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Big Tits

“So… what took you so long to get into the game?”

In front of a giant king-sized bed, Tiffani stood under the single light in the dim room. She wore jeans, small hoody over a purple tank-top, and white shoes. Her dark brunette hair hung to her shoulders with bangs combed to the side above her blue eyes. “Well, I’ve been, uh, teaching for the last three years.”

“Delightful.” A slender ebony woman perched in a tall director’s chair, dressed for business in a suit-skirt with hair in a tight bun. Her smooth face expressed a perpetual look of boredom. “So, let’s see it.”

Tiffani’s brows creased with shock. She shuffled nervously while shooting her rep a worried glance.

A suited young man with slick black hair jumped into action. “What’s left to see, Meagan?” he asked the director. “Her body speaks volumes in clothing alone, don’t you think?” He motioned to her perky breasts in her tank-top. “Look at that upstairs.”

Uncomfortable, Tiffani grabbed the flaps of her hoody and pulled them over her bosoms, held in place by the tank-top.

“Absolutely.” Meagan flicked her eyebrows. “But, I don’t need to see her body, Van. I need to see her moves.”

Van rubbed his brows. He looked to a terrified Tiffani and lipped, “Sorry…” before turning back to Meagan with a smile. Over his shoulder, he said to Tiffani, “Alright, show her some ass.”

“Umm…” Tiffani blushed. “I-I thought I would wait for the big day, when we actually shoot the scene. I wasn’t prepared for—”

“Listen, I’ve already been jerked around by one girl this week,” Meagan said to the nervous actress. She then glanced to the rep. “Get in there, Van. Make her feel comfortable.”

“Me?” Van waved the suggestion off. “No, no. I couldn’t…”

“You must’ve taken her on a few laps to see if she’s a viable client, did you not?” Meagan asked.

“No. You see, I’m a rep,” Van explained. “I’m not in the game myself.”

“Get over there.” Meagan giggled at Van while playfully shoving him toward Tiffani. “Take your clothes off, do the deed, or we’re no longer in business together.”

With his head down, Van looked to Tiffani like a boy in trouble. He took her side, lips pinched together in anxiety.

Tiffani glowered at him. But as he stood next to her, she folded her arms and faced forward with a flexed jaw. The lights brightened on the couple.

“Undress,” Meagan said.

Tiffani sighed while taking off her hoody. Under her breath, she said to Van, “Okay, Mister Backup, got a way out of this?”

Van stepped out of his dress loafers. “Umm, considering this is the absolute worst thing that could’ve happened, no.”

Tiffani took a knee, untied her shoes, and removed them, along with her socks. Her size 7 feet decorated with a dark purple pedicure. Upon standing again, she muttered to herself, “With this, a level-headed Lt. gives up all her years of hard work after agreeing to a idiotic mission with her subordinate…”

“Now unbutton his shirt,” Meagan directed.

Tiffani faced Van with a thin-lipped smile, disguising the anger beneath. While unbuttoning his top, she grumbled, “It’s not like I haven’t seen this.” She ripped his shirt open to skinny yet ripped torso with a patch of black hair on his chest. She kept her voice down as she growled, “You treat the office like it’s your own personal swimming pool.”

“Now help with her top.” Meagan eyed the couple, micromanaging every action.

Van reached out to assist, but Tiffani turned away. Without his help, she pulled the purple tank-top over her head and cast it aside. She hesitated, wiped her clammy palms on her jeans. Upon feeling Van’s fingers fiddling with her bra, she spun back and swatted his hands away. She unfastened the bra herself but held it in place over her bountiful breasts.

Meagan motioned for Tiffani to release it.

Tiffani huffed through her nose. Blood rushed to her heart-shaped face as she dropped her bra to the floor. Her C-cup breasts curved up at her brown coin-sized areolas.

Van caught himself ogling and wagged his head of the lustful thoughts. He faced Meagan while unfastening his belt.

Tiffani did the same. After shimmying out of her jeans, she squared her shoulders and hugged her naked hourglass figure, standing only in her purple panties.

“Well, I’ll be damn.” Meagan’s eyes distended at Van. “You sure you’re just a rep?”

Upon hearing the praise, Tiffani slowly revolved to the rep next to her.

With his slacks and boxers around his ankles, Van’s long limp cock dangled down his thigh, like a baby’s leg.

Tiffani shared Meagan’s astounded expression. Her eyes bulged upon sight, but she quickly looked to the tile floor. Her heartbeat accelerated.

Meagan frowned at Tiffani. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

Tiffani inhaled through her nose and exhaled through her slightly agape lips. She nodded. With one hand hiding her breasts, she shoved down her panties. After stepping out of them, she erected her posture with one arm draped over her nipples and a hand izmit escort on her bald pussy.

Meagan’s eyes sailed up and down Tiffani’s tan hourglass frame. She motioned with her eyes to Van’s massive member. “Let’s start with a blowjob, shall we?”

Tiffani gave Van an evil eye. Her face heated up, about to explode in shame and anger. As she knelt before him, she lost her breath. Her eyelids fluttered. The room spun. With her ankles together and the top of her feet flat behind her, she perched tall on her knees. His semi-hard cock just inches from her nose.

“Go ahead,” Meagan coached from the director’s chair.

Tiffani cleared her throat. She started to grab his huge manhood but pulled back at the last second and wrung the nervousness from her wrists. Her mind raced with her heart. She closed her eyes, took in a few calming breaths, before proceeding. She wrapped her fingers around his pulsating cock. It hardened in her soft, sweaty palm. She inched closer, head flinching with reluctance, and slowly slid the tip between her lips. She went as far down as she could go—halfway point.

“Play with yourself.” Meagan leaned forward in her chair, observing Tiffani with a close eye.

With her lips over his engorged head, Tiffani scowled up to Van. She squeezed the base of his thick cock with her right hand while using the left to gently rub the top of her clit. She worked herself and Van with an uninterested, mechanical rhythm.

“Come on, girl,” Meagan said. “You gotta give me better than that.”

Tiffani closed her eyes, blocked out her thoughts, and found her rhythm. While massaging her bald mound, she worked her hand up and down Van’s shaft. She bobbed, sucked on the head until it popped out of her mouth. She went back down, her tongue caressing the underbelly.

“Now, we’re talking.” Meagan clapped her hands together.

Van hunched forward and peered over Tiffani’s bare shoulders, to the soles of her feet. His eyes followed the faint wrinkles up to the bottom of her toes. While leering at her flawless feet, he placed a hand on her head, but she slapped it away.

Tiffani pinned Van’s cock up against his lower stomach. She crouched low, stuck out her tongue, and licked up the urethra. She slipped the head back in her mouth and started bobbing on the tip.

“Let’s see how far you can get it,” Meagan said.

Tiffani’s eyes shot wide. She began to back away, an indistinct mutter spilling forth, when Van shoved her all the way down his pole. She gargled, gagged, and drooled to the tile floor.

“Well, look at that.” Meagan appeared impressed. “I didn’t think you had it in ya.”

Tiffani coughed on his member before jerking her head away. She leveled Van with an icy stare and increased her grip on his dick, letting him know she meant business.

“Ow-ow! Okay, okay.” Van cringed in pain.

Meagan giggled at the pair. “Alright, kids, how ’bout we move to the bed?”

Tiffani wiped her mouth and sprung up to her feet. On her way to the bed, she gave Van a quick shot to the ribs as she passed.

Van grimaced from the blow but followed right behind her.

Tiffani plopped to her back across the comfy mattress, her legs dangling off the edge. She absently eyed the ceiling as anxiety raked her body. Her breasts rose and fell rapidly. Chill-bumps covered her skin, hardening her brown nipples.

Meagan jumped from the director’s chair and dug through her purse. After a quick search, she withdrew a bottle of oil. “Here! Try this.”

Tiffani’s eyes sharpened on the substance. Under her breath, she said to Van, “There it is.”

“We have to wait on the shipmen—” Van cut his sentence as Meagan approached the bedside. “Wha-what is that?” he asked Meagan.

“Only the hottest thing on the street, the Tickler. Everyone in the biz is using it now.” Meagan handed the jar to Van. “Rub it on her feet.”

Tiffani narrowed her blue eyes on Van, face tensed. She shook her head slightly, not wanting Meagan to see but also wanting to convey a strong message to Van.

Van raised the oil in the light. “I don’t think we need any help.”

“Would you just do it, my god?” Meagan griped. “You’re getting this for free; a sample most people would kill for.”

Van’s eyes darted from the bottle to Tiffani’s flustered face and then back to the oil. He unscrewed it, dipped his fingers inside, and massaged the oil into his palms. He glanced back up to Tiffani with a sorrowful expression.

On the bed, Tiffani blushed all the way down to the top of her breasts. She crossed her legs, hiding her pussy, and draped an arm over her hard brown nipples.

“Oh, you’re gonna love this, girl,” Meagan said. “You know, I used to be like you, sexually conservative, one woman man type, until someone was kind enough to open my eyes to the Tickler.”

Van grabbed Tiffani’s ankles with his oily hands. He started off with her right foot, leaving her left foot hanging off the edge. He massaged the oil into her arch and onto her heel. His fingers spread the substance between her long proportioned toes and all over the top and bottom of her foot.

“You feel that?” Meagan leaned against the bedpost. “That’s love, love in a jar.”

Tiffani’s foot tingled up her right calf, thigh, and crashed into her pussy, awakening an unfamiliar itch. Her eyes shot wide. She squirmed slightly on the bed while continuing to cover her nipples. She stretched her toes back as he kneaded the ball of her foot but curled them when he rubbed down the arch.

After lathering her right foot, Van switched to the left. He ogled the tan foot with perfectly proportioned toes and purple nails while massaging her soft sole.

Tiffani placed a hand to her brow. The way he touched them, rubbed them, enlivened her libido. It must be the Tickler. She panted softly. Suddenly, a slimy, tickling, sensation emerged on the bottom her left foot. She balled her toes, straightened them. “Is this suppose to do—Oo!—something?”

“Oh, it’s doing something.” Meagan winked at Tiffani with a half-cocked smirk.

Van sucked her toes, starting with the first two and moving down the line, snaking his tongue between the spaces. He massaged his thumbs into her soft sole while slurping on her sweet digits.

Tiffani’s face twitched between tense and soft, the strange itch intensifying at her center. She turned away from Van as if that’d somehow hide her pleasure. Her nipples stiffened even more, stabbing the middle of her palms.

Van placed her other foot flat against his face, his nose buried in her toes. He passionately nibbled on her arch.

Against her best efforts, a moan slipped from Tiffani’s mouth. It started low. “…ehhhh—” She swallowed. Her legs trembled in his hands, so she pointed the toes on her right foot and curled the left against his face. “I’m…” Her lips moved but no words came out. The exhilarating tension swiftly built in her body. She wanted to suppress the stimulation, but the orgasm was too overwhelming: her eyelids clamped, nose crinkled, and upper-lip quivered. She strained, pushed. “…ooooowwWOO—Fuck!” Her shoulders hunched off the bed, body convulsed, as she came on herself. Embarrassed, shocked, by her body’s reaction, she flopped back to the mattress and covered her flustered face, elbows over her tight nipples.

“You don’t have to be ashamed,” Meagan said to Tiffani before gesturing to Van. “Rub that oil on your cock and let’s get to it.”

“Yeah…” Tiffani gasped, her body a tingly mess. On her back, she curled into a ball with her knees over her breasts and stared to the ceiling. She wiggled the numbness from her toes and squeezed her thighs together in hopes of softening the aftershocks.

After Meagan squirted more oil in his palm, Van stroked his long, hard shaft. He looked to Tiffani with a somber face and tried to pry her legs open, but she put up a little resistance. He tugged on her legs again and yet again she clenched her thighs tighter. His pitiful expression hardened with wide eyes at Tiffani.

Tiffani sighed through her nose and rolled her eyes away when opening her legs.

Van flashed a polite smile to Meagan, making up for his partner’s bad attitude. He turned back to Tiffani but didn’t dare look in her fiery eyes. He grabbed the base of his cock and inched the engorged head toward her pink slit.

Tiffani gnawed on her bottom lip, took in a sharp breath, as Van pushed inside her tight entrance. His huge cock stretched her wet walls. The tip brushed her g-spot. The orgasmic itch reemerged in her pussy, followed by the euphoric tension.

Van palmed her feet in his hands and spread her legs wide. His hips rocked, pushing his manhood deeper with each thrust.

“You like that?” Meagan asked, leaning into the bed.

“Mmm-ah,” Tiffani moaned softly. She’d never admit it, but she didn’t have to. Her enjoyment was palpable by the chill-bumps, taut nipples, and rosy cheeks. The intense stimulation made her eyes roll, but she quickly wagged her head and did her best to steady her glower on Van.

“Yeah, you like it.” Meagan turned to Van and slapped his muscular ass. “Giddy-up, cowboy.”

Van gained momentum, his cock sliding in and out of Tiffani’s drenched pussy. With her feet spread wide, he slipped his fingers between her toes and grazed his thumbs along her arches.

Tiffani’s mind released endorphins, which coated her body in more chills. She arched her back off the bed, poking her stiff brown nipples to the ceiling, breasts bouncing. His cock pumped her full of tickling pressure to the point her eyes watered from pure bliss.

“That’s it, baby! Cum on that dick,” Meagan cheered. “Call him ‘daddy’ when you do it.”

Van brought Tiffani’s right foot to his mouth and commenced to sucking her purple painted toes. He stuffed the middle three in his mouth, slurped.

“Uh!” Tiffani moaned before eyeing Meagan. “Daddy?”

“That’s right, darling,” Meagan said.

“I don’t—” As his tongue slithered between her toes, Tiffani shivered. Her left leg kicked like a dog with an itch, foot balled tightly. “I cah-ah-ant!”

Hearing her moan galvanized Van even more. His hips pounded her on the bed. Their skin smacked, reverberating off the walls.

“Yes, you can,” Meagan said to Tiffani. “It’s about what the audience wants. Now, say, ‘Fuck me, daddy!”

“Uh-ah-Ah-oh!” Tiffani’s moan ebb and flowed. “Fuck me—Mmmm-ah!” She started to break. The tickling itch seized her pussy and sent vibrations of pleasure through her naked body. She curled her toes against his face as her body quaked: legs shook, stomach contracted, and face twisted in an ugly cry face. Her dam collapsed, and a flood of titillating tickles drowned her pussy. “Ggghhhh-uh!” She released herself all over his cock, tears escaping her eyes from the extreme pleasure. “Fahhhh-kah! Fuck me, daddy! Fuck me-ee-ee, daddy!”

While pressing her sole firmly on his face, Van slowed his hips and looked down at the disoriented actress. He pulled out, his hard erection glinting from Tiffani’s juices.

Tiffani, again, covered her flushed face. Goosebumps prickled all over her nude body. Tremors coursed through.

“Oooo!” Meagan beamed at Van’s slippery member. “Look at all that cum—”

The door swung open and knocked against the white walls. A man and woman entered with gangster swag. The lanky blonde man carried a large sack over his shoulder. “Ho! Ho! Ho—Ohhh, my…”

With a rosy face, brunette hair disheveled, Tiffani bolted up from the mattress and rolled off the bed. Her weak legs wobbled as she ducked around the side, hiding her naked body.

“Kells, easy with the door,” Meagan barked to the tatted blonde with the bag. “Who’d you bring with you?” she asked of the girl at Kells’ side.

“This is Martha.” Kells gestured to the petite Spanish woman with raven hair in a ponytail.

Tiffani caught the eye of Martha who looked just as surprised as her. “Could my day get any worse…” Tiffani grumbled.

Martha’s eyes jumped from Tiffani to Van, to which Van replied with a sly shrug. Martha shook her head and turned back to Kells.

Kells dumped plastic bottles of oil onto a long chrome table.

Before counting the supply, Meagan glanced back to the auditioning couple. “Okay, now, turn her around and let’s hit that last lap.”

“Last lap…” Tiffani mumbled while facing the bed and leaning forward on her elbows across the mattress.

Van gathered right up behind her. He groped her round ass in both hands and spread her cheeks. His tip grazed across her forbidden hole and down to her dripping wet pussy.

“Remember, I want to hear you scream ‘daddy’ on that dick.” Meagan walked over to the table, near Kells and Martha.

“I got next,” Kells said.

“The fuck you do, you heathen.” Meagan eyed the bottles of oil. “You’re here for the delivery and that’s it.”

“I—Mmmm!” Tiffani started to speak when Van drove into her pussy from behind. The powerful impact knocked her to the balls of her feet and then she rocked back on her heels, up and down, up and down, until her soles were all out clapping the floor. “Uh!” She hated that it felt so good. It embarrassed her that she couldn’t contain it. The euphoric itch awoke for the third time. She flexed her jaw as her eyes rolled.

“I don’t hear you,” Meagan said over her shoulder while counting her supply.

Van hammered into Tiffani, his hips smacking against her bubble butt and knocking her feet completely off the floor.

“Mmmmm-uh! Fuck me, daddy,” Tiffani uttered with a shake in her tone. Her upper-half was on the bed, but her legs flailed in the air with curled toes. The orgasmic tension grew and grew until she felt like sobbing in sheer elation. “Oooooo-gghhh! Fah-ah-uck me, daddy!”

With his hands clutching her waist, Van jerked her into his thunderous heaves, shaking the entire bed. Their flesh smacked louder, faster.

After setting all the cups right-side-up, Meagan measured the oil inside and jotted everything down on a clipboard.

Tiffani’s rigid body shook from the increasing pressure. She buried her face into the covers, hiding the tears streaming down her cheeks. Her hips trembled on his cock, ass dimpling. Her toes wiggled with energy. The ecstatic tickle became so intense it forced noises out of her mouth, “Oo-wooo-ya-uh-uh-uh!”

The room spun to Tiffani with bewildered expressions.

Van ravaged her body at a furious pace, both all out shaking.

“This is why I love this stuff,” Meagan said of the oil. “Daddy! Fuck me, daddy!”

“Fuck me, daddy! Fuck me-ee-ee-ohhhh!” Tiffani’s squeal reached a fevered pitch. She strained. Veins appeared in her forehead. She sobbed freely while pushing the orgasm out. “Daddy! Daddy! Dad-ee-ee-ee-ee!”

Van’s muscles tensed. His balls tapped the edge of the bed as his hips pounded away.

“Okay…” Meagan eyed the bottles one final time. “…everything looks good.”

“Mmmmm-fuck-me, fuck me, fuck me!” Dots appeared before Tiffani’s sight. Her face contorted as the tickling pressure built to an unprecedented height. Her eyes shot to Martha, face squinched, while oozing all over Van’s cock and squirting on the floor. “Ggghhhhhhhh-mmmmm!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32