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Kallie put her mini dress back on over her stockings. We were both still covered in cum, Kallie more than me.

“Don’t wipe the cum off,” Steve said. “I want you to walk through the bar and show everyone what filthy sluts you both are.”

Kallie had her thong in hand. I wore mine to hide my flaccid cock. We walked out of the room and the guys cheered, the cum on my mini dress and stockings very apparent, even if Kallie had licked most of it off. I couldn’t wait to get to the car. The humiliation complete, we drove back in silence.

Back at Kallie’s place I stripped and went into the shower. Kallie knew I was upset and at first kept her distance. I washed the cum and make-up from my face and body. Kallie joined me in the shower.

“I’m sorry I hurt you. I should have told you,” Kallie said knowing she had done wrong.

I began to cry. Kallie put her arms around me. She kissed me and we stood there hugging as the water rained down on us. Eventually I composed myself, finished washing and turned the shower off.

“Is your arse sore,” Kallie asked as we towelled ourselves. “Yes it is,” I replied. “I have some cream. I’ll rub some in for you.”

Kallie found the cream and squeezing some from the tube, began to rub soothing cream into my ripped sore anus.

“Why……How….. Did this happen,” I said, spluttering to find the words.

“Get dressed and I’ll tell you.”

Back in the living room we sat and talked.

“Why did you set me up Kallie?”

Kallie looked at me with her big brown eyes, full of remorse.

“Look, I’ve known Steve for years.”

“What is he your boyfriend, husband, what?”

“God no, we’re just fuck buddies. Steve and I share;” Kallie hesitated. “Similar interests; we’re part of a select group; I suppose you would call it a group, that meets for sex.”

“Go on,” I replied.

“Well, the group is a closed group. That is we don’t just fuck anyone. We don’t want to catch anything. It’s quite large now. Something like 150 – 200 people. Everyone is medically tested and they have to swear to remain true to the group. It isn’t just a swingers club. It’s more extreme than that. You also have to understand that these aren’t just ordinary people.”

“I’m sure there not,” I interjected sarcastically.

“No what I mean is these are in the main, wealthy people. How do you think I pay for this apartment and not work?”

“So Steve pays you for sex and you have to do what he wants.”

“NO! I’m free to do whatever I want. I’ve known Steve for years. What I get from Steve is just peanuts to him. He is so amazingly wealthy. We’re just happy to indulge each other’s fantasies.”

“So Steve wanted to fuck a man dressed as a woman.”

“No Silly. This is what I wanted.”

“What you wanted,” I said confused.

“Do you remember when we met a month ago at George’s bar? That drunk guy was trying to chat you up because he thought you was a girl.”

“Yes. That’s when you came over and saved me,” I replied.

“Well in that instance I knew what I wanted. I fell in love with you and your inner girl.” Kallie looked at me lovingly. “Love at first sight.”

“I still don’t get what just went on,” I said

Kallie went on “look, love and sex are two separate things. I fuck for pleasure but it is completely separate from love. I knew I loved you but I wanted you as my slut girl for sex. You have to understand I live for extreme sex, but I still love you.”

“So why so long. We’ve only really kissed and petted before now.”

“I had to have you tested. The group demands it. Remember the blood test I forced you to have the day after we met because you weren’t feeling crash hot. We just paid for some additional tests. You’re as clean as a whistle.”

“Isn’t that illegal or something.”

“Possibly,” Kallie replied smiling.

“So how did you know I would go for the girl thing?”

Kallie again looked deep into my eyes and using her fingers to gentle brush my blond hair across my forehead replied.

“Because my darling Julie, I knew YOU wanted to be girl as much as I wanted it.”

She put her arms loosely around my neck and kissed me.

“You enjoyed it really, didn’t you?” Kallie went on “and you can’t tell me you’ve never worn high heels before or taken something up your arse.”

“I’m not gay,” I protested “but I did wear my mum’s heels when I was a teenager and wank off using things on my arse. So O.K, I’ve always had fantasies about being a girl.”

“No secrets,” she said. “Do you want us to be together and I’ll transform you into a slut.”

“Yes my darling Kallie,” I submitted.

“Just know I love you. Let’s go to bed. Starting tomorrow i’m going to transform you into my little slut girl.”

The next morning we woke in each other’s arms as the light poured through a crack in the curtains.

We kissed and got out of bed. Over breakfast Kallie discussed her plans for me and how I was to be transformed.

“Do I have a choice,” I said.

“You always have a choice,” Kallie responded “But you know you want it.”

“What about work,” I questioned.

“You’re under Steve’s care now. Just ring them and tell them you’re not going back.”

I could hardly believe it myself but I took the risk. I left my job. I put my apartment up for sale and moved in with Kallie.

Over the next few months I was indulged, all at Steve’s expense.

I didn’t want breast surgery but instead opted for a new procedure whereby a gel is injected in through the nipple. This lasts for about 18 months. It gave me nice B size boobs. Not too big, just a nice handful. Kallie taught me about makeup. How to apply it; how to look slutty and went not to. As my hair grew longer I had it styled with low lights put into my blonde hair. I grew my nails and had them manicured. Red being my favourite nail polish. I had a belly button ring as well as secondary ear piercings. I had a small tattoo on the nape of my back with Kallie’s name in Chinese symbols. I had various beauty treatments and Kallie taught me about a proper skin care. We both had spray tans. I was waxed in all the appropriate places. To improve my anal capacity, Kallie used ever increasingly sized butt plugs to stretch my arse. Neither of us wanted me to lose my cock. It was a source of pleasure to us both. We had a great time shopping for cosmetics, jewellery, clothes, shoes and lingerie. We became best friends.

There came a time in Kallie’s eyes that I had been fully transformed and was ready for the next stage.I was now a very attractive she-male.

“Tonight we’re meeting some of my group friends,” Kallie informed me

I was apprehensive. I knew I wasn’t gay, so I was still unsure how I was going to be with other men. I was still surprised Steve hadn’t been around to view what he was paying for, but I suppose he already had a good idea after the fucking he gave me.

“Don’t worry they’re my girlfriends, Sophie and Shelly,” Kallie reassured me as she was walking away into the kitchen.

I was relieved.

Later that afternoon we both gave each other multiple enemas before showering. So began the process to get ready. I straightened my blond hair and pulled it back into a pony tail. I applied the usual make up, making sure I had slutty dark eye makeup and my favourite cherry red lip stick. My red nail polish was already applied.

I had chosen black lace underwear to wear. The ¼ cup bra, once I had adjusted the straps, nicely pulled my tits up and out. I clipped on the matching suspender belt, turning it around so the clip was at the back and took a new very sheer fully fashioned black seamed stocking from its packet. I rolled it up, slide my foot inside, and pulled the stocking up my leg. I slipped the little popper under the stocking top and into the metal receptacle and repeated for each suspender. I pulled each suspender tight and smoothed out the nylon material, repeating the action for the second stocking. They felt so sexy. I straightened the seams in the mirror, naturally now standing on tip toe. I slipped my black lace thong over the suspenders and pulled it tight between my arse cheeks.

I put on a sheer black semi transparent blouse and did up the buttons. Next a black PVC pencil skirt that did up at the front with a long zip. This skirt finished mid calf and restricted my leg movement due to its tightness. I wrapped a wide belt around my waist and did it up. I stepped into my 5 inch black patent stiletto pumps. I was really walking on tip toe now, my calves stretched; my arse and legs looked great; my cock hardened against my thong.

I stood back and looked in the mirror. What a gorgeous slut I thought. My nipples could be seen through the semi transparent material of the blouse. My legs looking superb in my 5 inch Stilettos as I walked up and down parading myself.

Kallie appeared. She was dressed like a school girl. Plaid pleated mini skirt, white blouse; no panties; no bra and showing plenty of cleavage; little white ankle socks with filly lace tops; 6 inch black patent high heel pumps. Her make up every bit as slutty as mine. She inserted some large hoop earrings.

“Are you ready Julie,” she said softly. “Because from now on I’ll be in my sex persona. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you.”

“Yes Kallie,” I said like a good little girl.

“Come here then slut,” Kallie’s voice now changed to be more demanding and emphasised the T in slut.

I did as I was told. Kallie took hold of my pony tail and pulled my head back hard.

She said with a determined look on her face “we’re going to fuck you so hard tonight.”

“Yes please mistress,” I instinctive said.

“Good girl, your learning. I like mistress.”

We exited the apartment and made the car journey to her friends. We reached our destination and we walked arm in arm along the path towards the house, our high heels clicking clacking on the hard surface. Kallie rang the door bell and waited for the response from the speaker.

“Is that you Kallie,” it responded.

“Yes Sophie.”

“Come on up,” Sophie giggled

Sounds nice I thought.

Both girls met our arrival. Sophie kissed Kallie full on the mouth taking her time and obviously sliding her tongue into her mouth.

“Hello gorgeous,” said Shelly, the compliment directed at me as she looked straight into my eyes and kissed me passionately, not wishing to be outdone by her sister.

It was obviously school girl night; both girls were dressed similar to Kallie accept for the different colour shoes. Shelly had white patent 6 inch pumps and Sophie red. It also appeared that Shelly was wearing a corset due to narrowness of her waist. In contrast to Kallie’s black hair, both sisters were blond. In their heels they stood about six feet tall, similar to Kallie. Both girls were very confident, unlike me.

“So this is the little slut you’ve been telling us about. I understand Steve gave you a good fucking,” Shelly said, not beating around the bush.

I blushed.

“You’re blushing, that’s so cute,” Shelly added

Sophie poured some drinks and passed them out.

We began with the chit chat as we sipped our Gin and tonics, which seemed a little surreal considering the way we were dressed. It was as though it was all so normal. Kallie caught up on the gossip and the conversation continued.

“Are you going to the next party at Steve’s,” Sophie enquired. “We still haven’t met him yet, we only know him from what you have told us.”

Kallie assured them we would be going and Shelly poured another round of large gin and tonics. After handing the drinks out Shelly sat down next to me.

“I love your skirt,” she said as she ran her hands over the material. “I like the way it restricts your movement, makes for a sexier walk.”

her hands moved to the zip. She clasped the zip and pulled up slowly, revealing more and more of my black stockings.

“I adore black seamed stockings,” she continued. “It makes you feels so sexy, and 5 inch heels, my you’ve learnt very quickly.”

“I wish I could wear 6 inch heels like you,” I replied

“It takes a lot of practice and it helps if you do a lot of stretching.”

Shelly’s hands were now feeling along my legs and up to the bare flesh above my stocking top.

“I love wearing high heels. The higher the better. I know I look SOooo hot,” Shelly added, my skirt now fully undone and the belt removed.

Her hand pulled aside my black thong and she grasped my erection.

“I love cock too,” she said straddling me and wasting no time getting my tool up inside her, helped by the fact that she wore no panties. I looked across at Kallie for that, ‘is it alright’ look, but I needn’t have bothered. Kallie had already taken her top off and Sophie had her tongue down her throat and was groping for her cunt. I redirected my attention.

As my cock slipped inside Shelly’s shaved cunt for the first ime, she gave a high pitched “Ah.” She ground down, her clit getting as much action on my skin as possible. Keeping her motion going she began to undo my blouse until she had it fully off. Her hands cupped my breasts and she dropped her head to suck on my nipples.

“I Love your tits they’re superb,” she complimented, taking the time to feel them properly and then undoing my ¼ cup bra.

“Change round,” Shelly said flipping over on the sofa and raising her legs so I could fuck her on top. I admired her 6 inch high heels and ankle socks close up and licked along the length of the stiletto heel, taking it into my mouth so as to simulate sucking a cock. I forced my cock hard back into her cunt and kept on banging.

In the changeover I noticed that Kallie and Sophie had found the toys and were attaching strap-on dildos. Sophie had soon moved in behind me and was applying lube to my anal passage. I felt the cock edge its way into my arse causing me to slow down my fucking action.

“If you’re going to slow down get it into my arse and bang a dildo in my cunt,” Shelly disappointingly demanded.

Her arse seemed already nicely lubed and I took the precaution of using my fingers to open her up. My red nails edged their way in. one, two, three, fingers.

“Fucking all of them you bitch, I need them all.”

Shelly was in ecstatic pleasure and needing more. I spat on her arse to give her more lubricant, but I’m not sure it needed it. Soon my entire fist was in her arse and I began to speed up the in/out motion. Sophie was driving the cock in and out of my arse and I too was feeling the need for more.

Kallie was waiting with a double pronged dildo.

“Let me do her,” Kallie said

I flipped onto the floor and onto my back with my legs raised, giving Sophie a better opportunity to drive her dildo all the way into my arse.

Kallie banged the double pronged dildo into Shellie’s cunt and arse and she bucked and writhed until she came with a scream, shouting obscenities.

“Fuck, fuck, FUUUCCCKKK,” Shelly shuddered with her first orgasm.

Kallie pulled out and offered the double dildo up to my lips.

“Lick the cream slut,” she commanded.

I did as I was told, licking all the cunt juice off along the length of one prong.

“And the other one slut.”

I took the second probe willingly all the way into my mouth, sucking it clean.

“Good girl,” Kallie added, kissing me and driving her tongue past my lipstick and down towards my tonsils.

Kallie now turned her attention to Sophie ordering her onto all fours. This stopped the anal fucking I was getting. Kallie ruthlessly drove the double pronger straight in Sophie’s juiced up cunt and arse, Sophie pushed back so as to gain as much of the length as possible. Her face dropped down towards my cock and I held it up towards her gorgeous mouth. She sunk it all the way to the back of her throat two or three times, and then concentrated on the glan’s with a combination of tongue, lips and cheek work.

Noting my arse was lacking any action; Sophie momentarily raised her head with just enough time to shout at Shelly.

“Shoes!” then quickly returned to the job at hand.

Shelly understood exactly what was wanted and removed her 6 inch Stilettos. Standing in her pretty lacy top ankle socks, she passed the shoes to Sophie. The tip of the first shoes heel was directed towards my anal cavity and she eased it in. The girls knew what they were doing. The sharp edges of the tip had been removed and the six inch heel glided in nicely. The second shoe was used in the same way and soon both 6 inch stilettos were being banged into my arse remorselessly.

Shelly was ready to be back into the action and she squatted over my mouth. I was expecting to give her cunt a good tonguing but Shelly had other ideas. She pulled her shaved cunt lips open and let go a stream of piss directly into my mouth. I had no option but to swallow. The stream continued and I drunk it down.

This perversion was one too many and I convulsed, shooting a massive steam of cum into Sophies mouth. As the spurts continued, it set off a chain reaction. Triggering Sophie’s orgasm and surprisingly Shellys’, who was rubbing her clit while she was pissing.

Kallie was the only one who hadn’t yet orgasmed and she ordered what she wanted.

“69 time Sophie.”

Kallie lay on her back, legs up and back. Sophie clambered on top, lowering her cunt onto Kallie’s willing mouth. I forced Kallies legs back, lifting her arse so it was more accessible. Sophie tongued and slurped at her clit. Shelly had the single dildo and her shoes close at hand. No need for any lube. The dildo was banged straight into Kallies cunt while Sophie continued on her clit. The stilettos were forced into her arse. For a moment Shelly used the heels in opposing directions, stretching her arse open and making it gape. She spat a wad of saliva straight into the gaping hole and continued with the in/out motion of the heels. I was still holding Kallie’s legs and began to tongue her black patent 6 inch high heels. Looking down I could see Kallie was not only attempting to get as much of her tongue and fingers into Sophie’s cunt as possible, but now had her entire fist in her arse. This was more than either of them could stand and they came, almost together, losing control and screaming as the orgasms multiplied.

The intensity diminished, the pleasure subsided.

“God I need a drink,” said Shelly.

“Get me one,” I replied not really sure if she meant water or gin. Either would do I thought, not caring.

We all looked a sight, hair and make up a mess.

Shelly brought the drinks. Gin and tonic.

Kallie sat on the sofa. I sat up next to her, shoes now off and with my stockinged legs across her lap. Opposite sat Sophie, with Shelly laid flat out, her head resting on Sophie’s legs. All temporarily exhausted.

“Did you enjoy your slut experience,” Kallie asked me.

“Yes babe. I think I understand.”

“I love you,” Kallie replied

“Ahhhhh,” the sisters added sarcastically whilst pretending to put their fingers down their throats with an in/out action.

“Who’s ready for more,” the sisters chorused.

Kallie made a statement “I think some discipline is in order. I don’t think Julie has quite understood what is required of a slut.”

“That sounds like a plan. Let move to the discipline room.” Shelly said

We finished our drinks. Kallie took hold of my hair. She pulled my pony tail tight with the intension of inflicting pain.

“Ouch,” I responded.

“Quite Slut,” Kallie commanded, now literally dragging me along by my pony tail causing me to take small steps In my heels for fear of falling over.

“You’ll have to learn to be quite you little bitch,” Kallie said.

The second round of fun was beginning.

The discipline room contained all manner of BDSM equipment. Its black walls littered with various discipline paraphernalia. I’m not sure if it was drink or perhaps because we hadn’t eaten much this day, mainly water, but I was feeling a little light headed, some would say drunk. I didn’t care, I wanted to be a slut.

“Bend over slut,” Kallie commanded.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32