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I love my son. I’m glad to know I was able to raise him with a good head on his shoulders. I have taken care of him on my own since he was fourteen, when me and my husband divorced. He has always been as much of a support for me as I have been for him. That’s why it didn’t surprise me when he gave me opening game tickets for the Cubs game for an early birthday gift. He was graduating in two months, heading off to college – Berkley! I couldn’t believe it – it should be me getting him something nice for graduation but he had it in his heart to think of me first.

“Two tickets mom, you and me. I figure this might be the last time we can make it to opening day. California is too far away to pop in for a weekday game.”

I gave him a big hug. I was a huge Cubs fan, despite the pains it brought with it. I made it a tradition to take Jeff to Opening day since he started Little League, but we couldn’t make it in the last few years, I was saving up for his education.

“How did you get these?”

“You know me. I just went up to the ticket window yesterday and looked cute. Turns out they had accidentally forgot to sell two tickets behind the dugout.”

“Lucky,” I said with a laugh.

I picked up Jeff from school around noon to yank him out for his “doctor’s appointment.” We drove to the park and found a spot on Clark St, then began the trek to the ballpark. There’s no better place to spend an afternoon than Wrigley. We passed the bars that line the neighborhood, we picked up a few souvenirs from the street vendors and entered the ballpark. Inside the park it’s a social event. Some will spend the game walking around the concourse drinking beer as they walk from left field to right enjoying the view the park has to offer of beautiful Chicago. You find your seat and don’t know the people sitting next to you, but by the end of the game it feels as if they’re your old friends from high school, even if they happen to be Cardinals or Yankees fans.

We found our seats behind the dugout. Jeff got great seats, only about 30 rows from where all my favorite players sit. We sat down next to a couple in their eighties with their “This is our year” poster. How all of us wished it were so. We shall see how it goes. Everyone starts with the same record on opening day.

“True fans, huh” I said trying to start up some chitchat with the couple. “I’m Sandy and this is Jeff.”

“Oh yeah true fans. I’m Janice,” the woman offered. “Me and Bob here have been coming to games together for 65 years. He proposed to me here. No championship that year, but we haven’t been jinxed, he’s still the love of my life, more today than ever before.”

That was very sweet to hear. I had thought I had found that true love with my husband, but I was mistaken. I was uncertain if Id be able to find that special someone after all at my age, but I’ve learned to let life take me where it leads me and to not worry.

“So, how about you two?” Janice continued with our conversation.

I think she was asking about how long the two of us had been together. I didn’t know who it was a better compliment to, my son who definitely looked very mature and grown for his age or me who she mistook for a twenty year old, bless her heart. I held in my instinctual laugh when she asked.

“Well, actually, this is my son. He got me these tickets as a birthday gift. He’ll be headed off to college. We’re spending the quality time together before he completely grows up on me.”

“Oh, excuse me. You looked much younger. So headed off to college, Jeff? You must already be accepted, willing to cut school to go to a game. There are a lot of kids here probably doing the same thing. So were are you headed?”

As Jeff chatted up his plans with Janice and Bob, I took a look around the park. A red line train was arriving into the station just next to the park. A swarm of blue covered fans came off the train trying to make it the game on time. I looked up about home plate to take a look at the press boxes. No more Harry, but I caught a glimpse of Ronny. Opening day was the best. Janice had been right, there were other students who seemed to be cutting class to catch the game. A small group of girls were looking for their seats down our aisle, in front of our row. One of the girls in front was on a cell phone, two followed her giggling like crazy and a fourth trailing behind with a smile was taking in the sites like me. They took seats two rows in front of us and a couple of seats to the left. I watched them file in to their seats. Its fun watching the mini waves occur as everyone has to stand up to let people get to their seats in the middle. I couldn’t help but watch the last girl trail behind her friends pulling out her own cell phone now to take a picture of the centerfield scoreboard. I saw as she sat, her cute butt taking its place in her seat and I saw her thong appear above her jeans. Too cold for a thong and low riders I thought. Chicago in April wasn’t exactly summer weather. Ten minutes in this weather, and I could already feel the goosebumps on my arms from the breeze and my nipples Betturkey were harder than normal.

I returned to the conversation with Bob and Janice. Jeff had finished up relaying his plans for Berkley to them and had gone into discussing the great Cubs teams of the past. I joined in as the pregame activities ended on the field. It was nice to see the team for the year lined up on the base path. I hope for great things from them this year. A one-two- three top half of the inning. A great start. Our half on the inning brought good things: leadoff walk, single to left field, sacrifice bunt along the first base line moved runners to second and third, cleanup hitter hit a double to the gap, two runs scored! (Everyone was out of their seats. I was clapping, and I gave Jeff the always important high five to keep the inning alive. I saw that girl also jump out of her seat, I noticed now that the thong was green), pop up, infield fly rule, batter out, single to right, man on second hustled home, another run in! (Again the park was out of its seats. The girl I had been studying was jumping up and down, her long black hair swaying across her back, the girls with her let out a group cheer) on a three-two count the seventh batter of the inning hit a home run, a two run shot! (Out of our seats again, hopefully scoring runs like this will be a theme for the season. As we all sat back down, again that green triangle stared back at me. Who knows what that cold air on the ass might feel like, I had a sweatshirt over my Cubs T and I could tell my nipples were still rock hard) the next batter up drew a walk before our pitcher was called out on strikes. What an inning!

Despite our early success, our offense dropped and there was little excitement in the game. I was disappointed I had gotten accustomed to standing up and cheering (and leering). I took time during innings to talk to Jeff.

“So other than your graduation party is there anything else you wanted?”

“No, unless you’ve changed your answer for that stripper idea?”

I let out a laugh. “I told you Ill get you a stripper for when you turn 50. Then, if your wife doesn’t mind, and if you don’t mind if your 72 year old mother attends.”

“Haha, yea, that’s okay. No the party is all I want. I would like a soft pretzel though. You could get that for me, huh?”

“I thought today was my gift? The ticket was it, I have to pay for food?” I teased.

I gave Jeff some money and he got up and left down the aisle to go downstairs to a booth to get food. I leaned over to Janice. “He’s a great kid. I’m gonna miss him.”

“A good mother always does” was her only reply.

My mind drifted to the great memories. I don’t know why me and my ex had stopped after one child. I’m not sorry we did. I don’t think anyone better could have come out of me. As I daydreamed, I saw the green thong appear again, as the girl who belonged to it got up. She looked down at her friends and said something and got out to leave. I hope everything was okay and she wasn’t going home. Who leaves the home opener early? A smile came over my face when she turned around. She had a pretty face. She tossed her hair back as she prepared to climb over people again to get out of the row. She looked away from the field while she hurdled over people’s feet and her eyes fell on mine. I gave her a smile. She gave me this funny look that said “How stupid do I look climbing over people?” I gave her a sympathetic but playful and smiling look back. She then disappeared as she passed my row, but that didn’t stop me from stealing a look at her profile as she passed by. She was no less than 5’9″, that long black hair laying across her shoulder and a blue shirt that clung to her nicely, showing off a perfectly flawless outline of her body. My thoughts drifted to things that made me smile some more. I moistened my lips with my tongue and turned my attention back to the game. Top of the seventh. After escaping a scare, we got out of the inning unharmed.

I stood up with everyone else getting ready for the seventh inning stretch. I turned to look up at the booth to see who was singing today. As I turned one way to look up at the booth, I was tapped on the other shoulder. I turned around and Jeff was standing there with person I had been admiring this afternoon.

“Mom, this is Kate. She’s in my Spanish class. I ran into her at the concession stand.”

“Hi, I’m Sandy. Nice to meet you.” I said, shaking her hand.

“Thought I’d introduce you, I’ve invited her to my graduation party, so you’ll probably see her again but thought I’d introduce you since we ran into each other.”

“Do you have a seat nearby?” I pretended to not know. Oh that was you I saw earlier? She didn’t mention it. I wasn’t going to tell anyone that not only did I know where her seat was, but I could pick her ass out of a line-up.

“Yeah nearby, I’m here with some friends from my church’s teen club.”

“Okay, well swing by after the game, we were gonna go out to eat for my birthday.”

“No that’s okay, I have to Betturkey Giriş get home after this, pretend like I was actually in school today.”

“Well, it was nice meeting you then. I hope to see you again at the party.”

“I wouldn’t miss it.” She said as we shook hands again and left, giving apologetic looks to the fans behind us who didn’t like us standing and chatting after the stretch ended and the Cubs came to the plate to continue the inning. I followed her again as she climbed over to her seat and swung her ass to sit down. I don’t remember much of what happened on the field after that. I was just mesmerized by her hair. Now that she knew that Jeff and I were behind us, she would turn her head and smile when the team did something good.

I had a big grin on my face as Jeff and I left the park. Cubs got the win 7-2. I lost track as I tried to follow Kate out to see which way she went. Jeff and I went out for a late lunch after the game alone then.

“So you never actually gave me a number, how many people am I supposed to be expecting at this party I’m throwing?”

“Including all the strippers?”

“That number better be the same number as when you exclude the strippers!”

“Haha, then the number is zero!” Jeff said as I gave him a playful push as we left the restaurant.

“You, me, Kate and who?” I asked

“Probably, twenty people in all. The people I like most at school. It should be a fun group.”

“Fun? I thought I was throwing the party.”

We both let out a laugh.

“I thought Kate was cute.” I stated, not so much as a suggestion to Jeff but as a refreshment to myself in case I had somehow forgotten.

“She’s the shy quiet type. But she’s really cool and fun when you get to know her. That’s why I invited her. She needs to come out of her shell before she goes to college.”

“Where she headed to college?”


“Staying within the city huh? I wish someone I knew would have done that,” I said as I gave Jeff a poke as we pulled up to our house.

The weekend after Jeff graduated, I threw him his party. He wasn’t kidding, twenty of his closest friends showed up. Good thing I had bought enough hamburger meat to feed them all. I started to grill the first few outside while the first group showed up. Kate was among that group. Jeff met them at the door at they hung out in the living room. I walked in with a couple of drinks.

“Hi guys, I’m gonna start grilling up some burgers. Let me know when you want them.”

I went outside to get the grill started and came back in to prepare the meat, and roll them into some patties. Kate walked into the kitchen.

“Thanks for the drinks, Ms. Johnson.”

“Your welcome. Did you guys need some more?”

“Yeah, the next group showed up, I was going to grab them something.”

I moved to start to grab some more drinks from the fridge. “No that’s okay, Sandy, Ill get it, your hands are full.” She moved behind me to get around the counter to reach the fridge. She had to scoot behind me in the tight kitchen and her hip rubbed up against my ass.

“Thanks Kate.” I said, forgetting that I was thanking her for serving the new guests drinks.

Finally the rest of the kids showed up, and the first burgers were served. Kate came back into the kitchen tossing out her plate and some emptied drink cans. “You need any help making the rest of the burgers?”

“Sure,” I said, torn between needing the help but not wanting her to miss on socializing at the party.

She seemed to understand my hesitation, “Its no problem. Jeff started up a movie in there so we could watch something while everyone ate.”

She began to help me grill the burgers and take them out to those who still needed their firsts, or seconds, or thirds…those high school boys.

“So I heard you’re headed to Loyola.”

“Yeah, I like Chicago, didn’t want to leave.”

“Your folks glad to see you staying in the city?”

“Yeah, although I don’t think I am at all excited about that. I’m going to live in the dorms I don’t want to live at home. A terrible way to spend college.”

“That’s a good choice. College is such a fun time, its good to learn to live on your own. I’m sad to see Jeff go to California, but he’s a good kid, hell do well on his own.”

We finished serving all the guests. As people finished eating and the movie ended, I entered the living room to make an announcement.

“Thanks everyone for coming. I know a lot of you are also graduating with Jeff. Congratulations to all of you.” Cheers went up as they were excited that 4 years of high school were over and college awaited. “Now I know Jeff you didn’t want anything as a graduation gift. But, your grandfather helped out and we decided to get you a car! Now you guys all go out and do something. Celebrate.”

Jeff gave me a kiss on the cheek as I headed out of the living room. As I left I heard someone shout “Paintball!” It was a long day. I was hoping they decided to take the party to someplace Betturkey Güncel Giriş bigger. I needed a nap. So in case they didn’t head out I grabbed some fruit from the bowl I had put out for the kids and headed to the basement. We had a couch down there with a TV. I put in a movie to doze off to.

I could hear upstairs some people dashing out the front door and others banging dishes in the kitchen. I closed my eyes but couldn’t quite drift off into any stage of sleep. About an hour into the movie, I heard the door to the basement open. Kate came wandering down.

“Sorry, am I disturbing you?”

“No honey, its fine. Got bored upstairs?”

“Yeah some people are headed home, the rest are going out to pay paintball. I don’t really like paintball, but I’m not ready to go home. Mind if I relax with you for a bit. I’ll even help you clean up later if you want.”

“Your always welcome.” I straightened up on the couch freeing a spot next to me for her to sit down.

Kate sat down next to me. “That was nice of you to get Jeff a car. You really love him.”

“Yeah I do.”

“I wish I had that strong of a love in my life.”

“I’m sure your parents love you just the same.”

“It’s not that. I find it hard to date. Even if people get past my shyness, I really don’t have anything going for me.”

“You can’t mean that?”

“I have no breasts!” Kate blurted out. “Who would want someone like me? I won’t find anyone in college.”

I sat silently for a second. “Your very attractive. If you think large breasts are the only thing that’ll attract men and make you happy you’ll be miserable forever. All it takes is one person who will love you the way you are, who makes you the happiest person in the world, who makes you smile just thinking about them, and who will love you from now till the end of eternity.”

It was Kate’s turn to sit silently and absorb everything I had said. “Was your husband that person for you?”

“Until he cheated on me I thought so. Honesty was the only thing I asked of him in our relationship and that was broken.”

“Well, I think that you’ll find your someone someday too. Those special people always turn up unexpectedly.” Kate then looked into my eyes. It was a soft look. I couldn’t determine what was going through her mind. She had some beautiful brown eyes. Those eyes penetrated my very being. All I could think about were her eyes, that silky long black hair, a green thong that covered a great ass and despite what she thought about her breasts, her body was perfect. She didn’t know it but anyone would have been happy to be with her. My thoughts drifted again to places that had me licking my lips.

“Is this Garden State? I love this movie.” Kate then slouched in her seat. She quickly laid her head in my lap and curled her legs up on the couch as she lay on her side. “Mind if I watch the rest with you?”

“Always welcome.”

She spent the rest of the movie in that position, her head resting on my thighs, her head shifting only now and then. I felt aroused by the situation. I began to run my fingers through her hair while watching the movie. I don’t know if this was the action of a motherly relationship or something I would do with my lover in my lap. When the movie ended, Kate got up and asked if I needed her help in cleaning up. I told her I would get to it later, and that she could head off.

“Thanks for having us over for the party.” Kate leaned over and gave me a hug and then walked off. As she walked up the basement stairs, I watched from the couch that same view that had me mesmerized at the ballpark. I couldn’t explain the wetness gathering between my legs now. I laid down on the couch. I unbuttoned my jeans and undid the zipper. I lifted up my panties and slid my right hand underneath. I was soaked! I used my whole palm and ran it over my hot sex. I inserted a finger into my pussy. As I inserted my finger, it made a squish sound, I’ve never been this wet before. I fingered my pussy with two fingers slowly. With my left hand I lifted up my shirt. I began to pinch my already hard nipples. My legs began writhing. I arched my back as the pinching of my nipples had a wild affect on me. I was so close to coming. I removed the fingers from my pussy and just began rubbing my clit. I used my index finger to run circular patterns around my clit and twisted my nipples to the same effect. A climax hit me like I had been electrocuted while standing in a puddle of water. I almost fell off the couch as I shook, feeling my pussy spasm and my hair stand up on end all over my body. I continued rubbing my clit and I came again, my convulsions lasting longer than the first. I ran my hand back over the mouth of my pussy and my whole hand got soaked. I was so warm. I brought my hand up and rubbed my juices into the skin of my breasts, continuing to play with my sensitive nipples. I had two of the best orgasms of my life. I was worried about the effect that Kate seemed to have on me. Who knows how she saw me. If I was just another parental figure for her to talk to, I couldn’t misuse that. I have always known that I liked women. But I loved my husband and was faithful to him up until he cheated on me. I thought about being honest with Kate and let her know how she made me feel, but that might make her completely move into shyness, refusing to ever look for that person she deserves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32