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“Wow those are some big bags for such a small girl?” said a gravelly voice from behind, Lisa. tilted her head a little to look back down the apartment hallway and saw the voice had come from an older gentleman who was now walking toward her. Lisa hadn’t lived here long and didn’t know the man, but he looked quite harmless and had very kind eyes.

“Yeah, just grocery shopping for the new place.” She replied finally.

He grabbed one of the bags from her arms as he said “At least let me help you, you are too pretty to struggle so much.”

Normally she would have been just a little bit upset at his blatant sexism but she knew he didn’t mean it that way and he seemed very sweet. She let go of the bag and was now able to easily get the door to her apartment open. She headed in and set the bag on the kitchen table. He came in and set his down also.

“Thank you very much,” she said “My name is Lisa by the way.”

“Henry, at your service young lady.” he replied with a big smile. “I didn’t see you move in, this apartment has been vacant a while.”

“Just moved in yesterday,” she said as she put away the groceries. She turned around and he was still standing there. She could tell he just wanted to talk, he seemed like he might be a little lonely.

“Well “moved in” is kind of a relative term. I moed in what I had.” She replied. Looking around the apartment Lisa realized it barely even looked lived in, she only had an old couch, a bed and a couple of boxes. Looking at him she felt she had to explain “I just got divorced and I didn’t get much out of it. My husband had rung up a lot of debts gambling. Well anyway you don’t want to hear my stories,” she said as she looked away trying to control the emotions running through her.

“You don’t even have a TV! I thought all young people could not live without a TV.” Henry said jokingly, obviously trying to lighten up the conversation.

“Yeah can you believe it? How am I going to catch my shows?” Lisa replied playfully.

“Well I guess if you like, I have a TV, you are welcome to come over and watch it with me, if you don’t mind an old mans company.” Henry offered with a smile

“I might just have to take you up on that Henry.” Lisa replied.

From that moment on Lisa saw more and more of Henry. At least once a week she would go over to Henry’s to watch TV. He turned out to be a very interesting man. He had been in World War Two, had run his own business, and then retired young and traveled around the world with his wife, who had died just last year. She began to look forward to their chats. She asked ümraniye escort Henry’s advice on everything from her finances to the men she was dating. She started telling him everything.

One night she had just gotten home from a particularly bad date and was getting ready for bed. She changed out of her dress, took off her bra and put on her nightshirt. She started to get under the covers but her mind was still spinning from the date. She decided what she needed was ice-cream. She got back up and headed out to her freezer. Sure enough she found a pint of “the good stuff,” pulled out a spoon and began to eat. As she was eating she looked around her apartment and thought about how pathetic her life had become.

Just then there was a knock at the door. She peered through the peep-hole and saw Henry’s smiling face looking back at her. smiling to herself she opened the door.

“I’m not bothering you am I, I saw you come in and that your light was still showing under the door. There’s an all night ‘Bewitched’ Marathon on and I know how much you liked the show.” Henry said seemingly all in one breath. It was apparent he was lonely too.

She smiled, thought for a second and said “Sure, let me just put this back,” with that she ran to the freezer to return her ice-cream carton and then grabbed her robe and keys out of her room.

“Ok I am ready,” she said as she came out into the hall.

“I even made some popcorn.” Henry said with a smile.

In his apartment she sat down in the same chair where she always sat, leaning back and extending the footrest and Henry sat in his favourite chair. They had a great time going through several bowls of popcorn and laughing at the show. She began to grow tired and was thinking about going back and going to bed. Lisa began to nod off a little and could barely keep her eyes open. Then she looked over at Henry and the funniest thing happened. He immediately looked away. The way he acted seemed strange, what was he doing? Was he going to say something, maybe? Was he thinking of his wife?

She closed her eyes a little so she could just see him but enough that he would think they were closed. He looked back over at her, Then tilted his head a little, raising it slightly, What was he doing? What was he looking at? Just then she shifted a little in the chair and he again moved his head. Lisa then realized he was looking up her nightshirt at her panties. Because of the way she was reclined in the chair, he was probably getting a pretty good show. She was suprised he thought of her in such a sexual manner. He was a man though pendik escort and men do have needs no matter how old they are. Then she realized that she had done nothing to obscure his view, should she? The whole situation kind of excited her, he was really nice to her and she didn’t feel the least bit threatened by him. She spread her legs a little farther open and saw a smile rise on his face. She shifted as if she was starting to fall deeper asleep, watching his reaction. Wow, she couldn’t believe what this was doing for her. She turned on her side and pulled her legs up acting like she was curling up for sleep. This had the effect of pulling her nightshirt up to her waist. His reaction was to lean back and look at her longingly. It was obvious he was enjoying her lean body. Should she go further? It wasn’t hurting anyone right?

She let her hand fall to her stomach to hold her shirt and rolled onto her back, straightening out. exposed her all the way up to her stomach, this should present him with a great profile she thought. She then began to make little groans in her sleep, running her hands along herself. It was obvious he was enjoying(suggestion: the show). She went on this way for a good thirty minutes. She then decided she needed to bring it to an end. She opened her eyes acting like she was just waking up. He quickly looked away and feigned interest in the television. She sat up effectively ending the show. Opening her eyes wide like she was just taking in the situation she said “Oh, I guess I dozed off?” She looked down and pulled her shirt down more. “Oh my gosh, I guess I was giving a little of a show eh?”

“Hmm, oh yeah I know you were a sleep. In fact you were snoring a little” Henry said in a very detached fashion.

Something about the situation annoyed her a little. It was as if he was saying he wouldn’t have even noticed. Lisa, who was already quite aroused, decided to call him out. Not quite sure what was coming over her she said, “Uhuh, so you didn’t even notice that my legs were exposed? I guess a man of your age has seen far too many legs in his life right?”

Henry looked over at her, obviously caught off guard. “Uh no you have nice legs I wasn’t saying… I mean … well.”

“Its ok Henry I am just teasing you” She smiled and let him off the hook.

Looking down at the popcorn bowl in his hand he said “I mean you are a very pretty young lady and of course I notice, I just um…”

Suddenly she felt a little bit sorry for teasing him and a little bit excited. She pulled her shirt off her legs and lifted one running her hands over bostancı escort them. “Do you like them?” she said.

“Um yeah, I mean you are a beautiful girl. You remind me of my wife when she was young.” Henry replied.

“Henry would you like to see more?” she said not really sure why she said it.

Henry looked over. She thought she saw tears in his eyes. He nodded.

Lisa put her hands at the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head exposing her bare breasts. She ran her hands over them. Her own excitement growing now that she was half undressed in front of Henry. She rubbed her nipples, locking eyes with him. She then slid her panties down to her knees and off her feet. She stretched out to give Henry a full view of her body.

“You are beautiful, sweetie” Henry said with deep affection. She turned to show him the smooth contours of her hips and her tight behind. Now on her stomach she realized how much this show was really turning her on.

“Can I touch just a little?” Henry barely managed to get out.

Lisa paused, unsure of taking this any further, what could letting him touch just once hurt right? She smiled and got up slowly.

“Ok just a little” she said quietly. She walked over to him in the chair. She was standing so his face was close to her belly. He reached out with one hand and gently touched her hip. His hand was rough and warm. Then he slid it down her leg.

Her body was on fire. She moved closer to him suddenly wanting to be touched more. She put her hands on his shoulders and strattled him in the chair. Looking into her eyes he reached both hands up to touch her breasts.

As his fingers found her nipples electricity shot through her body, she could hold back no more. She leaned down and kissed him deeply. Her hands reached down to undo his pants, What was she doing?

She pulled him out and began stroking him. Finally just as he was hard enough to get inside her he orgasmed in her hand. He had a sheepish look on his face; she leaned down and kissed him. He suddenly wrapped his arms around her and in one move got up out of the chair and flipped her back on it.

Taken off guard she looked up at him. He smiled and leaned down kissing her neck then down across her breasts, lingering for a second on her nipples. Then he slid his kisses across her stomach and suddenly … His rough beard gave her a burning sensation on her inner thighs but it was his tongue that began its undulating motion that drove her closer and closer to the point of ecstasy.

Finally she came in a thrashing fit of energy. He stopped, ran his hands up her body and picked her up out of the chair. She collapsed in his arms. He guided her into the bedroom and laid her down in the bed. He then snuggled up next to her. What have I started she thought to herself as she drifted off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32