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This story is the second part to a series I wrote for FinalMan. He generated the basic idea and I worked to create the characters and ultimately wrote the story. If you would like to read part one head over to his page and give it some love.




“So what do you think?”

“I think that I remember Lara Croft being taller.”

Sarah winced a little as she protected her head from Lily’s quick punches. “You pull off the boobs nice though!”

The flurry of soft punches stopped and Sarah peeked through her arms to see Lily standing in front of her, arms across her chest. The stance caused her chest to rise substantially upwards towards her face causing her pouting mouth to disappear from Sarah’s view. Still seated on the bench outside the changing room Sarah could only smile at her roommate’s antics. She hadn’t realized how much of a video game buff Lily was until about a week into their semester she came back to find her sitting behind two computer monitors, headset over her ears, shouting at the screen and throwing up her hands in desperation.

“I guess I do pull off the boobs nicely,” Lily whimpered a little bring Sarah back to the present. Her roommate was standing before her in a white tank top with a blue one over it, cargo boots and pants torn in places to show her pale skin beneath. She even had her hair tied back in a ponytail, which Sarah had never seen her roommate do since they’d started living together.

“Yes you do little Lara Croft,” spoke a third voice from behind one of the stall doors, “now we just need to smear some dirt all over your face and boobs and arms and you’ll be all set.”

“How about I just go as Lara at the beginning of the game,” Lily turned to the invisible voice, “I still need props after all.”

“But then I won’t get to live out my fantasy of watching you and Sarah mud wrestle.” The voice said as the door opened.

Sarah wasn’t sure whether she was blushing from the comment Vivian had just thrown her way, or from the skin tight red strapless dress she was wearing. The slit in the leg ran practically up to the curve of her butt and was skin tight throughout to the point where her movement would have been restricted to a shuffle without the slit. As it was Sarah could only stare at the impossibly form fitting dress as it came up and tried desperately to cover Vivian’s breasts, creamy white flesh spilling over the top as she twirled to reveal the flowing crimson hair across her bare back.

When Vivian faced front again she took a couple steps forward, her heels click-clacking on the floor as she stopped a few feet from Sarah and smiled leaning over, “Oh dear I think I broke her Lily.”

“With that dress being so small in the bust I’m surprised you can even breathe,” Lily snorted, “let alone tease Sarah like that.”

Vivian stood back up and looked down at Sarah again and smiled mischievously, “Well at least part of you is still getting blood flow.”

Sarah’s mind shook out the cobwebs and the vision of the glamorous beauty in front of her and felt the tightness in her pants she had come to know these last couple months. And this time she knew why she was blushing. “I can’t help it when a walking wet dream comes to life before my eyes.”

“You say the nicest things when you’re embarrassed, babe.” Vivian leaned over and gave Sarah a peck on the forehead. “I think I’ll keep the dress, but the shoes definitely need to go.”

“I told you being that high in the air you’d lose oxygen,” Lily scoffed.

“The height isn’t the problem,” Vivian said stepping out of her six inch stiletto heels, “They’re just uncomfortable to walk in.”

“Sorry they were the only pair of red ones in your size,” Sarah finally gathered her wits to say. “But you’ve still got a couple weeks until Halloween to find another pair.”

“Ya and maybe you’ll find a pair that’ll keep you under six six.”

“You know they make platform cargo boots, Lily.” Sarah offered.


Both Sarah and Vivian laughed as their shorter friend spun between them her face growing angry before she eventually let it go. Turning to Sarah, Lily looked to change the subject, “So Sarah you haven’t told us who you’re going to be for Halloween?”

“Oh, um…”

“Do you not know yet?” Vivian asked a puzzled look on her face.

“I just, uh, I haven’t dressed up for Halloween since I was like six-“

“Seriously!?” Vivian looked shocked, “Did you not go to Halloween parties in high school?”

“Well ya,” Sarah eyed them both bashfully, “But everyone was always more interested in my sister than me, so I just blended into the back and socialized.”

Both her friends seemed shocked, like the idea of going through a Halloween without a costume was unheard of, even blasphemous. She watched the two girls exchange a glance and nod in unison.

“You do realize that Vi has been planning a huge Halloween party for everyone to come to right?” Lily started.

“And I’ll not have my girlfriend showing up without a costume.” Vi levent escort stated firmly.

“Uh, well then, um,” Sarah stammered. “Got any ideas?”

She watched the two girls look at her with appraising eyes before Lily turned to Vi, “You know she does have the hair.”

“True. She does, doesn’t she,” Vi whispered conspiratorially. “I think I might still have it, if you and I are thinking the same thing.”

“I think she can pull it off. She won’t have to dye her hair either like you did last year.”

“You’ve got a point, but what are we going to do about her extra packaging?”

“We’ll improvise, I mean she’s got the ti-“

“Care to clue me in on what the plan is? Or are you two going to keep staring at me like I’m a piece of meat?” Sarah huffed, hands on her hips.

“Well, she’s got the pose down.” Lily laughed looking towards Vi and nodding in Sarah’s direction. “You should probably ask, being her girlfriend and all. It might be weird coming from me.”

“Good point,” Vi smiled before turning to face Sarah, “So honey, how do you feel about baby blue skin tight spandex?”

“Uh…I don’t know. Why?”

“Because,” Lily smiled, “you’re about to become really familiar with a badass chick named Samus Aran.”


Sarah stood and looked at herself in the mirror. After dropping them off at the dorm so Lily could head to lacrosse practice, Vi had gone to her hometown for what she had called “a couple things.” When the girl had showed up at Sarah’s room and practically dragged her to Vi’s own room in the adjacent building, Sarah had been stunned to see not just a single box, but roughly a half dozen their contents bulging from the tops of their barely closed cardboard.

But that was about a half an hour ago, and now Sarah found herself staring into Vi’s full length mirror and, if she was being honest with herself, found her own reflection incredibly arousing. While Vi had been off on her trip and Lily had left for practice, Sarah had taken the opportunity to brush up on who she was supposedly going to be for Halloween. Sitting at her computer she started typing out the name “Samus Aran” into Google, but when she saw the images that came up she was confused. Nothing about the character was in spandex, at least until she moved further down the page to see the reference to a “zero-suit Samus.”

Now that she was standing in front of the mirror she could see just how right both Vi and Lily had been when they were talking about when they said she fit the profile. Vi had just finished tying her blonde hair into a tight pony tail, giving Sarah the full effect of staring back at the skin tight blue spandex that covered ninety percent of her body. Her gaze traveled down to her chest, where Vi had insisted that she not wear a bra to give her a more natural look. Sarah honestly couldn’t tell the difference and a slight breeze blowing in from the window displayed just how little fabric there was, her nipples immediately poking against their covering. But the breeze highlighted something else that was a clear departure from the images she had seen of the video game character, and that was Sarah’s foot long cock that was pressed firmly against her abs and reaching up towards her breasts.

Both she and Vi had tried a couple different orientations for Sarah’s additional appendage, but this seemed to be the most inconspicuous, and certainly the most comfortable for Sarah.

“I still think you should have just sucked it up and put it between your legs.” Vi chided as she admired her handiwork in the full length mirror from behind Sarah.

“Grab me one of those massive dildos you keep hidden under your bed and I’ll superglue it to the front of your pussy and you can try it to see how it feels.” Sarah huffed, remembering having to demonstrate the ridiculousness of Vi’s suggestion only minutes before. “Besides, it doesn’t look all that bad. Just hope I don’t get turned on too much during this whole event, otherwise it might get a little tight in here.”

“Well why don’t we get you used to it right now,” Vi whispered into Sarah’s ear sending shivers down her spine. “From where I’m standing, I almost wish I had a cock of my own to plow into this sexy ass of yours.”

Sarah smiled and reached behind her to take Vi’s hands and wrap them around her waist. “And just think I’m not even wearing the heels.” She moaned softly as Vi’s hands groped around at the base of her cock and the two large bulges still pressing outwards from her crotch.

“I’m thinking about tearing this second skin off of you, not putting you in more things I’ll have to take off.” Vi whispered into Sarah’s ear nibbling at the tip. Sarah’s moan escaped her lips unbidden, and turning she wrapped her own arms around Vi’s waist and hoisted the larger girl up off her feet. Their lips locked as Vi’s legs wrapped around Sarah’s abdomen.


“Hey Vi, sorry I’m- oh, didn’t realize you were here Sarah…”

“Don’t worry about it Tess,” Vi said as she unwrapped her legs from Sarah’s body. beyoğlu escort “You didn’t interrupt anything.”

“Sure, I didn’t.” Tess rolled her eyes before taking stock of Sarah’s attire. “Wow, that’s a sweet looking cosplay. There a convention around the corner that I’m missing?”

“Uh, it’s called Halloween,” Vi deadpanned, “They have that over in Greece?”

Tess raised her middle finger to Vi and stuck out her tongue before replying, “Of course they have Halloween. Just didn’t think anyone dressed up for it anymore. I haven’t since I was like eight or something.”

“See! I told you I’m not the only one!” Sarah spun on Vi.

“I would be stuck with you two as friends,” Vi shook her head, “At least Lily knows how to have a good time.”

“Hey you know perfectly well that Sarah and I know how to have a good time,” Tess pouted, “Although, me maybe not as much as her.”

“From what I hear you do just fine for yourself most nights,” this time it was Vi’s turn to roll her eyes.

“Well if you two are going to keep up with this verbal sparring, I’ll go change back into real clothes before everyone on campus sees me and wants a piece.” Sarah smiled and pecked Vi on the cheek.

“Good to see you Tess, and for what it’s worth I wouldn’t mind having another costume hater at Vi’s party she’s throwing.”

“Hey who said you could invite Tess to my party?”

“Please, you already invited me.” Tess shook her head before turning to Sarah, “And I would love to spend an evening hating the costume I’m in with someone of a like mind.”

“You two are the worst.” Vi looked back and forth between them before breaking out into a huge smile, “But at least you’re going to be there, which means I win.”

Both Sarah and Tess sighed and shook their heads as Sarah grabbed her stuff and walked towards the door.


“So Cleopatra’s coming too?”

“You know she hates it when you call her that.” Sarah replied without looking away from her desk and books.

She heard Lily scoff from the other corner of the room, “Then she shouldn’t act like such a princess all the time.”

“Cleopatra was a queen. And besides you and I both know you call Tess that because she’s got that olive skin you’ve envied since you met her.”

“But it’s not fair,” Lily whined, “Romania isn’t even that far away from Greece and yet I have to be pale as a fucking ghost.” Sarah rolled her eyes and continued working on her homework. “I just wish she would take me up on my offer to get a little frisky, she’s literally the only futa I know who isn’t horny.”

Sarah spun in her chair, “Wait what?”

Lily was sitting in her chair brushing her wet hair out as she sat with her towel wrapped around her. “Ya you didn’t know?”

“Asking someone whether they have a penis or not is kinda not something that comes up in casual conversation.”

“I suppose you’d still be hiding it from me if I hadn’t walked in on you whacking it,” Lily shrugged, “But sure she’s definitely got one. Pretty big too…but nothing compared to yours obviously.”

“Clearly,” Sarah’s voice dripping sarcasm, “But I wonder why she never said anything.”

“Don’t know, guess you’ll have to ask her.” Lily stood and then realized her erect penis was sticking out from beneath her towel. “You wouldn’t mind helping me with this would you?”

“You know I haven’t quite gotten a complete hold over this,” Sarah said holding up her gloved hand, “And I know how much of a size freak you are-“

“But you don’t want to get any bigger on accident.” Lily finished for Sarah. “Maybe I’ll go see if one of the girls from the team wants a go before I hit the sack.”

“You’re just gonna leave like that?” Sarah gestured to Lily’s attire and raised an eyebrow. “That’s a little risqué even for you. Wouldn’t want you to get kicked off campus a week away from Vi’s little party.”

“Pfff little party is an understatement.” Lily said before sighing and collapsing on her bed. “And this time I’m sure Vi has vetted everyone before they get to walk in the door. Not that that should be a problem for you since you’ve been claimed.”

“Have you seen my costume?”

Lily laughed and turned towards her roommate, “Oh I’ve seen it, just not you in it. But I can imagine it, and oh man does it make me excited.”

“I can tell.” Sarah chuckled looking at Lily’s rod standing tall from her crotch. “I thought you were going to get that taken care of?”

“I decided I’ll just do it myself, you know right now while you’re trying so diligently to study for a test that you and I both know you’ll ace.”

“You just want me to stop studying so I won’t have an excuse anymore.”

“Maybe…” Lily said a huge grin on her face. “Is it working?”

“I don’t know but I think I make a more compelling argument for her to stop studying.”

Both Lily and Sarah spun to the door, Vi’s face poking out inside the room from behind the door. Taking a step inside, Sarah saw that Vi was wearing a satin nightgown, barely cinched kağıthane escort around her waist with a cloth belt. Her wavy hair fell about her shoulders and stepping inside she beckoned to Sarah with one finger. “Care to join me tonight? Tess is out for the night with her boyfriend so we’ll have the place to ourselves.”

“That’s so cheating.” Lily pouted.

“I guess I could come over in a little bit, I still have to finish-” Her sentence was cut off as a pillow connected with her head.

“Get your ass over there and fuck your girlfriend.” Lily practically shouted. “Did she not make a compelling argument?”

“Oh I know I did, I can see it.” Vi smiled. “But if she wants to be a good little student that’s fine too. I guess I’ll just have to sleep alone, in my nice warm bed,” she winked at Sarah, “naked.”

“I hate you both,” Sarah said before getting up and shutting her book against her desk. “If I fail this test tomorrow, I’m blaming you both.”

“Maybe you should give Vi her punishment tonight.” Lily chimed in from the bed. A pillow connected solidly with her face as Sarah grabbed a bag with a couple things in it that she always kept handy. Taking a couple steps towards Vi she wrapped her girlfriend in a massive hug and kissed her deeply.

“Lead on lover.”


Sarah sat alone in the dining hall. It was still a couple of days before Vi’s big party and she hated how her professors decided that a major holiday wasn’t cause enough to stop giving exams all at the same time. As much as she hated to admit it, she didn’t necessarily need to be studying as diligently as she was. The courses were relatively easy for her and it only took a few of the homework problems before she completely grasped the concept that was being conveyed. The problem was she knew herself, and the second she let up studying or deviated from the habit in the slightest she would never get back into it. And as easy as her engineering courses were now, she knew from her sister’s grumblings that it was not always going to be that easy. This was why Sarah had her head buried into her Calculus textbook instead of noticing the person who sat down opposite her at the table.

“Hey Sarah, mind if I join you?”

“What, no uh – oh shit, sorry Tess, I thought you were someone else.” Sarah stammered shaking her head.

“I can go if you wanted to keep-“

“No, no, stay, I’m just a little focused at the moment.” Sarah looked up from her text book and put the pencil down. “I could use a little break apparently.”

“There are only so many times you can redo the same Calculus homework before you can do it by memory.”

“Well I haven’t gotten there yet,” Sarah smiled, “So what’s up? Thought you had lab right now?”

“Professor gave us the week off,” Tess waved her hand dismissively, “Guess she thought she’d lose the choice between a biochemistry lab report and Halloween festivities.”

“Fair guess,” Sarah chuckled, “Too bad my professors aren’t of the same mindset. Vi’s going all out for this party-“

“No kidding,” Tess snorted reaching back and tying her dark hair back into a ponytail. “You’d think she was going to invite half of Hollywood with how much planning she’s putting into this thing.”

“Who knows she might actually be inviting half of Hollywood.”

Both girls laughed and before Sarah knew what she was thinking she blurted out, “So I hear you’re a futanari too.”

Tess winced and Sarah immediately tried to take back the question but Tess answered, “Who told you?”

“Lily…” Now it was Sarah’s turn to wince, “Look Tess we don’t have to talk about it—”

“You were bound to find out sooner or later,” Tess sighed. “Although that means I owe Vivian twenty bucks.” Judging by Sarah’s confused look Tess continued, “I bet her twenty bucks that she would be the one to let it slip to you that

I’m a futa too. But now that it’s out there, if you could try and keep this to yourself I’d appreciate it.” She looked down at her plate and pushed around the food with her fork, “Although if Lily knows pretty much everyone is going to know now.”

“She can keep her mouth shut when she wants to,” Sarah said still trying to make amends for broaching the topic. “And I’ll make sure she does.”


Sarah looked towards the sullen, olive-skinned beauty and couldn’t help but ask one more question, “Why don’t you want other people to know?”

Tess’s shoulders drooped, and Sarah was afraid she’d pushed too far. Instead when Tess looked up there was a little resignation in her eyes, “I guess if anyone could understand it would be you.”

“I’m not sure that I follow…”

“Well first off I’m into men,” Tess then set her fork down and leaned a little closer and beckoned Sarah to do the same. Sarah obliged so Tess could whisper into her ear, “but at twelve inches I make most men feel emasculated.”

Sarah’s eyes went wide and Tess leaned back into her chair as Sarah did the same. “I, well, I guess I could see where that would be a problem.”

“Boys and their fragile egos,” Tess sighed, “I’m sure you’ve broken a few egos with that monster you have.”

Sarah’s mind flashed back to Bryan and to the three boys from earlier in the semester and she shook her head attempting to clear the images. “Ya, I’ve, uh, done my fair share of heart breaking.” Sarah finally said.

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