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So this is the story of how I became daddy’s plaything. It all started when I was nineteen and my name was David Romero. I was going through a bit of a depressive stage in my life. My girlfriend left me, I was doing terrible at college, and I hated my retail job.

The only safe haven I had was the internet and porn, and let me tell you something there was some pretty hot porn out there. Over time I went from straight stuff into shemales and gay porn. I never really knew why, but I really was into crossdressers, shemales, and sissies.

Over time though I started to realize that I didn’t want to be the guy in those videos, but the girl. I started fantasizing about being turned into a sexy sissy slut, sucking cock, and getting fucked by guys.

I didn’t think I was gay at first, but over time it started making sense, since I was never really into my girlfriend or any women at all.I started going on gay chat rooms and sharing my fantasies with total strangers. They would all respond back about how they wanted to fuck me or turn me into their whore. Then I met him.

His username was Mr.Sir and he told me he could make my fantasy come true. We started chatting for hours everyday for several weeks. He told me his real name was James, I really liked that name. I told him my real name too. He asked for pictures of me to see if I was feminine looking enough. I was reluctant at first, but came around to it and sent him recent photos of me. He said he liked what bomonti escort he saw and for some reason I felt really happy about that. I was under six feet, pretty skinny at about one hundred and twenty five pounds soaking wet. I also had light brown eyes and dark brown hair.

He then wanted to Skype with me and I agreed, and while I waited to connect to him I was so nervous for some reason. My heart pounded fast and I sweated a little bit. I was surprised I was this nervous about meeting a guy. Then the connection was complete.

He was white and had short black hair with green eyes. He appeared to be in his late thirties or very early forties. Even though he was much older than me I was taken back by how handsome he was.

“Hello.” He said with a smile.

“Oh hi.” I replied quickly and then feeling stupid for not saying something better.

“You look very beautiful for a boy.” He said grinning. I blush and couldn’t look him in the eyes.

“Thank you.” I replied back not looking at him.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, you really do have a very feminine and beautiful face. Let me guess you’re half Hispanic and half white, correct?” He asked.

“Yeah I’m half Mexican and half Irish.” I explained.

“Cool I haven’t feminized a Latino before.” He said.

“Wait you’ve done this before?” I asked looking at him again.

“Yes I have feminized several men, all have consented to it of course.” cihangir escort He stated proudly.

I was taken back a little by that. This guy was really into this and had done this kind of thing before.

“Wow I’m really taken back, most guys I’ve met on this site have never done this in real life.” I said surprised.

“Well I’m not like most guys, now I have some questions for you if you don’t want to answer them that’s fine, but if we want to do this then I need to know a bit about you okay?” He asked.

“Sure.” I said ready to answer his questions.

“Do you have any medical issues?”


“If we were to meet in real life can you provide a copy of your birth certificate and medical records?”


“Would you be willing to have your limits and boundaries pushed?”


“Would you be willing to leave your family and would most likely never see them again?” He asked. That question was really intense and it felt like an eternity before I answered.

“Yes I could.” I answered.

“Would you be willing to have both anal and oral sex with almost exculsively men?”


“Do you wish to keep your genitals?”


“Would you be willing to move a long distance away from your current location?”

“Yes I can.”

“Would you be willing to undergo body-modification surgery?”


“Do you have any STD’s?”


“Okay kurtuluş escort well that’s all for me for right now. I want to explain some other things to you. I have the resources to make your fantasy come true, but it is a life changing experience, and once we start there is no going back. Is this something you sure you want to get into?” He asked very sternly wanting to make sure I was serious about this.

“Yes I am one hundred percent certain. My life is shit and this seems like the only way to bring meaning back to my life.” I explained to him.

“Alright well one thing I must make sure is clarified is that while you are under my wing you will obey my every command. I will be your master and owner. You will be my sissy slave as I train you into becoming the perfect sexy sissy whore. Is that something you are prepared for?” He asked.

My heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to explode. I had to make this decision right here that would change every bit of my life forever. I knew if I didn’t take this offer, I would live a terrible life working a dead end office job, having responsibility, and having a bitchy wife. I knew that wasn’t the life for me.

“Yes I will obey you.” I answered submissively

“Alright and from now you WILL address me as daddy, is that understood slave?” He asks in a stern voice.

“Yes daddy.” I squeak to him. Just calling him daddy already has me hard as rock. I could cum just from talking to him.

“Good now one thing I like my new toys to do is tell me they want to be feminized. I want you to say turn me into a girl.” He ordered with a grin.

“Please turn me into a girl daddy. I want to be your feminized sissy whore!” I exclaimed.

“As you wish.” He said with a wicked smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32