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Disclaimer: This story will focus more on characterization and will begin slowly. It’s also my first story here so any help is appreciated.


I had known Samantha Summers ever since before I could remember. My parents used to tell me stories about Sam and me learning to crawl together. They would joke about how the Summers and Winters boys were true to their names, opposites to a point. That’s right, Samantha Summers was born Sam and ever since the first day of school she wanted to be like the other girls in our class. Sam’s parents, like my own, were very open minded and encouraged her to due whatever made her happy. They started to buy her girl clothes and raised her as they would a daughter. Being next door neighbors, and our families being best of friends, meant Sam and I spent almost every waking moment together.

My name is Alexander Winters, but I just go by Alex. Unlike Samanatha, I was shy and reserved growing up. While in school growing up Samanatha and me, like at home, were inseperable. Samantha, being outgoing and loveable like she was, was so convincing that soon enough I became the only one to know the her secret. The more we prgressed through the years, the more Sam grew into her self. Her body, despite being male, became shapely. Her voice didn’t drop as she entered puberty and only grew more angelic. She told me once that the doctors had said something about her brain being so sure of her gender that it started a switch in hormone production from testosterone to estrogen. I never truly understood it all, but seeing the joy from it all on her face brought me joy.

When we reached high school Samanatha and I had started to go through puberty to eventually become the people we are today. I was growing into my 5’11” height I held today, and Sam, at 6’1″, into hers. Freshman year Samantha insisted on being called Sam again, never did tell anyone why. Although shy, Sam convinced me to play sports and I decided on baseball. The feel of light muscle on my frame encouraged me to stick with it through the years. It also turned out that I was really good at it. Sam chose track in order to maintain her “womanly figure” as she put it. Even with the social pressures from others, Sam and I remained the best of friends. When we graduated the two of us agreed to go to college together. I ended up getting a full scholarship to play baseball and Sam got one for her grades. When the college registered her scholarship they learned of her actual gender. When applying for housing in the dorms they would only accpet her application if she were paired with another male. Sam refused to room with some unknown guy and the college, not wanting to deal with any potential problems, agreed to allow us to be roommates on a trial basis in the case of her presence being too much of a distraction in the all male dorm.

The dorm rooms were, surprisingly, very liveable. You were provided two twin sized beds, two end tables, a mini-fridge, one entertainment center, and a decent 19 inch television. Each room had a window and a full sized bathroom. Students were encouraged to personalize each room, even to the point of allowing them to paint the walls different colors. Most rooms stayed with the same individuals for the entire 4-year standard term. When Sam and me first entered our room it had looked like two seperate rooms. The room was split perfectly in the middle and looked as if each guy kept to their side and that was all. We decided to stack the beds into bunk beds on the left wall. The door to the bathroom was right at the foot of the beds. We put the TV and fridge against the right wall, which ended up leaving a big space in the middle that we ended up filling with a couple of bean bags. After all we’ve been through it was looking like college was going to be a whole new adventure.


“Hey Sammie, how are your classes going?” I asked from the bottom bunk to her up top.

“Pretty good so far. Getting used to all this is gonna take some time though, especially all these assholes in the dorm. They’re nothing I can’t handle though, how about you?”

“Mixing these lectures with practice is exhausting to be sure. If any of those so called assholes give you any problems just let me know Sam.”

“Thanks Alex, but I can handle it.” She spoke with confidence.

If there was anyone who could, it would be Sam. She was tough, packed with a bit more muscle than most girls, for obvious reasons. It also turns out that running track involved doing strength training in the gym, I had no idea.

“When’s your next class, got anything going on?” I asked, wanting to play some video games with her.

“Not until tonight, some guy from my english class offered to show me around.”

“Like a date?!”

“As if! I can’t worry about a boyfriend while dealing vbet with my classes, atleast until I get settled. Wait, would it matter if it was?”

“No, just don’t wanna have to leave the room when you and Mr. Lucky get it on.” I lied, it would.

“Mr. Lucky?” She always loved to mess with me. Sam knew that I cared for her, although I don’t think she truly knew how much.

“Any guy who manages to get you is lucky. So since you’re free, did you wanna play some games?” I tried to brush it off, but I don’t think she was gonna let me off easy this time. She had now dropped from the top and started to playfully punch my sides.

“Any guy huh? What is that supposed to mean Alex?” She was laughing happily the entire time.

I couldn’t respond. Sam was wearing a white tank-top that accented her nipples which were starting to poke through a little more notcicably. She was wearing a pair of fuzzy pink pajama bottoms which were inching closer to my legs with each playful punch. Her long dark brown hair was now falling out of her bun and splashing across my face. I could smell her perfume wofting from her delicate neck. Both our breathing had become ragged. Instead of punching my sides she had moved to pin my arms above my head and straddle my legs.

“What’s it supposed to mean Alex? I’m not letting you go until you tell me.” She was still smiling, but there was a dark edge to it now.

“I…I…” Her unusually light brown eyes were piercing into mine. I tried to look away and noticed there were beads of sweat starting to form along her collar bones.

“So?” She leaned her face in closer waiting for my response.

I was trapped, literally. I continued to shift my gaze away from her eyes to stare at her lips. Her full pink lips had a glossy sheen that captured my gaze. When I glanced back to her eyes I saw them focused on my lips as I was on hers, and that’s when it happened. Our lips met and seperated just as quickly. There was a long pause where we searched each other’s eyes. I could feel her breath on my face and the tension was becoming to much to handle.

I attempted and say something but was cut off. She leaned in to kiss me with more passion than before. Her fingers wrapped around my wrists, nails dug into my flesh. I felt the years of lust and tension explode from the both of us. Her tongue moved to push past my lips and I welcomed it with my own. Our tongues danced around each other for what seemed like an eternity, a wonderous eternity.

I was lost in complete bliss. With my eyes closed, the world around me fell away and I was in heaven. That was until the growing pressence from between her thighs snapped us out of our haze. The growing reality dawned on us at the same time and once it did it was there to stay. The weight on my legs lifted as she walked to the other side of the room.

“I’m sorry Alex, I didn’t mean…” Her voice trailed off, as she did, in her worries. Tears started to well up in her beautiful eyes.

“Don’t apologize for what happened Sammie and especially please don’t cry.” I moved to comfort my best friend. “Sam, you’re my best friend, there’s no one…”

“You don’t get it Alex. I’ve had feelings for you since we were kids, but this thing between my legs…This thing has kept me from sharing my feelings for you.” She turned around to embrace me and rest her head on top of my shoulder. “I have been trying so hard to fight them, but now that we’re away from home and roommates…I just can’t hide it anymore Alex. Putting you in that position was wrong of me Alex, and I understand if you can’t forgive me.”

Her body tensed as she waited for a response. I could feel the tears drip on my shoulder. I pulled her closer with one arm while my other stroked her hair. Her hair was soft and smelled like berries that mixed well with her earthy perfume.

“Sam, we’ve been with each other forever. You, of all people, should know that I don’t care about that thing. As far as I’m concerned you’re a beautiful girl who grew into an amazing woman.”

Sam truly was beautiful. Her features had been gradually softening through the years, and eventhough every guy in the dorm knew about her she was just far too convincing for any of them to believe it to be true. Her perky B-cup breasts had developed from the shift in hormones and she maintained her perfect hourglass figure through her years of track. I, like Sam, had been fighting my feelings for years.

“Sam, would you like to go on a date with me?”

“Are you serious Alex, it doesn’t bother you?” The tears in her eyes stopped as she pulled back in questioning defense.

“Has it ever Sam? I don’t know a single guy with a body like yours. Nor do I know anyone who I’m more comfortable around who can warm my heart the way you do. We’ll take vbet giriş things slow. If it truly is a problem, when we reach that point, we can stop right there and still be best friends.” She looked apprehensive yet eager at the same time.

“Ok Alex, when do you wanna go out?”

“I don’t know, how long will it take for you to get ready?” My heart melted with her smile.


We were both ready and out the door within 20 minutes. I was dressed in a simple white button-up and a pair of khaki pants. Sam kept things simple as I had and wore a black shirt with a nerdy science quote on it with some dark blue jeans. She placed her hair back into a bun with only a touch of natural make-up on.

Sam had a natural beauty to her. She used to laugh about it saying had she been born a guy that she would have had a hard time. I wasn’t quite the catch Sam was, but I was handsome enough I was told. While Sam had the beauty similar to that of Jessica Biel, I had the looks of a young Tom Hanks.

We decided to take a simple walk around the campus together and grab a bite at the first place that looked good. We had been going to classes for a week now, but were so busy that we hadn’t taken the time to explore the town yet.

Walking down the street was relaxing. The sensation of fingers crossed within mine was comforting. It was a warm early fall afternoon in the heart of Texas. The wind cooled the air around us and with the sun starting to fall from the sky it was the epitomy of a perfect day.

The campus was fairly small and was easy to navigate. From the dorms we made our way to the quad. In orientation we were told that if we were to ever get lost “Just go to the quad.” Simple advice to be sure, but effective. There were signs that pointed out the direction of everything from class buildings to restraunts. We decided to skip the directions and just walk around lost. Sam was the first to break the silence of the trip.

“I have to ask, how long have you been uncontrollably in love with me?” She teased lightly.

“Who said I loved you?” I couldn’t help but tease back.

“Ugh, jerk!” She reeled while playfully shoving with her free hand. “Seriously though…” She trailed in a moment of apprehension once more.

“Since high school. When you came back after summer vacation before freshman year. You came back from being on vacation for the 2 months with your family and my heart stopped when I saw you. I don’t know if it was the distance or what, but when you returned I knew I never wanted to go that long without seeing you again. I chalked it up to our friendship then, but I knew my feelings had changed.”

“If you felt that way then why didn’t you say something?”

“Well, you started dating Bobby Turner, who is nothing like me, and I didn’t want to risk ruining what we had on the remote possibility you felt the same.” I was positive after what happened in the room that it was the same reson she never brought it up. “Why did you date him anyway?”

“Honestly, we dated because he had a cute ass and, like you said, he was nothing like you. Dating him was a way to not think about you romantically. Which is probably why you dated Jessica, am I right?”

“Pretty much, yeah. On that subject, did you and Bobby ever…?” I broke our hands to do the finger in hole gesture, but quickly returned back.



“We kissed and we blew each other a few times, but he never wanted to go further. He was too scared.”

“I figured any guy would love get inside you.” The thought sent a twitch through my member.

“Oh, that part he was falling head over heels to try. I wouldn’t let him without returning the favor. It was the same way with oral except this one he wasn’t willing to budge on.”

“You said scared though, What was he scared of?” I was pretty sure of the answer already and the thought sent a twitch to the other side of me.

“How about I show you later, and hopefully you continue to prove to be nothing like Bobby.” She winked and took a peek back at my ass. “Well maybe not completely nothing.”

The conversation switched to talks of college while we rounded a corner onto a street full of little diners and restraunts. We decided on a homely little burger shack. The place was wedged between two roomier restraunts and the atmosphere felt close, if that makes sense. The small amount of tables inside were squeezed together to allow room for the line, which was quite long already. If that isn’t an indication of quality, I don’t know what is. I took the time to continue our conversation.

“So did you decide on a major yet?”

“You should know what I wanna do already.”

Sam had wanted to go into either medicine or psychology ever since the doctors had told her about vbettr her situation and hormones. The opportunity to further study the unique mental situation such as hers was too fascinating to pass up. She was obsessed with what made her who she was. Then again there was the chemical side to who she was and it was those chemicals that brought her attention towards medicine. Sam wanted to be a psychiatrist for both men and women like herself.

“Well I wasn’t sure if you wanted to do just psychology or both.”

“Both silly, so what about you?

“I haven’t really decided yet. I wanna see where baseball takes me, but if it turns out to be nowhere I think I’ll do something with law.”

“How’s that going by the way? Baseball that is.”

“Pretty good actually, coach would probably kill me if he saw me getting a burger though.”

“Don’t worry, I think we can find a few ways to burn a few calories later.” She took advantage of the closed space and gave me a quick squeeze on my ass.


Dinner was amazing and a definate repeat destination on “cheat” days. The entire walk back to the dorm felt hurried. By the time we reached our door we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. A hand reached to her ass to cradle her in my arms as I layed her in my bottom bunk. We stole kisses in between rushed attempts to remove our clothes. Seeing her chest was nothing new, especially since being roommates, but the sight still sent a thrilled shiver down my spine. They were perfectly formed firm perky breasts. Her hands roamed my bare muscled chest while I removed her bra. The sight of her bare chest brought a excited moan from my lips as they dove to suck on her nipples.

“Yes, suck my nipples, that feels so good Alex…” She moaned while cradling my head with hand and clawing for my zipper with the other.

I was now resting on my knees hunched over to worship her chest while she pulled at my khaki pants trying to pull them down. Relenting my assault on her breasts I fell onto my back in order to slip my pants and underwear off completely. No sooner had my pants hit the floor had I felt Sam’s bare chest on my own as well as a pair of sweet lips on mine. I could taste the faint trace of our dinner on her mouth. I felt familiar hands grip my wrists above my head. My now painfully hard memeber was digging into the soft toned flesh of her stomach. Sam, feeling the persitant pulse, dragged herself slowly across my body. The feel of her nipples digging into my skin was a new thrill that caused me to gasp.

“Sam…aren’t we….aren’t we going a little too fast…” I breathed not even remotely wanting to stop.

The only answer I got back was the feel of warm breath wash over my dick. Breath that was quickly followed by a hot mouth. She only sucked the tip at first, letting her tongue explore all over my head. She slowly lowered her head until I was met with the entrance to her throat. I reached my hands down to guide her head further, but was met with disapproval.

“Nu uh.” She grunted from a full mouth before pulling off. “Don’t touch, just lay back and relax.”

I drifted away again feeling her mouth envelop me taking me to heaven. Everytime she would drive deeper my ears filled with the sound of soft gags. The tightening feeling from her throat accompinied with the thought that I was big enough to make her gag only drove to excite me further. After several failed attempts to deepthroat my full 7 inches she resolved to only go down until right before gagging. The hand that wasn’t gripping the base of my shaft started to roll my balls around in her fingers. She settled into a rythem and decided to go in for the kill by starting to suck harder. The suction pulled my hips off of the bed. My mind clouded in a sea of lust and all that I felt was the growing pressure of impending release.

“Sam, I’m gonna cum…” My voice was weak.

The familiar tingle struck me like a bolt of lightning and I thrust my hips high into the air. Knowing a man like only Sam could pulled away just as I felt the first blast erupt. I felt the fog clear as the haze of my orgasm subsided. I could now feel the warmth of cum across my chest and stomach. Gentle hands massaged my length until it lay flaccid between my legs.

“That was amazing Sam. You were unbelievable.”

She moved to lay on my cum covered chest and gently kissed along my cheek and neck. Her body next to mine was comforting. It reminded me of days as kids when we would both squirm into a sleeping bag with a flashlight and be in our own little world. I felt we were back on our own little world once again.

“Sam…” I felt a finger touch my lips before I could continue.

“Shhhhhh…” She softly cooed to me. “Just lay with me.”

“But what abou…” I was again cut off before I could express my worry for her needs.

“That’s enough for now. I just want to lay here like when we were kids. Do you remember back then?”

“All too well Sam…” My heart warmed knowing I found love. “Goodnight Sam.”

“Sweet dreams Alex.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32