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I came home a littler earlier that usual from work that day and called to my baby Josie. She responded with a “Hi toots, I’m in the kitchen” my spine started to tingle when I heard her perky little voice.

She was chopping carrots on the counter and turned slightly to give me a hello kiss, passionately slipping her tongue into my mouth and resting her hand on my breast.

“I’m just getting the salad made for the dinner party tonight” Josie said in her sing-song voice that drove me mad with lust. “Shit” I’d forgotten all about the party and I desperately wanted to fuck the hot cunt standing in front of me in her cute little tank top and mini skirt… now it would have to wait till the company left.

Josie begged me to keep her company and that gave me a deliciously evil idea.

I hugged Josie again except this time I lifted her up and set her down on the butchers block, she looked a little confused but knew better than to question me.

“Lay down and lift your skirt up” she started görükle escort to protest “but Kim… the company… and the dinner… and… ” before she could finish I stuffed a dish towel in her mouth and stood back to look at my love bearing her pink panties to me laying exposed and gagged in our kitchen.

I leaned over and started to lick her thighs working slowly, teasing her with my tongue. Lapping at her soft skin working my way with little circles towards her pink panties and the treasure they contained. I could tell she was loving it and kept inching her cunt closer to my mouth trying to convey her need to me without talking.

I slipped one hand down to my slit and used my other hand to slide her panties out of the way and with out warning I dove at her cunt lapping up her sweet cum, flicking my tongue over her clit, slightly nibbling till I heard her muffled cries. The little whore was dripping and I knew how badly she wanted me to run to our room and get a dildo but bursa escort bayan I had other plans in mind.

I moved away from her and her frustration was beautiful, she shook her head and her brown mop of hair cascaded down while she banged her fist against the wood telling me she wanted my mouth back badly.

I reached over to where she had been cutting vegetables and grabbed the largest carrot I could see, and without warning shoved it into Josie’s dripping cunt. She arched her back and thrust her hips loving the sensation of being fucked. I rammed it in several times each time I’d slowly, painstakingly pull it out and then ram in back in harder and harder and harder.

I was dripping now myself as well watching my young love take a carrot up her pretty little snatch I wanted to do more to her, wanted to see her being the naughty bitch she is. I looked around for other toys and spotted a cucumber lying on the counter and while Josie’s eyes were closed in the heat bursa escort of an orgasm I silently took it and starting to suck it, and lick one end.

My fingers were feverishly playing with my cunt and I was loving every minute of this kinky kitchen sex. I took the cucumber and started to push it against Josie’s tight little ass her eyes started to bulge with fear and pain but I couldn’t stop I needed to see this little cunt take it up her ass. I continued slowly at first watching her ass stretch and grow to accommodate the large cucumber. I got it in and starting fucking her from both ends.

Her cries pushed me over the edge and I came instantly soaking my legs in it. Josie was in another world she was completely full and loving every minute of it. I rammed them both in at high speeds and when I saw her about to orgasm I rammed them both in as far as I could get it. My love burst into waves of pleasure and her body shook as she cried out against the bonds of the towel.

Her body eventually lay back down on the table and I took the towel out we smiled and kissed just as the doorbell rang… company was there and there was no time to clean up, but that’s another story for another day.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32