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Chapter 1: A Couple’s Tale

This is the first part of a memoir of my marriage. My wife is Nancy, I am Bill and we have been living happily together for over 20 years, the last 10+ as a Female Led Marriage (FLM). Nancy has instructed me to write these accounts in the hope that other couples may try our life style and improve their relationships through it.

My wife and I had been married for about 9 or 10 years. We loved each other very much but the sex had never been incredible. Nancy was a strong, confident woman outside the house but at home she tended to defer to me. In the bedroom she was almost shy and while she enjoyed sex it was very conventional, oral sex and intercourse but if I tried to introduce a blindfold or toys she would become upset with me and not want sex again for at least a week. I knew that if she would ever let loose it would be incredible. I also knew that if I suggested that she take charge of our sex life she would get angry with me.

I knew that I had to ease her into taking charge so that night in bed I asked her if I could suck her nipples. I knew this never failed to get her started. Each step of the way I asked permission for everything I did. Afterwards Nancy asked me why I did that and I explained that I loved her Betturkey and respected her and that I wanted that respect to show. For the next several weeks I asked for permission a lot, for everything from asking if I could do the dishes (usually her chore) so she could relax to whether I may be allowed to cum.

Then one night I decided to see if she was getting accustomed to this. In bed that night I reached for her breast without asking and got a playful (?) slap on the ass and her words: I didn’t say you could do that! YES, it was working. I apologized and asked how I could make it up to her. She said I could eat her pussy, something she loved but never would have asked for before.

For the next several weeks I kept asking for permission and doted on her more and more. She was getting used to my doting on her and was now expecting things from me like making sure I had her coffee ready when she got up in the morning. If I missed doing anything she had come to expect she would ask me if I was getting lazy or had just stopped caring about her comforts. One morning as she left for work I asked if I could masturbate. She had always said yes to this request but this time she said no and that we would talk about it that night.

That Betturkey Giriş night she said she was sorry for denying me but that she always got upset when I masturbated. She felt that I was being selfish and that my sexual energy should be directed towards her. She said that from then on she would decide when, how and how often I would cum. I said Yes Ma’am, the first time I had addressed her that way. She then said I should get her a drink and make dinner and that she would take care of my needs later.

After dinner I cleaned the kitchen while she relaxed with a book. When I was done with this she called me to her and said that I still owed her a proper apology for my earlier selfishness. What this had come to mean was that I was to kneel at the end of our bed and eat her to several orgasms explaining between each one what I had done wrong. I was to go upstairs, strip, kneel and wait there thinking about my misbehavior. About half an hour later she came in after finishing her book and I made my proper apologies. When she was satisfied, three orgasms later, she had me lie on my back on the bed. She said the she had promised to take care of my needs and wouldn’t go back on her word. She then said that since my need was to masturbate Betturkey Güncel Giriş that I should do so now. I had never masturbated in front of anyone before and the idea embarrassed me. I said that I would rather go without an orgasm than be embarrassed that way. Her words shocked me; “Suit yourself but know that your next orgasm will come by masturbating in front of me. I will still get my orgasms from your tongue so I can go as long as you want to.” I gave it some very quick thought and did her bidding right then. After I came she rubbed it all over me and said that I had to go to sleep that way as further punishment for my disrespect.

Just six or seven months ago she would have been embarrassed watching me masturbate or even talking about it, now it was a command. I may have bitten off more than I could chew but our sex life was better than ever. I knew then that I was her slave and she my mistress.

Nancy’s notes: Bill is right; I was very sexually inhibited and insecure of myself in that way during the early years of our dating and marriage. I am grateful to him for making the sacrifices he has to improve our lives together. Over the years I have read a lot on the internet and I believe I have added as much to our lives as Bill has. I do know that at the age of fifty two and in a twenty year marriage not many people have twenty or more orgasms a week but I do. Bill doesn’t have that many but since I love a hard cock he can count on four to five a week. I have tried forced abstinence on him but I miss it too much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32