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August Ames

I slowly began removing my blouse, anticipation coursing through me like a runaway electric current. I was sitting on a bed with my two best friends, Marion and Shannon, who were both naked, and who smelled of raw girl-girl sex, as they’d just concluded an afternoon of lovemaking. Now they’d invited me to join, for my first real lesbian sex.

I was torn.

Ha ha, just kidding, actually I was anxious to make up for a lot of lost time. Having sex with another girl, feeling my body against another woman’s. swimming in her taste and smell, was something I had secretly desired all of my life, but I’d always been afraid to follow my needs. I finished unbuttoning my blouse, getting caught in the fabric momentarily, in my haste to get naked. I finally got my arms out of the sleeves, and began unclasping my bra, when Shannon said, “Please, let me do that!”

She reached forward, and brought her lips to mine, taking me in her warm embrace. Her kiss was every bit as exciting as the first time, and I felt myself melting into her touch. Her arms went around my body, as my arms went around her neck. Her tongue slipped tartly between my lips, fucking me almost, I thought, as her fingers expertly lifted the hook and eye of my bra, and my full breasts tumbled out of the satin cups, to momentarily kiss her full breasts.

Both of our nipples were quite stiff, and I felt a strong tingle when her rough nipples pressed momentarily into mine. The roughness eased, when oozing milk from both of us coated the other’s nipples and areola. I moaned, from the mingled sensation of her warm tongue fucking my mouth, our nipples and breasts dancing together, and the milky smell of our emissions mixing with the musky, hot smell of her pussy, and mine.

Shannon pulled away from me, and I felt a strong pang of disappointment at no longer having her sweet body pressing against mine, or her tongue teasing my mouth. “Don’t pout, baby,” Shannon cooed, “I want to get you completely naked.” She smiled, and I smiled back, my heart racing in excitement. I couldn’t take my eyes off her sweet, naked body.

Her blue eyes were sparkling with lust and eagerness, her long blonde hair cascaded over her smooth, unblemished shoulders. As she prepared to undress me further, her tongue was caught, so sweetly, between her teeth and lips, as she was lost in thought as to how she would strip me, and bare my own femininity. Her breasts were full, as she was a relatively new mother, as were Marion and I, and the fullness caused by her surplus of milk, caused her lovely breasts to hang a little lower than they might have ordinarily.

Her pink nipples were erect and excited, and each bore a full, swollen drop of her white milk, threatening to drop into her naked lap as she paused. I thought of the pleasure that chasing those sweet drops into her lap would be, and shivered with pleasure. Finally, Shannon decided her course of action. She gently pushed me onto my back, now topless, but still wearing my skirt and panties.

“Mommy’s little baby needs changing, I think,” she said, in a kind of baby talk voice, which I found somewhat sexy. “Baby is wet here,” she said, her hand darting under my skirt, and brushing against the vee of my panties, which certainly were wet, though not with pee. “Baby has to be naked, then we’ll change her.”

Marion laughed softly. “Yes, baby’s going to be changed when she leaves here,” she said. I felt a quiver of pleasure pass through my clit at the sound of her voice. I wanted to let them do anything they wanted to do, so long as it brought me pleasure. Shannon briskly unbuttoned the top of my skirt, pulling it loose at my waist. Grasping it by the top, Shannon began shimmying the skirt down my legs, leaving me only in my panties, with a large wet spot revealing my own excitement and desire.

Marion moved herself up to my head as Shannon attended to my lower part. My sight was xslot diverted to Marion’s nudity, her full breasts literally dripping with milk above me. She lowered first, her right breast, the nipple entering my mouth, where I began to suck. Her milk easily squirted out against the roof of my mouth, the taste very similar to that of Shannon’s and my own milk. My hand went to her breast, to hold and mold its lovely warmth and softness in my hands, feeling the essence of the physical aspect of motherhood. I caressed and stroked her breast, and she moaned above me, her own hands caressing my own full breasts in return. I could feel the leaking milk from my nipples running down my sides.

Meanwhile, Shannon’s hands, fingers and then mouth, were addressing me in a much more sexual and lust-filled way. Her hands and fingertips stroked along my inner thighs, and along the confining elastic hems of my panties, coming so close to my sexual center, but never quite getting there to bring me to completion. My groaning filled the air, my hips raising up in an attempt to have her finally please me and sate my need.

The best that she would do, was to slip her fingers briefly under the elastic of the panties, and brush against the flesh closer to my clit, and labia and pussy. She continually teased me, as Marion switched her breast in my mouth, giving me a fresh supply of her hot milk. I drank greedily. Then Shannon pulled my panties halfway down off my hips, exposing my full pubic bush, and allowing the folded hem to rub against the hood of my clit, which was rapidly receding, exposing my sensitive nubbins to the feel of the fabric against it. The back of my panties only partially covered my ass, and I dreamed of feeling Shannon kissing the warm globes of my ass, like the girl in the picture on the computer downstairs. I moaned again, and small shudders of pleasure ran through me.

As my hips shook, the fabric of the panties rubbed further over my exposed clitoris, adding to my pleasure and delight. I felt Shannon’s breath, hot and moist, on my bush, and clit, and unexpectedly I thrust my hips upward, feeling her mouth on me there. Shannon snuck in several quick licks of my moist slit and clit, and I came, with a soft cry, my teeth almost closing on Marion’s brown nipple.

She yelped, and withdrew from my mouth momentarily. “Ooh, baby’s excited,” she chuckled. Then she returned her nipple to my mouth, and I resumed sucking, her smell filling my nose as her body pressed against my face.

Then I felt Marion’s hand creeping down my belly, over my navel and through my bush, her strong index finger teasing around my stiff clit. Shannon pulled my panties the rest of the way off, and I gloried in the pleasurable feel of having my pussy exposed to my two new lovers. I spread my legs wider, to signal my surrender to them, and my desire for total stimulation.

Marion’s finger stroked wetly around my clit, as it stood proudly at the top of my pussy. Shannon’s finger joined her, as she wet it in my leaking cum, then stroked it inside my lips, fucking me deeper and deeper. I cooed with pleasure, as the mutual fucking of Elsbeth by two other women continued. Shannon’s one finger was soon joined by two others, and Shannon began fucking me in earnest, as Marion began stroking over my clit, and more roughly.

“Oh god!” I yelled, at one point, as a massive orgasm washed over me, the stimulus to my clit and pussy too much. I floated in a dream of lesbian lovemaking, the wet smells and soft tastes and salty/sweet sounds of feminine love filling my senses. I returned to myself, to find Marion straddling my face now, her full thighs on either side of my face, her wet, open pussy inches above my face, her odor, musky and strong, filling my nostrils. My mouth began to water, anticipating my first taste of another woman’s pussy.

She lowered herself onto my mouth, my lips kissing xslot Giriş her lips like a lover, my tongue slipping inside her, a lewd but pleasurable french kiss, her hot fluids beginning to fill my mouth. Her taste was both salty and sweet, and I found it more intoxicating than any wine. Her cum was creamy, and slick. What I couldn’t swallow, ran in rivulets down my cheeks. As I relished her taste, and feel and smell, I felt a warm, wet touch on my own pussy, Shannon kneeling between my spread legs, and licking and kissing my own aching pussy and clit.

Her tongue invaded my opening in a practiced way, bringing me immense pleasure, small orgasms shooting through my pelvis, and I tried to duplicate what she was doing, in order to better please Marion. I must have been successful, because Marion began rotating her hips on my face, smearing her cum all over my face, and squealing with pleasure.

“Fuck, Elsbeth! Lick my pussy SO sweetly, baby! Go deep inside me, girl, fuck my hole with that hard, hot tongue of yours!” Her words gave me renewed energy, as did Shannon’s tongue so deep inside my own hole. Shannon pushed my legs up, bending at the knees, so that the fronts of my thighs were pressing against Marion’s smooth back.

I felt Shannon’s fingers clawing their way beyond my pussy, below, to my rounded ass globes, pressed against the protesting mattress. I could feel a steady drip of fluids, I supposed my own cum and Shannon’s saliva, dripping down from the rear of my cunt, along that small, sensitive patch of flesh between my slit and my ass hole, and collecting around my previously neglected rear hole. Shannon’s finger pressed the mingled creamy fluid inside my pulsing anal opening, wetting the way ahead of her.

As her finger slipped deeper and deeper inside of my spasmodically closing brown hole, I felt a senseof pleasure, different than I had felt before, but intensely erotic, and taking its own route to my clitoris, as so many of these pleasures do. I moved my ass upward, then downward onto her finger, to try to get her to fuck me in my ass with that slim digit. I had never allowed Dave to fuck me in the ass, as I had feared that it would hurt. Shannon, I sensed, would have disregarded any objections and fucked me anyway. Besides, I loved how it felt!

So, as the three of us lay entangled, we came, over and over again. Marion came from the inexperienced tongue fucking I was giving her sweet, wet pussy, as well as her stroking and squeezing of her own full breasts above me. I could feel the droplets of hot milk as they fell on my face.

Shannon came, as her dyke side, always hidden from even herself, even during her lovemaking with Marion, came into flower, and she discovered that roughly fucking and dominating other girls and women gave her more pleasure than being fucked herself. Later, that discovery would lead to a night of wonderful adventures, but that’s for another story.

And, me, I came because I finally submitted to my true nature, and didn’t hide behind the artifice of conventionality. Instead, I discovered that my greatest pleasure would come from licking and kissing another woman’s pussy and clit, while being fucked in my own pussy and ass by yet another woman.

It’s a strange thing to watch three women make each other cum. There’s not really loud outcries, as you might expect from reading erotica, or from the reactions of men in similar circumstances. Instead, each of us would freeze our movement, become silent when the passion and ecstasy flowed over us. Occasionally one or more of us would emit a squirt of cum from our aroused cunts, or by oversqueezing our own breasts or those of the others, a small squirt of milk, but otherwise the room was filled with contented cooing, sighs of delight, rapid breathing, and above all, a moist, hot musky perfume, our body aromas mingling to create a fragrance that others xslot Güncel Giriş would kill to recreate.

After a little while, perhaps a week or two, it seemed, we slumped together, enjoying each other’s closeness, then snuggled, Shannon and I lying together naked, with Marion sprawled across us, equally naked and warm. Sleepily, Marion mumbled something.

“What did you say?” I mumbled, equally sleepy.

“I said, I baptize us ‘lovers,’ Marion said, only a hair louder than before. Shannon grunted. I puzzled over what Marion meant, but then her meaning came clear.

I felt a shock of hot liquid run out from between Marion’s thighs, onto mine, and trickle down between them by my pussy. An acrid, salty smell filled the air, and I came a little more awake. Then a more forceful splash of wet heat, then a steady stream, as Marion’s words made sense to me. She was peeing on us!

She giggled, and spread her legs a little wider, so that her stream of pee ran over both Shannon and I. Marion’s face was closer to mine, and she brought her lips to mine, kissing me laciviously as she continued to pee. I was surprised to find that I was excited by her urinating on us. I fingered my clit and hers with one hand, as they were so close, and kissed her back, my tongue battling hers. I felt movement from Shannon, and she was frigging herself, too, cumming in little shudders as Marion’s flow of piss decreased, then stopped. Marion and I thrust our hips into each other, as my touch on our clits brought us to brief, but satisfactory orgasms. As the liquid from Marion’s body cooled around us, it seemed that we had better clean up, which we did, and just in time, too, as Marion’s mother came back, apparently from her house, where she’d been taking care of the children for the day. Needless to say, Marion’s washing machine was chugging away on the pee-soaked sheets, and Marion’s foresight in using mattress covers was rewarded.

A week later I came back to the house, and we recreated our midday fun, but after we had licked and fingered each other to many orgasms, Marion and Shannon showed me something new. Shannon lay back on the bed with her head on the pillow, her knees spread wide. Her pussy was red and open, wet and smelled luscious, the smell of a woman’s very satisfied cunt, freshly fucked.

Marion lay down between her legs with her head just about at the height of Shannon’s breasts. Then Marion took one of her own breasts into her two hands, and squeezed it into a cylindrical shape, like a fat, leaky cock. She slipped her long brown nipple inside Shannon’s wet slit, rubbing the rough, fat nipple over Shannon’s clit, causing Shannon to suck in her breath in a sharp hiss. Then Marion began fucking Shannon’s pussy with her breast, pushing the fat shaft inside Shannon’s oozing opening, as Shannon pushed down with her hips on the simulated dick, until the two were fucking with abandon.

I slipped my fingers inside Marion’s pussy, wet and red, and gently fingered her while she fucked Shannon. Soon, Shannon was moaning and yelping with pleasure. “Oh god, YES Marion, fuck me, mommy!! Fuck my hole with that delicious hot dick! Oh! Oh! Yes!! Oh god, yes, you’re squirting your hot cum inside me, oh, fuck!” I speeded up my fingering, and Marion and Shannon came at the same time, both of them muttering unintelligibly as they orgasmed, Marion squirting her milk inside of Shannon’s clutching cunt.

I was fascinated by the show they put on, and smiled when they turned to me. “That was lovely,” I said.

Marion said, “Mmm, it’s your turn to finish now.” I had a puzzled look, but when Marion moved away and Shannon spread her milk-spattered thighs, I understood. I slid down on my stomach between Shannon’s slim legs, my mouth close to her dripping pussy. I could see the thick, white fluid oozing out from inside her, along with her own clearer, but thicker, cum. I brought my mouth to that delicious opening, to consume the most wonderful beverage I have ever had – a young mother’s milk, combined with another woman’s musky cum. God, what a treat that was! And I am happy to say that we each had that lovely treat many times while we were nursing!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32