed my top lip against her bottom one. We barely moved our lips, just kept shifting and gyrating our open mouths, kissing the air while kissing each other. Something so simple had never felt so satisfying.

When Michelle had vacated my mouth and traveled down to my stomach again, I could feel her insistently pressing my thighs apart with her body. I did and I soon felt her body flush against my sex, her heated skin igniting my loins. The folds of my nether lips parted slowly as she shifted her weight against me, deliberately smearing some of the juices I’d spilled onto her naked body straight from the source.

As she pressed herself closer to me and slid further down, I could feel the wet trail I was leaving on her skin, straight up her navel, until one of her nipples slid deliciously over my clit, and I couldn’t believe the sensations I was receiving. She and I moaned at the same time, as we both derived pleasure from the same action. She rubbed her nipple upwards against me a few more times, closing her eyes, and I followed suit, bringing my hands up to fondle my own dark pink nubs.

Suddenly, I couldn’t feel her skin anymore. A cool puff of air teased my clit, and then something warm and wet took over. I recognized it instantly, and let out a guttural moan, opening my eyes to look down upon the most erotic sight I’d ever seen: my best friend burying her face in my pussy.

I spread my legs a little wider, rolling my hips up to meet her hurricane tongue, and let out a strangled cry, too overwhelmed to make any more noise than that. I lay there, all my muscles seizing and relaxing as I sank into her vulval kiss. I shook my head violently and arched my back as she began to lick and suck me hard, thrusting me towards an imminent climax. But I wasn’t about to go just yet.

Summoning all the willpower I had in me, I whispered, “your turn.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32