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I woke up to Debbie gently shaking me. “Wake up sleepyhead,” she smiled, “let’s not sleep the day away.” I sat up, groggy, looking down at the nightgown and panties I wore and remembered the day before. My ass was still a bit tender from my cherry being plucked the day before by Sam.

Debbie waited until it was evident that I wouldn’t go back to sleep. She told me to go to the bathroom and then come out to the living room. As she away, she raised her finger in the air and said “And remember…girls sit down to pee!”

I did “sit to pee”, and then came out to the living room. Debbie was doing something in the kitchen, but walked out to the living room. “Debbie….er, Mrs. Romani…uh…” I stammered. Debbie smiled and said “We didn’t talk about that yesterday, did we? In the house, you call me ‘Mommy’ and Sam ‘Daddy’. Outside the house, we’re ‘Aunt Debbie’ and ‘Uncle Sam’. Don’t mix the two up, because you’ll get punished if you do. You’re not too old to be spanked, young lady.”

I nodded. “Mommy,” I said hesitantly, “when do I go home?” Debbie wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big hug. “You ARE home, Mindy,” she smiled. “But what about my folks?” I asked. She just giggled and said, “You’ll see later today.”

We went into the kitchen and she fixed a small breakfast. After we ate, she said “Daddy likes to wake up with a wet mouth around his dick. Go in there and wake him up while I cook his breakfast.”

Scenes from the previous day suddenly popped into my mind. My first sexual experience was Debbie sucking my dick, my second was me sucking her husband’s dick, and my third was her husband fucking my tight little ass…all in the same day. They had seduced me with alcohol, but it turned out that I really liked it. I liked Debbie’s body, and loved Sam’s cock. They’d begun to turn me into a girl and it felt right to me.

I went into their bedroom, and Sam was laying on his back snoring. He had half-kicked the covers off, his upper body exposed. I gently pulled the covers down until his cock was exposed and quietly got between his legs.

His cock was already half-hard, and sprang to attention as soon as my mouth went around it. I started sucking his cock, trying to remember everything that Debbie had taught me the day before. Sam’s snoring stuttered, then stopped, and his hand moved down to the back of my head.

I liked his cock yesterday, and today I liked it even more. It was much bigger than mine, and thick and veiny. My mouth was filled with it, but it wasn’t so big I couldn’t move it around and taste all of it.

“MMMmmmmmm, morning baby girl,” he said. His hand was guiding my head, making me take his whole length in one move, then pulling off of it until only the tip was still between my lips.

His hand urged me to a faster pace, and in no time his cock started filling my mouth with cum. I swallowed, as I did yesterday, and kept sucking him until his cock subsided.

“You’re getting better at sucking cock,” he grinned at me, pulling me up to him and kissing me. “Before you know it, you’ll be a champion cocksucker just like mommy.”

I smiled at the compliment, then got out from between his legs so he could get up. As he went to the bathroom, I went back out to the living room. A short while later, Sam came out and had breakfast, then left a bit later.

Debbie and I sat at the kitchen table, and she looked at me in my nightgown critically. “You don’t have any clothes,” she said. “I’m going to go shopping for an outfit that you can be seen in public with. While I’m gone, you have some chores to do.” She told me that I was to vacuum and dust the living room, and do the dishes. Afterward, I was to take a shower, shave my body again, and then wait for her to return.

I completed my chores and was just finishing showering when Debbie returned with several shopping bags. She led me to my bedroom and opened the bags. Inside were several pairs of panties, two bras, a frilly nightgown, and some outfits. I noticed that both of the outfits were blouse and skirt, nothing with pants.

I tried on all the clothing she’d bought me, and she was pleased that she’d judged my sizes correctly. Finally, she went and got another bag from her car and brought it in. “This is a present for daddy,” she grinned, “but you’ll be wearing it.” When she opened it, I saw it was a French maid’s outfit. “Every sexy girl needs a French maid outfit. I can’t wait until daddy gets home and sees you in it!”

She told me to put my clothes away, then stripped and laid down on the bed. “Mommy’s exhausted by all the shopping and needs a little relaxation,” she said, motioning me to get between her legs. I moved between her legs and bent my mouth down to her smooth pussy.

“That’s right,” she murmured as my tongue began to lick her pussy lips, “lick mommy’s pussy good.” Her hands went around my head and pulled my mouth against her pussy, my tongue finding her clit and making rough circles around it. My dick twitched and then jumped to full hardness.

Her pussy got wetter from my saliva and her juices. She ground her pussy even harder against my mouth. My tongue slipped into her pussy.

“Yes! Lick mommy’s pussy good,” she cried as her pussy began to convulse around my tongue. Her grip on my head was tight, and I was almost afraid that my lips would be bruised from the pressure. Her orgasm shook her like an earthquake, then slowly eased off.

“Whew!” she said. “You get mommy off quick!” She pulled me up next to her, then rolled on her side. Her lush tits were against my face, and I wiggled down so that I could suck on one nipple while she came down from cumming. My dick pressed against her leg, and she reached down to give it a squeeze. “I’m sorry, sweetie, you can’t get off until tonight. Daddy’s orders.”

After laying together for a while, Debbie declared it was time to get up. We worked in the house, still nude, for a few hours. Debbie told me that it was time to get ready for Sam to come home and she wanted him to see her present. I put the maid’s outfit on and put my makeup on with her guidance, and then Debbie put on a slinky dress.

Sam’s face broke into a huge grin when he walked in the door and saw me. “She’s sexy as hell, baby,” he told Debbie, giving her a kiss. Then he walked over to me, grabbed my ass with both hands, and lifted me up to kiss him. My legs went around his waist and my arms around his shoulders as his tongue went deep into my mouth. Still carrying me, he walked over to the couch and set me down. He turned to Debbie and said, “They’ll be here in a few minutes.” I gave a confused look to Debbie, but she just grinned and winked.

Sam pulled his clothes off in a hurry. He sat down on the couch, and I automatically dropped to my knees in front of him. Reaching out, he grabbed my head and pushed his dick into my mouth. I started sloppily sucking his dick as the doorbell rang. I stopped momentarily, and was rewarded with a moderate slap to my face from Sam. “Bad girl,” he warned, “you don’t stop sucking until I tell you to.” Meekly, I took his cock back in my mouth and did my best to make up for my indiscretion.

I could hear Debbie talking to someone as my mouth caressed Sam’s cock. I could tell he was starting to get close to cumming when he started forcing his cock deep into my mouth and throat. I gagged momentarily, then regained my composure and just enjoyed his cock thrusting into my mouth.

When he came, it was with a vengeance. Even though I’d drained his balls earlier today, he still came hard and long. I caught most of it, but some dribbled out around his cock in my mouth and ran down my chin.

“Good girl,” Sam said, breathing heavily. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, “Ok, stand up and greet our guests properly, Mindy.” I swept the cum that had dribbled out of my mouth with my finger, and was pushing the cum back in when I turned around and saw mom and Jim.

I immediately turned red, and my hands covered my face. As I did, however, I noticed that both of them were stark naked. Jim was leering at me with a huge hard-on, and mom had her eyes covered. Debbie was standing behind mom, reaching around mom and playing with both of her tits.

Sam slapped my ass hard. “Is that any way to greet guests?” he demanded. “Welcome them to our house properly, bitch!”

I stammered “Welcome to Sam and Debbie’s house.” Sam grabbed my arm and angrily pulled me down, bending me over his lap. “Debbie, get my belt. This little bitch deserves punishment.” he said, pulling my panties down and my skirt up.

I started crying again, trying to cover my ass with my hands. Debbie pulled the belt from the pants that Sam had dropped on the floor, and handed it to him. Sam grabbed my hand with one hand and brought the belt down across my ass with the other. He gave me four good swats, reddening my ass and bringing full-fledged tears out of me.

Sam set his belt down and let me stand up. I rubbed my stinging ass as Debbie walked up to me. Looking me dead in the eyes, she said “A proper girl welcomes visitors to our — OUR, daddy’s, mine, and yours — house with a curtsy and a greeting. You’ll tell them ‘Welcome to our house’. Do you understand?”

I nodded, and Debbie slapped my face. “Do you understand?” she repeated. I said “Yes, I understand.” She slapped me again and said, “Yes what?” I meekly looked down at the floor and said, “Yes, mommy.”

Suddenly Debbie was happy and bright. “Good girl! Now, fix your dress and welcome our guests.” I pulled up my panties and smoothed my dress, turned to Jim and mom and curtsied as best I could, and said, “Welcome to our house.”

Jim chuckled and said, “She needs some work on that curtsy, Debbie.” She laughed and said, “Yes, she needs a lot of work on everything, but she’s coming along nicely. Wait until she sucks your dick, you’ll see how well she’s progressed.” A shock ran through me. I was supposed to suck my step-father’s dick?

“No time like the present,” Jim laughed. He motioned me over to him. I hesitated, earning another slap on my ass from Sam, then slowly walked over to him. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me to my knees. “Go ahead, open your mouth,” he said.

I gave a quick glance to mom. She was still standing at the entrance to the living room, her head bowed and one hand covering her eyes. The other arm hung limply at her side. I turned back to Jim and reluctantly took his cock in my mouth.

“You don’t mind if I use your wife while you’re busy, do you Jim?” Debbie asked. Jim grabbed the back of my head and pushed his cock deep into my mouth. “Not at all,” he replied.

Jim had a bigger dick than Sam, but not by much. He was a lot more forceful than Sam, too. He didn’t let me suck his cock, he wanted to fuck my face. My hands found his thighs for support as he pushed his cock in and out of my mouth.

“Yeah, that’s a nice wet mouth you have there,” he said down to me. I didn’t respond, I just wanted to get him off as quickly as I could so I could go hide somewhere. My red face gave notice to the shame of sucking my mom’s husband’s cock.

Jim didn’t last very long, fortunately. He shoved his cock deep into my mouth, making me gag again. His hot, spicy cum sprayed into my mouth and down my throat. Taken off guard, I didn’t swallow as soon as I should have and streams of cum slid from between my lips and down my chin.

“Go clean yourself up and fix your makeup, girl,” Sam commanded. “Don’t take too long either or you’ll get punished again. And take those panties off. You won’t need them for the rest of the night.”

As I stood up and headed for the bathroom, I saw what Debbie meant by her “using your wife” comment. Debbie was laying on the floor and mom was between her legs, her face buried in Debbie’s pussy. From the look on Debbie’s face, mom was really going to town on her pussy.

When I got to the bathroom, I cleaned Jim’s cum from my face and redid my makeup. The crying had really ruined it, and it took me a few minutes to get everything fixed. I hurried, afraid of Sam’s belt, and rushed back to the living room.

As I walked in, Debbie was in the middle of an orgasm. Both hands around mom’s head, grinding her pussy up and down on mom’s mouth, moaning loudly. I felt a bit more shame as my dick twitched at the sight.

Jim was sitting in a chair and Sam was still on the couch, stroking his cock as he watched mom and Debbie. Jim motioned me over to him. He said, “Get on your knees and get me hard again.” I dropped to my knees and took his soft cock between my lips. Immediately his cock twitched and started growing.

“Go get me the lube,” he ordered mom. Mom got up from between Debbie’s legs, walked over to the pile of her and Jim’s clothes on the floor, got her purse, and fished a small bottle out of it. She walked over to Jim woodenly, and handed him the bottle. “Why don’t you see if Sam needs some attention?” he suggested to her. She walked over to Sam, dropped to her knees, and began sucking his cock.

Jim stood me up and spun me around. Taking the bottle of lube, he generously spread some all over my asshole and ass crack. Then he lubed up his cock. “Now, I’m going to fuck that ass that I’ve wanted for so long.”

I suddenly couldn’t move. It was one thing to be fucked by Sam, but I didn’t really want Jim to fuck me. He’d been a father figure to me for as long as I could remember. However, Jim reminded me that I didn’t have a choice in the matter, and pulled me down onto his lap by my hips, telling me to hold my dress out of the way. His cock brushed my asshole, sliding up my ass crack, then he grabbed his cock with one hand and lined it up.

Slowly, he pulled me down onto his cock. The pain from yesterday returned, but I knew better than to say anything…I didn’t want Sam’s belt again. I sniffled slightly as the tears welled in my eyes, his cock slowly spreading my asshole and entering me.

Jim hissed through his teeth. Sam laughed and said, “Tight little bitch, ain’t she?” Jim replied, “No shit. Are you sure you fucked her yesterday?” Sam laughed again and said “Oh yeah. I loved popping her cherry.”

My ass slowly descended onto his cock until my asscheeks rested on him. The pain was intense, but I could feel the hot, heavy, enjoyable feeling around the fringes. Jim held me in place, letting my asshole stretch to accommodate him.

Abstractedly, I was kind of proud of myself. I’d taken his whole cock without a whimper, and only one or two tears rolled down my cheeks. Jim wrapped his arms around me and started pulling me up, making his cock slide in and out of my ass a little. It was a slow, gentle fuck, one that I truly appreciated. He could have just pounded away if he wanted, but he was giving me to to start to enjoy it.

I looked over at mom, still expertly sucking Sam’s cock. She was really getting into it, and Jim noticed me looking as he slowly pumped my ass.

“Yes, your mom is a real whore, a real slut. That’s the reason your father left, he couldn’t stand it when she’d hop in bed with any man or woman that showed interest,” he said in my ear. He gave a sharp shove into me, pushing himself deep into me with a violent move. “She was being self-destructive when I met her. When I came into the picture, she would have let herself be raped if she could.”

My ass was used to Jim’s hard cock by now, and I was starting to enjoy him. That wonderful heat that I felt yesterday had returned, and I gave out a little moan. I began fucking back, helping him raise me off his cock, and then pushing myself back down onto him. One of his hands reached up and pinched my nipple harshly. I moaned louder.

“I saved her from herself,” Jim continued, grunting slightly. “We agreed that I would control her sex life, make sure that she got as much as she could, but safely. In return, she agreed to do everything I told her to do, no matter what.” His breath was coming quicker now, and he was bouncing me on his cock harder and faster. I helped him. I wanted him to cum in me.

I was moaning louder, my dick hard and bobbing as Jim’s cock filled me and reached places that felt wonderful. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you bad for years now,” he said between clenched teeth, the cum boiling in his balls and ready to shoot out his cock into my abused ass.

He started pounding hard into me, his thighs slapping my asscheeks almost painfully. Finally, he shoved his cock into me and held me there as his cock spasmed and shot his load, filling my ass with his cum.

I kept working my ass muscles, trying to prolong it. His cock, already slippery with the lube, became even more so as his cum made it’s way out of my ass and down his cock, pooling on the seat of the chair between his legs.

Jim relaxed, his spent cock shrinking inside my ass. When it finally popped out, I let out a whimper. I didn’t want his cock out of me. He just held me in place as both of us caught our breath and watched Sam and mom.

Sam had moved mom to the floor on her hands and knees as he plunged his cock in and out of her pussy. I absently noticed that mom had perky little titties as they bounced from Sam’s thrusts, and my cock twitched reminding me that I could use some release, too.

I sat on Jim’s lap until mom began orgasming, screaming for Sam to fuck her harder. Sam slammed his cock into her spasming pussy, pushing him over the edge and shooting his cum into her pussy. They collapsed onto the floor, Sam still on top of mom, and mom still moaning.

As they laid there, catching their breath, Debbie’s hapy voice suddenly piped up. “Ok, I think our girl could use a good hard cum now. Jim, will you have your wife do the honors?” Mom looked up at Debbie with pleading eyes, and softly said, “No….”

Jim stood up and made me sit in his chair. The wet pool of his cum was cold on my balls, and he walked over to where mom laid. Giving her a sharp slap on her ass, he told her to get up. She stood, Sam’s cum mingling with her pussy juices and running down her leg. Jim marched her over to my chair, and pushed her down on her knees. “Your daughter needs to cum,” he told her.

I had mixed emotions, partly shocked at the idea and party turned on. My hands flew down to my twitching dick to cover it, but Sam and Debbie walked over and pulled them out of the way. Jim grabbed mom’s hair, and pushed her face over to my crotch.

“Nooooo, Jim, please, not this,” she pleaded. Jim just shook his head sadly and said “Just do what I tell you. You know the rules.”

Reluctantly, mom opened her mouth and slid it down my dick. It was as good as Debbie’s mouth yesterday, more warm wet velvet, and she only sucked a few seconds before I moaned and started cumming. Her mouth filled up with my cream, and she slowly swallowed.

“That’s good dear,” Jim said to mom, allowing her to stand up and bury her head in his chest, crying. “There, there, you did good.”

Sam sat back down on the couch, and pulled me onto his lap. Absently toying with my nipples, he chatted with Jim as Debbie held and kissed mom. Soon, Jim yawned and announced, “Time for me to take my beautiful bride home.” He and mom dressed, then he took her hand. “I hope she got enough fucking here, because I’m plain drained,” he laughed.

Mom walked up to me and hugged me fiercely, then Jim led her out of the door. Debbie and Sam looked at each other and Sam said, “I guess we better get to bed ourselves. We have a long day tomorrow.” Debbie giggled and winked at me, then led me to the bedroom and had me change into the new nightgown she’d bought me. “Don’t wear any panties, ” she instructed. “Sam might wake up horny in the middle of the night and sneak down here to fuck you.”

She gave me a quick kiss, then told me to get in bed. After I was comfortably under the covers, she turned out the light and said, “Tomorrow….we shop!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32