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Chanel Santini

When I returned to the studio around five in the afternoon, I found Eve busy in the editing suite. I showed her the results of my location visit and the meter readings from the church. However, I didn’t report I’d spent a couple of very pleasurable hours screwing the bride’s mother and the maid of honour! Although, I was damn sure she could sniff the residual after-effects of sex on me. I thought twice about this and asked if I could take a shower.

The previous evening we had spoken at length of our relationship. She was insistent that, if I met someone nearer my own age and a relationship developed, then she would understand and not create a fuss. Eve went to great lengths to make me understand that she wouldn’t always think of me as hers exclusively. That was only yesterday; little did I know I would be taking her at her word with Clare and Steph.

Tonight Eve was in a pensive mood, and for some inexplicable reason expressing a great deal of interest in my facial features. She told me I had girlish attributes, soft features, and if I had make-up on I could be taken for a girl. She didn’t wish to infer I was anything but masculine, but she persisted with her appraisal of my face.

‘Believe me, Paul; with female assistance and make-up you could pass as a girl with no problem.’

‘But why should I want to pass as a girl? I’m more than happy being a man.’ I argued running my fingers along her smooth thighs.

‘Of course you are.’ Eve conceded. ‘However, if I asked you to indulge a whim, would you allow me to put make-up on you?

‘Do whatever you want.’ I told Eve. I still didn’t understand her reasoning for wanting to do such a thing, but I reckoned there would be sex eventually and fell in with her plan.

Eve sat me naked in front of her bedroom mirror and proceeded with the feminine rigmarole of applying make-up. If the truth were known I couldn’t care less what Eve wanted me to look like. The way she was dressed this evening – a short, mauve silky slip, stockings with their deep lacy tops starting just beyond her knees and all of her smelling divinely – I’d consent to anything she desired. Fuck, she looked sexy and her reflection in the mirror was making my cock swell with lust. I wanted Eve, badly.

‘Before you begin with the lipstick, etc. can we appease my erection, please?’ I asked hopefully and bravely.

‘No, not before I’ve made you up’ The terse reply came back. ‘You’ll have to deal with it yourself.’

‘In that case I will!’ So as Eve proceeded to layer my face with cosmetics and I watched her reflection in the mirror, my fingers wrapped themselves around my stiff cock and began masturbating! It was a bizarre yet erotic situation, one made more sensual by Eve brushing against me in her slip and her tender touch on my face.

She seemed quite detached from my actions as she continued applying mascara and eyeliner. But my persistent excitement mounted until I could contain it no longer, and noting my frenzy to climax Eve ceased her doing and watched me get to my feet and squirt cum across her dressing-table onto the mirror.

Afterwards, feeling well and truly spent, I sat down again and surveyed my sperm oozing its way down the mirror glass.

‘Well, young man, that’s one big fuck you owe me!’ Eve said totally unperturbed by my outlandish behaviour. She threw mw me a box of tissues. ‘Wipe it all up and prepare yourself for the final touches that will transform you. Now, what colour lipstick would you prefer, Paul?’

Fluttering my eyelids and smiling I replied with a simper. ‘Whatever you think goes with the colour of my eyes.’

‘OK, I’ve got one in mind. Let’s see if it suits you.’ After some further deliberation Eve chose a coral pink colour. Applying it proved a difficult task, as I found presenting my lips as she wanted was rather challenging. But, eventually, she managed to complete the action and stood back Betturkey to take stock of her handiwork.

‘Well, Paul, what do you think?’ Eve was looking at both our reflections.

‘If it’s the desired effect you wanted, then I’m pleased for you. But you’re not likely to want me looking like this when we’re together in bed, surely?’

Eve didn’t answer me, which was puzzling, but instead reached into a wardrobe and came out with a ladies hair-piece; a short-haired, blonde wig. ‘Let me put this on you, we’ll see a better effect.’

Well, Eve was overjoyed at the difference the wig made, and I must say I was amazed too. I hardly recognized myself.

‘Goodness, young man, the change is remarkable. You’re unrecognisable! Do you fancy yourself?’ I looked at the face Eve had created and had to admit I did look very different, and girly-like! She fussed at the wig with a comb and applied a touch more blusher to my cheeks.

I couldn’t understand for the life of me why Eve seemed particularly excited at my appearance, but if she was pleased then I would ultimately be the beneficiary of her sexual largesse and that’s all that interested me. Eve turned to her wardrobe and hunted for something else.

‘Do you know, Paul, with the right clothes you could pass as a very attractive female?’ Will you indulge me a little longer, my darling?’ She said over her shoulder. ‘First, I want to put you in this bra. It’s got gel inserts that will give you natural shaped breasts.’

Eve fiddled about with a green satin bra holding it by the straps ready for me to slip my arms though. I obeyed her wishes and she fastened the hooks and eyes. Eve admired the effect and adjusted the inserts to fit the shape of the cups. She turned me so I could see my reflection, excited about her transformation skills. She knelt on a stool and looked over my shoulder.

Watching us both in the mirror she began fondling my newly formed breasts. ‘Christ, Paul, they feel so real! You squeeze them. Are they so different to mine?’

I observed myself squeezing the false breasts and noted their immediate difference, but couldn’t fault their shaping within the bra cups. ‘Not quite the real thing, but a good substitute.’ I replied. ‘It would help if there were nipples. Can you do anything about that?’ I wanted to know.

Eve chuckled at my comment. ‘A positive response, I like it, thank you. I’m sure I can do something about your nipples, too.’

By now my cock was as stiff as a board again, thanks to Eve’s gentle touch and her silky slip brushing against my naked skin. My libido was telling me to abandon any inhibitions and revel in the tactile eroticism of wearing the satin bra, while at the same time my brain was saying, remember you’re a man, you’ve got a cock; I submitted to what the former was telling me.

Gazing into the mirror at Eve in her lingerie and me wearing a bra made for a seductive tableau I thought. An ethereal glimpse of sexual abandonment that had to be experienced rather than talked about; a curious and fleeting image so delightful it spawned a dozen other sexual images. I realized that what Eve was doing, dressing me as a girl, strangely exciting and I anticipated the silky embrace of yet more lingerie items against my skin.

Anticipation turned to exhilaration as Eve produced the exact garments I had been fantasizing about.

‘OK, Paul, let’s complete your ensemble. Stockings and suspender belt next.’

Eve fitted the belt around my waist and fastened the hooks. ‘Of course you realise I had to buy all this clothing especially for this purpose. Nothing in my wardrobe would have fitted you, but it looks like I’ve guessed your size correctly. Is it sexy enough for your taste? Do you like it? You know, I wouldn’t mind betting that in a few weeks’ time you’ll be shopping for more outfits to wear!’ Eve’s thoughts amused her as she adjusted the suspender Betturkey Giriş belt around my waist.

I must admit I thought it looked sexy on me. The belt had deep satin waist and lace trimming that made it look more like a short petticoat than what the original design was intended for, and the way the material kissed my skin was sensational.

‘Now the stockings,’ Eve said. ‘I’m going to fold one of them into a sock for you to step into before I ease it up your leg.’

‘Are they stockings like the one’s you’re wearing at the moment?’ I enquired hopefully.

‘Why, do you think these are erotic?’ Eve raised the hem of her mauve slip in order to tease me.

‘They look beautiful, Eve. I love the way the lacework reaches to your knees.’ ‘In that case I will put these away and find a fancy pair for you.’ She gave me a smile. ‘I believe you’re really entering the spirit of this cross-dressing, aren’t you?’

‘What makes you happy makes me horny, Eve.’ I grasped my erection and waved it at her.

Eve found a similar pair of stockings and went through the same operation of folding each one into a sock and slipping them on to my feet. I felt the glossy tan mesh being unrolled higher and higher until it met with the dangling suspender straps. I wasn’t prepared for such a sensuous contact and when the gossamer mesh kissed the flesh of my inner thighs it took my breath away, quite literally.

‘You like the feel of stockings on your legs, don’t you, Paul?’ It was a rhetorical question. ‘Here, let me show you how to fasten the tops to the buttons.’

Eve gave a demonstration which was hampered more than once by my erection getting in the way, and then I had to perform the same task on the other leg; and to my further surprise made a damn good job of it.

‘You’re quite the expert at this, aren’t you? You seem quite at ease, a real natural cross-dresser.’

‘I wouldn’t say that exactly, but these stockings feel nice!’

‘Good, then slip into these panties.’ Eve picked up a pair of large matching green panties in satin and again asked me to step into them. She pulled them up to my waist, hiding my wavering cock, but not disguising it. The stockings were electrifying on my skin, but the satin material hugging my cock was totally mind-blowing, a sensation to die for.

My heart beat rose dramatically and I couldn’t resist the temptation of stroking myself through the material; it was an incredible sensation one I was reluctant to cease, but Eve was in a hurry to finish dressing me.

‘Leave that fucking beast alone, Paul! We’ll get around to him shortly. Let’s finish you off with this blouse and skirt. I can’t wait to see the finished article.’

The satin blouse was champagne-coloured and the skirt jet-black. Eve called it a pencil skirt and it was a good, if rather tight, fit. Eve clapped her hands with joy at seeing my transformation to a woman and, I had to admit, I was pretty thrilled also. Eve gave a tug here and there and pronounced my conversion to cross-dressing a triumph.

‘Try walking around in that skirt. It won’t be easy at first but you’ll become accustomed to taking shorter steps. We’re going to have to find you some shoes to go with the outfit and that won’t be easy, your feet are way too big for anything I own. But, you never know, there might be a pair of heels just waiting for you out there.’

‘Don’t I get to wear a slip like yours, Eve, perhaps a slinky little number to walk about the bedroom in?’

‘If that’s what you fancy, we’ll get a couple. But the ones I have wouldn’t fit you, you’re too big.’

I proceeded to walk around the bedroom, struggling with the tight skirt and glancing at myself in the mirror from time to time. But it wasn’t the fact that the skirt was too tight to walk in, the problem was the bulge of my erection. Even though I’d laid it vertically against my stomach, the damn thing was clearly visible through the material, a fact that Eve couldn’t help but notice.

‘I reckon you’ll have to wear looser, more flowing skirts, because we can’t go shopping at John Lewis with your cock sticking out like that, can we?’

‘What do you mean shopping? You’re asking me to go out dressed like this? I thought all this was for a more domestic situation, just you and me.’

‘Oh, no, Paul, I’m taking you to meet some of my friends, girl-friends. They’re going to love you as Paula, especially Kitty. And, I reckon Paula will love Kitty, too!’ ‘Come on, Eve, dressing like this for your benefit is one thing. Doing it for your girl-friends is a different proposition altogether.’

‘Don’t be too sure about that, Paul. If I promised that you’d have more sex than you could handle, would that change your mind?’

‘But wouldn’t that harm our relationship, Eve?

‘Don’t worry; we’ll always have a loving relationship, Paul. I will always want your cock! But sharing it, and you, with my friends would make me happy too; it is something I really want us to do!’ Eve put her arms around me and hugged me close grinding her body against my hard cock. ‘I don’t know how we’re going to keep this thing under control.’ Eve said stroking my length. ‘I think Paula will have to wear some form of body shaper instead of nice panties.’ The thought made Eve giggle like a schoolgirl. ‘Mm, in the meantime why don’t you take off your skirt my darling, I quite fancy having a fuck with Paula, while she’s still wearing her make-up and tits!’

Unzipping and stepping out of a skirt seemed a strangely natural act, especially when Eve made a dive for my erection. Pulling my panties down she grasped my aching flesh, dropped to her knees and took my knob between her lips, sucking fiercely. I urged my groin forward pushing the tip further and further into her mouth until I felt it hit the back of her throat, to make her choke and gag.

It was a release of my frustration that had escalated during the past hour or so. I was so incensed and aroused I didn’t immediately release her head from my hold, but instead forced my knob deeper, inflicting more discomfort for Eve.

However, the sound of her gagging and spluttering eventually brought me to my senses. It was a peculiarly physical episode, unlike anything we’d done before and I worried I’d overstepped the bounds of our relationship. I apologised instantly but Eve would have none of it. She gazed up at me, saliva still slobbering and streaming from her mouth.

‘Now, fuck me you bastard! Split my cunt with that cock! I have a fancy to be screwed by a woman and Paula will fit the bill perfectly! So fuck me, Paula!’

Eve was in charge and she knew precisely how she wanted to be fucked, doggy-style on all fours on the edge of the bed. Christ, she looked gorgeous.

I raised the hem of the silky slip to her waist and dropped the matching panties to her knees. She wriggled her arse at me. ‘Give me a good licking first. Get that tongue up my cunt!’ I spread Eve’s cheeks to discover she was pink and wet enough, but I added a little more moisture via my tongue to ensure a smoother passage for my cock.

I was in a heightened state of lust as I got to my feet preparing to nuzzle my glans against Eve’s pussy lips. But as I looked down at my knob and saw the usual pre-cum oozing, I had a sudden fancy to wipe it between the cheeks of her arse and even into her arse. It was exciting to push against her entry point, the thrill generating more pre-cum for lubrication. I became more forceful in my desire to enter her.

‘Whoa there young Paula, that’s a bit too adventurous for this evening.’ Eve uttered over her shoulder. ‘Let’s save that moment for another time. All I want is a good fucking in my pussy!’ I apologised and eased my slippery cock into Eve’s slippery vagina.

Eve took me completely in one movement. She squeezed her muscles tightly as I reached my maximum depth, halting any further movement. ‘Now Paula, when I release you I want you to fuck me like there’s no tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32