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It had taken a good half an hour via taxi to get to this postbox, across the city from Sissy Susie’s home. All so Sissy Susie could post five keys to herself, containing the keys that keep her and Sissy Tinkerbell locked in their ridiculous sissy dresses, locked in handcuffs to each other, and locked in the clitty cages that have kept them chaste for the last month. It’s Saturday afternoon, so they won’t be seeing those keys until at least Tuesday.

Susie reaches her left hand around her back and awkwardly opens her backpack (not easy with her right hand cuffed to her sissy friend) she rummages around for money for a taxi home. She feels the notes between her fingers and sighs with relief.

“Sissy Tinkerbell is wondering what Sissy Susie is looking for?” asks Tinkerbell loudly. Several onlookers laugh loudly and whispers of “oh my God,” ring in Susie’s ears.

“Money for our taxi ho…” Susie trails off as she sees the notes in her hand aren’t banknotes at all, but vouchers for a supermarket.

“Sissy Tinkerbell left all our money safely at your house,” says Sissy Tinkerbell proudly. “Sissy Susie and Sissy Tinkerbell will have to walk home.”

Sissy Susie’s lower lip trembles, but there’s no time for tears. They have a long, long walk ahead of them. It’s not helped by Tinkerbell’s insistence on curtseying to everyone who acknowledges the two creampuffs. Deep, synchronised curtsies that proudly display the pansies panties for all. It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon with lots and lots of people out and about. Which means plenty of curtseying, posing for photos, and blushing bight cheeks from Susie all day long. Her feet ache in her five-inch heels, the cries of “sissy!” from Tinkerbell’s wand are constant, and she must be the sissy star of hundreds of onlookers Instagram’s and Twitter feeds by now. Trapped in the pink fog, she can’t help but smile along with her sissy sister, hand-in-hand, clitties locked and ridiculous skirts bouncing.

After two hours of this exhibitionist march, Sissy Susie sees Tinkerbell is leading them towards a supermaket.

“S-sissy Susie has plenty of food for us at the house,” says Susie quickly.

Tinkerbell giggles. “We’re not buying food, silly sissy sis!”

The ding of the doors loudly announce their entry into the crowded supermarket, but it’s Tinkerbell’s wand crying “sissy” that gets everyone’s heads turning. The gasps, hands over mouths, mutters of “oh my God”… even after mincing through the streets all day, Sissy Susie still isn’t used to being put in her pansy place, her exposure feeling everlasting.

“Excuse me, sir?”

To Sissy Susie’s horror, Tinkerbell is marching them up a male employee, chuckling behind the counter. Her hand cuffed to Tinkerbell’s, she has no choice but to follow, taking rapid mincing steps in her heels to keep pace, much to the delight of the other shoppers.

Tinkerbell curtsies and Sissy Susie quickly dips an unconvincing curtsey of her own. She blushes under Tinkerbell’s glare, and together the two pansies try again, grabbing the hems of their OTT sissy dresses, one foot forward, then a simultaneous dip of the knee and a lift of the skirt, showing off their panties to all behind and their heads lowered out of respect, their giant hair bows protruding forward. Satisfied, Tinkerbell’s smile returns as she addresses the male employee fulya escort again:

“Sissy Tinkerbell and Sissy Susie would like to enquire as to where they can find the diapers?”

A wave of laughter overwhelms Susie, and she is late to her curtsey again, earning her a firm slap on the behind from Tinkerbell’s wand. The two sissies curtsey again in perfect synchronicity, as the grinning employee activates the intercom and announces to the entire store:

“We’ve got two sissies by the South entrance looking for the diaper section. Can someone please come to the south entrance and help these two sissies to the diaper section?”

Another curtsey, a “thank you!” and then the worst part of all – being forced to stand and wait in their darling outfits, as more and more customers gather to see if they’d heard that right. A pretty redhead in her early twenties runs eagerly up to the counter and bursts out laughing. She composes herself, just about, and says she’d be delighted to help these two darlings find their diapers.

“Hmm… where they over here? No, wait… this way! No that’s not right… sorry, I’m new here!”

The redhead apologises but Sissy Susie can tell she’s purposely marching them around the store. At one point Susie tries to point out the dreaded diaper section is clearly an aisle over, but this earns her another swat from her sissy sister and a reminder in her ear that “sissies NEVER question their superiors.” So they mince in the opposite direction for another lap of the store, as Sissy Tinkerbell helpfully remind Susie that she has a hundred lines to look forward to later, the punishment for breaking even the smallest of their sissy rules.

“Oh HERE are the diapers, sissies! Aren’t you going to thank me for helping you?”

Sissy Susie forces herself to smile along with Tinkerbell as they curtsey and thank her ever so much for helping them find the clearly-marked diaper aisle. The redhead laughs at them again, takes a few photos and smugly walks off “enjoy writing your lines, sissy,” she says laughing as she disappears around the aisle.

Tinkerbell takes her time umming and ahhhing over all the diaper designs. Susie wills the ground to swallow her up, but when that fails to happen, she looks up at the top shelf. Her eyes light up. Bright pink diapers, covered in little fairies! They even have little sayings on the rear, like I love my Diapers and Diaper Darling in glitter.

“How about these Sissy Susie?”

Sissy Tinkerbell has picked up a large pack of purple plain diapers. Sissy Susie’s mind begs her to keep quiet, to take this reduced humiliation and run with it, just buy those ones and get the hell out of here, to-

Too late. Sissy Susie points at the top shelf. Tinkerbell gasps and claps her hands in glee. She puts back the purple diapers and together the two sissies strain to reach the top shelf, displaying their panties yet again. Susie jumps up and down in frustration. What kind of crazy store is this? Who puts the diapers out of reach?!

So they mince back to the counter, curtsey and ask for help. The redhead is more than happy to help the two pansies – “but I just have to quickly finish checking something on the staff computer – you two darlings stand over there and wait and I’ll be right there, OK?”

‘Over there’ is in the bebek escort front window of the store. A curtsey and a thank you and soon they’re both stood with their backs to the window.

The redhead giggles. “I can’t have non-staff looking at the computer! Noses to the window, sissies.”

After twenty minutes of being on full display, under the bright lights, hand-in-hand with her sissy sister, Sissy Susie turns her head to see what the hell is taking this woman so long. She groans as she sees the redhead is taking the CCTV footage of the two sissies straining to reach their juvenile diapers, and uploading it to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…

Susie is snapped out of this by another swat to her frilly bottom from Tinkerbell’s wand. She stares straight ahead, nose to the window. Twenty more minutes.

Then another twenty.

And twenty more after that…

It’s a double dose of endless humiliation, as Sissy Susie can see the people outside the window, pointing and laughing at the two pansies on display – and she also gets to enjoy the customers in the store, reflected in the glass, giggling and making comments. Finally, after at least two hours in the window, she sees the redhead approaching. She leans forward and whispers into their ears:

“I have to work the checkout now, sissies. I’ll help you two with your little diaper problem after closing time. You pansies stay put now!”

And with a swat to their pantied bottoms, she skips off. The opening times for the store are displayed almost as well as the sissies. Closing time is three hours away yet. Susie and Tinkerbell squirm and whimper and – utterly predictably for these two pantywaists – stay put and do as they’re told.


Susie can’t remember the last time she wore heels this long. Her feet are aching like crazy, and the constant opening of the supermarket doors sends a cool breeze across her bare legs and up her flimsy skirt. She can feel her petticoats riding up, but failure to keep her handcuffed hand firmly in Tinks, and her free hand above her waist, palm turned out, earns her a painful swat on her pink pantied bottom with Tinkerbells surprisingly painful wand.

At last it’s closing time, and as the final customers, a group of giggly cheerleaders, wave goodbye to the two store-window sissies, Susie feels her shaking legs start to relax. The redhead skips up to them, greeting them with another painful swat to their sissy rears.

“OK girls, let’s get you your diapers! Come on, hurry up and follow. I don’t have all day.”

Susie seeths, but minces along with Tinkerbelle to the diaper section. A whole day on public display just to get something down from a slightly-out-of-reach shelf. The redhead uses a tiny footstool and easily takes the large 24-pack of ridiculously juvenile diapers down from the shelf. Susie reaches forward, only for the redhead to hold them out of reach and look at her expectantly.

Susie forces her sissiest smile and joins Tinkerbelle in another simultaneous curtsey, and simpers “Sissy Susie and Sissy Tinkerbelle thank you ever so much for helping us with our little diaper problem.”

“So pathetic,” giggles the redhead, handing Susie her package. The sissies follow her to the counter, their legs exhausted, the long walk home still to come. ‘At least it’s dark,” florya escort thinks Susie gratefully, relieved she’ll be slightly less on display as part of this prancing pansy pair.

The redhead takes the vouchers and frowns, double-checking the price tag on the diapers. A big smile spreads across her face. Susie doesn’t like the look of that at all.

“It looks like you two are 50 pence short. Oh well!”

Both the sissies are on the verge of tears. All that humiliation and tedium for nothing.

“Awww but I don’t want to see you girls go home empty handed,” says the redhead, cheerfully taking fifty pence from her own pocket. She rolls it between her fingers, grinning at her sissy prey.

“I guess I could loan you the money… but you’d have to earn it, naturally. The whole store needs cleaning. The bathrooms alone are a real mess.”

A whimper escapes Sissy Tinkerbell’s lips. Susie’s face grows hot.

“Well what do you say sissies? An evening of chores and the 50p loan is yours – with a generous interest package, of course – are you two little maids ready to earn your diapers?”

“Sissy Tinkerbell wants to remind Sissy Susie that the purple diapers are cheaper,” says Tinkerbell quickly, smiling at her sissy sister. “Why don’t we buy those?”

She’s right of course, and Susie knows it. They could take the plain purple diapers and go home, get away from this dangerous girl, hide in Susie’s house in sissy shame for the rest of the weekend, or…

Susie looks at the packaging on the pink diapers. The fairies all over the baby pink designs. Her bottom lip trembles again as her sissy instincts take over.

“Sissy Susie and Sissy Tinkerbell will take the loan,” simpers Susie. Tinkerbell gasps and then joins her sissy sister in a curtsey. The deal is done.


“Scrub it properly, sissy! I want to see my face in that floor!”


Susie squeals and scrubs harder, not easy with her left hand. Her new diaper is padded and ridiculously poofy, but sadly provides surprisingly little protection from a swat to her bottom from the large ruler the redhead is using as a makeshift cane.

SMACK! Another strike, right on the ‘I Love My Diapers’ slogan Susie now proudly boasts on her bottom. SMACK! Tinks gets one too on her ‘Diaper Darling’ rear.

The two pansies are fresh from the bathroom, where the redhead insisted on watching as they applied each others diapers. Her cruel laughter from when she saw Susie’s miniscule locked clitty will be ringing in her ears for a long time.

Once she’d finished laughing, and made sure the two sissies diapers were on nice and tight, the redhead had apologised for the truly awful smell from this, one of the stores many bathrooms, “but don’t worry, it’s nothing a few hours of hard cleaning from you two maids won’t fix.”

But first the floors of the main store need scrubbing, and once it becomes clear that two handcuffed fairies won’t be able to use mops, they’re forced to get on their hands and knees and scrub the floors until they glow. The redhead follows a few feet behind, punishing even the slightest mistake with a cruel strike to (if they’re lucky) their diapered bottoms or (if they’re not) their defenceless inner thighs. The two sissies quickly learn that their inner thighs are their tormenters favourite target.

“I gave the whole cleaning staff the night off sissy’s. After all, we want you to earn all fifty of those pennies that I was so kind to lend to you. Hope you’re ready to scrub until dawn!”

Susie squeals as another stinging strike hits her in the thigh, and focuses on her work like a good maid.

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