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Quick note before the match. I would just like to thank everyone for being patient and just for reading my stories. It means a lot and I’m glad so many people enjoy it. And as a special thanks to wrestleryu, you were my inspiration for this and thank you for not having an issue for adding Okami in my roster. I didn’t know how to send a request but I’m grateful that you’ve given me permission. Thank you all and please enjoy the match!


Match 4:

Accepted Verbal Submission Match: (The match will only end when one of the two wrestlers submits and the other accepts the surrender)

Anna Renner


Maxwell Harper


“So you’re my opponent tonight huh?” Maxwell asked as he and Anna had already been set in the ring, the crowd booming with excitement for the main event match.

The redhead in response almost gave a chuckle at the boy’s words, her breasts slightly bouncing when she looked up to speak to him. “You’re acting as if you’ll be an actual challenge against me. Tough luck boy, but you won’t even manage to get a single hold on me.”

The ref then called out to them, asking as usual if they’re ready. When both confirmed, the bell rung and the match officially started. Both approached each other, and as they raised their hands to start a test of strength, Max was caught off guard as Anna brought her knee up and struck his side.

The impact was enough to knock the wind out of him, causing him to fall to his knees. Once he was down, Anna smirked as she looked down to him, watching him try to regain his breath. “You look good down on your knees. But I think I know a way you’ll look better.” Without another word, Anna would turn around and hip bump Max, knocking him down onto his back. The hip bump had a surprising amount of force, leaving him slightly stunned as he sprawled down.

As she watched him, Anna would move to stand right over him. Once there she’d wait until he appeared to regain focus and stare up at her. “Hi.” She said tauntingly before she jumped and slammed her rear onto his chest. She’d continue with the move by standing back up and preforming another hip drop, this time on his stomach to knock his already limited wind out of him. She’d remain sitting on his stomach for a few seconds before standing back up.

She wasn’t planning on giving him any time to breath, as she moved to jump and preform a third hip drop right on his face. The crowd cheered as Anna so quickly had the boy down and stunned, using nothing but her hips and rear no less. And with his face pinned under her, she had no intention of getting up this time. Instead, she’d remain firmly planted on top of him, smothering him with her crotch covering his nose and face.

Adding to the humiliation, Anna would start to grind her crotch against his features, already feeling a rush of domination over the boy. But she was only able to keep the grind up for a minute before Max jerked his body up, knocking her off of his face. While the boy was glad to breathe again as he started to stand, Anna was visibly angry at his quick escape.

“You brat.” She said as she grounded her teeth, standing up to face the winded boy.

“If you think I’ll… give up in the first move you’re wrong.” Max responded as he started to regain his breath.

“Oh buddy, you’ll have wished you remained underneath me by the end of this.” Anna swore as she lunged at Max, taking the fight right to him. Before she could do anything though, Max was quick enough to catch her and pull her into a bearhug, attempting to crush her back in his grip.

“Guess you made a mistake.” Max commented as he put more pressure into his hold, pulling her closer as he kept the hold up.

“Ngh.” While she was feeling pain from the hold, she was hardly distracted enough to lose focus and made her move. Bringing her legs up, she tightly wrapped them around his abdomen for a body scissors before pulling his face down into her cleavage, cutting off his breathing once more. “Are you-ngh- so sure?” She asked with a small smirk, able to deal with the pain as long as this trade was kept up.

“Mmmphh!” The sudden counter done by the redhead had completely caught Max off guard, but he didn’t let go of his grip. He knew that if he released her now, he’d never be able to get a grip on her again. And if she went through with this, he’d be putty in her hands. So he did the one thing he could and put all his strength into the bearhug, trying to get her to release him from her smothering embrace.

Anna had to admit, that out of all the guys Max certainly had the tightest grip. He was managing to actually hurt her with his bearhug and even keep it up while being smothered by her large breasts. She was even having a hard time breathing, putting the two at a near stalemate in the hold. But Anna had an advantage over him, she was cutting off his breathing with both her holds, meaning he was getting weaker quicker than she was.

The audience saw this as Max’s legs Kadıköy Yabancı Escort were visibly struggling under his weight now. His lungs were begging for oxygen and without it he wouldn’t be able to keep his hold on her for long. As he fell to one knee his grip on Anna started to weaken, giving her and opening she happily took.

She would release the body scissors on him to plant her feet on the ground, now putting her effort into pulling his head tightly into her embracing breasts. As his grip on her weakened, her grip on him would only increase, pulling him deeper and deeper into her warm embrace. Before long, his arms were hanging limply by his sides, the lack of oxygen weakening him to the point where he couldn’t raise his arms anymore.

When his arms released her, Anna smirked darkly as she looked down to his hair. “Awww, is the poor boy not able to keep up with my breasts now? But don’t feel too bad, we all knew this is what would happen.” Now with Max weak, Anna would release Max and kick him in the chest, knocking him back down to the canvas as a panting mess.

She would then move over the boy again and lay down on him, going into a reverse head-scissors on top of him. “I hope you’re ready you punk.” She said back to him before tightening her legs around his neck, getting a rise out of him. He’d start to grab at her thighs, trying to pull them apart in a vain attempt to free himself. But since he was already winded from the smother, he wasn’t able to produce enough strength.

He was left to suffer the continuous hold of the girl, already feeling his lungs burning again as he struggled to get a breath in. Feeling his weakening struggles, Anna began to grin as she looked to his shorts, forming a mischievous idea.

She’d slowly move her hand over his own crotch, holding her finger out before lightly tapping on his crotch. Seeing his hips lightly jerk at the contact, she smirked and began to poke at his dick in quick intervals. With each poke, his hips would jerk, followed by a faint moan from him as she messed with him. “Fufu~ is this all you can do boy? Didn’t you say you’d be my opponent?”

She’d keep the methodic teasing up for another minute before stopping and loosening her scissors hold on him. She’d look back to his face, seeing him pant heavily as he gripped her thighs. “You look rather pathetic right now, did you know that?”

“Screw… off you-mmmphh!” Max started to speak against the redhead, but was interrupted as she moved up and planted her rear heavily on his face. He instinctively started to push against her luscious ass, not able to do more then budge her for a second.

“Oh what’s that?” Anna asked rhetorically as she rubbed her ass on his face, emphasizing her dominance over him. “I can’t hear you over the sound of my ass cutting off your breathing.” She’d start to enjoy the feeling of sitting on the boy’s face again, this time making sure to keep her weight down in order to properly smother him.

And with the lovely shape of her ass, he wasn’t going to get much of any air. All his vain attempts to get a breath only resulted in a kiss to her cheeks, making her laugh at his pathetic display. “Oh silly boy, you truly are as foolish as all the others. The lot of you come in, expecting to show an impressive display of skill, but end up nothing more than playthings to me.” She then looked down to his toned abs, raising a fist up before punching him heavily in the gut. “You’re all so toned but clearly have no skill in using whatever strength you have!”

“Mrph! Mmph! Mmm Mmph!” Max groaned into her rear as she’d continue to punch his abs, each blow heavier than the last. She wasn’t letting him go until he was thoroughly shown her superiority over him, and it was just the beginning for him.

Once his abs was basically turned to jelly, Anna would place her hands on his chest and wait as he’d slowly succumb to unconsciousness. Having the wind completely punched out of him and trapped by her smothering ass, it would only be a matter of time before he was out like a light. He certainly made her wait though, almost managing to remain awake for two minutes before his arms dropped to the canvas and his breathing mellowed.

Anna remained sitting on Max for a few extra seconds, making sure to rub his face thoroughly before moving up to sit on his chest. She’d flip her hair over her shoulder, allowing her to look back to the boy’s unconscious face. “So much for being my opponent, huh?” She mocked before moving to sit on his stomach, reaching down and removing his shorts and underwear. His semi-hard cock was then revealed, getting a seductive smile from the redhead as she licked her lips.

“Looks like you’re still not quite ready yet.” She said as she stood up and moved to between his legs. She then grabbed his ankles and held firmly, placing her right foot onto his penis. “You don’t have to worry though, I’ll make sure you’re at 100% real soon.” Without any other word, Anna began to lightly rub her foot up and down his Kadıköy Yeni Escort penis, aiming to get him to full mass.

She moved her foot slowly a delicately, making sure to put emphasis on his phallus’ tip before going back down the base. The boy would moan every other stroke, showing signs of him regaining consciousness as she worked him over. The moans he gave off were music to Anna’s ears, giving her a dark grin as she worked more of them out of him. Each pathetic moan was a step closer to the domination she craved, and they were one of the truest forms of humiliation during a fight.

“Ugh… what’s… Ohhhhh~!” Max moaned as he regained consciousness, the pleasure hitting him hard as she kept on with the foot job.

“Looks like you woke up just in time Max.” Anna stated, releasing his legs but kept her foot on his now erect cock. “Your friend down here was just getting to know my feet while you napped like a little bitch. Says a lot about a guy like you doesn’t it?” The redhead’s words caused Max to glare at her, getting the same dark grin from her in response. “Oh? Does the guy getting turned on by the girl kicking his ass getting a little mad? What are you gonna do about it?”

“Screw… off!” He responded as he pushed Anna’s foot off him, getting up when she gave him room to do so. “You caught me off guard… was all. I’m going to kick your ass from here on out.”

“You sure?” She mocked as she leaned forward, giving emphasis to both her breasts and her ass. “This ass here is the reason you passed out in the first place. And that’s not to mention I have other assets that can do just as good of a job at putting dumbasses like you out.”

“Well see about that!” Max shouted as he charged at Anna, falling right into her trap. Before he had reached her, she quickly lowered her shoulder and slammed it hard into his gut, once again knocking the wind out of him as she tackled him down onto the canvas.

After they crashed down, Anna would move to mount Max’s waist, her ass just teasing his manhood with their intimate touch. “So, what was it you were going to do Max?” Anna asked as she rubbed her hands up his bruised abs to his chest. “You said, you’d kick my ass, but it seems that I’m on top again.” She’d then wrap her hands around his throat, tightening her grip and starting to chock the poor boy.

“Gack!” Max chocked as his hands shot up to grab Anna’s wrists. He was desperately trying to pry the girl’s clenching hands off of his neck, but her grip was iron tight. He was barely able to budge them as she continued to drain him of his precious oxygen.

“What’s the matter boy?” She asked cockily, moving her rear back to lightly stroke his cock once. “Cat got your tongue?” As she’d continue to grip and choke the air out of him, Anna would then continue to grind her ass against his hard on. She was merciless as she’d then start to scratch his neck, bringing in pain to match the pleasure she was giving him.

‘C-crap… she’s still going through with this…’ Max thought as his arms were already feeling like jelly, his previous suffocating knockout having him already desperate for air. But now she was keeping up his choking while also getting him to moan. Any possible oxygen he got between her cruel hands was lost as soon as she stroked his manhood, leaving quickly as he moaned.

“You know, you don’t have to feel too bad.” Anna stated as she stopped the grinding. Instead, she’d move to lay down on him, having her lips right next to his ear while her clothed crotch was right on his girth. “You’re not the first one who kept on being cocky, and you certainly wont be the last. But the real fun can’t start until you’re completely helpless.”

She’d then start to grind her crotch against his, getting another moan from him as she licked his ear. “And no submission will save you until I’ve had my fill of enjoyment.” She whispered as she then tightened her hold on his throat even more, readily planning on knocking him out for the second time in a row. She was in complete control as it was, and the crowd was eating up every moment of power she had over Max.

And after another minute of pain choking and hopeless gasps for air, Max was once again sent into unconsciousness. Once he was out, Anna would stop her humping, feeling under her crotch that his girth was twitching, likely on the verge of a climax. And with the boy unconscious and vulnerable, she was able to choose whichever hold she wanted in order to get that climax.

And so, she’d choose to help Max stand with her. But instead of waiting, she instantly made her move and moved the boy over her shoulders. She’d then wrap one hand around his neck and the other on his thigh, starting to pull down hard, stretching his back.

She’d then stop the stretching for a few seconds before continuing, making a pattern to try and wake the stupid boy up. The torture-rack’s constant relief and sudden strain was enough of multiple shocks to jolt Max awake, instantly greeting him with pain. “Wh-what-Ow!”

“Oh Kadıköy Masaj Salonu good, you’re finally awake.” Anna smirked as she looked up to the boy, small drops of sweat going down her face as she continued to hold him up. “I was waiting for your lazy ass to finally get up.” Then, with expert movement, Anna moved her arm to continue pulling down on his thigh while moving her hand up, gripping his manhood firmly. “After all, cumming is so much better when you’re awake for it.”

As she’d now continuously stretch Max’s back, the redhead now started to rapidly jerk his cock. Another mix of pain and pleasure that was quickly getting to the dazed boy. “Uuugh…! S-stop it you… damn…” Max groaned, biting his lip to try and stop moans from coming out of him.

“Oh no, I know how much you like this.” She responded as she pulled his back down more, increasing the tempo on his cock as she felt it twitch. “You may say differently, but your friend down here is telling me nothing but truths. Every boy’s dick always argues against him. They’ll keep saying stop, but their hard on’s will beg for me to keep going.”

She’d then suddenly drop down a bit, pushing back up to add more to the already painful torture-rack. “So I’m not stopping, not until your damn cock bursts out for everyone to see.” She’d then stop with the rapidness and went for a more thorough handjob, feeling every curve and vein of his twitching erection. “Show everyone the truest form of surrender. Let them watch you cum to the hands of the girl who’s kicking your ass with added pleasure.”

“N-nooooo… I… I won’t…” Max argued as he tried to keep his climax back, desperately fighting off the need to cum. But even as he did, she wouldn’t stop the onslaught of pleasure, and in his position he couldn’t do anything more then simply delay the inevitable.

“You’re at your limit.” Anna said with a distinct smirk, looking right into the eyes of her prisoner as she jerked him off. “I can feel it, your cock’s starting to burn up. All that lust a desire screaming and twitching to escape your hard on. Why continue to fight it?” She then made sure to pull down more on his neck, pulling his face down in order to violently kiss him, shoving her tongue right into his mouth.

The intense make out had now completely taken Max’s mind off stopping his climax, even though his mind was screaming that he was done for once he came. But the girl was too much, mixing in pain and relieving it with pleasure was a combo that was too much to fight. He was now doomed as he blindly wrestled his tongue with hers, being dominated just as thoroughly in his mouth as she was with his body.

She then suddenly pulled away, panting lightly as she stared right into his eyes. “Cum for me, you hopeless boy. Give me the satisfaction of dominating you physically and sexually. Cum like the pathetic wrestler you are.”

“Oh… ooohhhhhhhh god…!” With his resistance completely shattered, Max’s hips bucked as he came heavily. Long ropes of his sticky cum shot out into the air as she jerked him through the draining climax. With each spurt, she’d go down the base of his cock and rise back up in time for the next.

Once the last of his climax was shot out, Anna grinned as she turned to look at his half hard phallus. “My, my~ You sure came a lot there you wimp. I guess you at least might be able to be an opponent for something by the end of this.” Her grin would then widen as she flipped him over and brought him down with a power bomb, slamming his back hard on the canvas. “But I seriously doubt that with the current display you’ve been showing!”

“Gah!” Max spit out as the pain came shooting through him. The power bomb had completely stunned him, leaving him sprawled out as Anna was free to sit and watch him pant. However, it was noted by the crowd that Anna appeared slightly worn herself. The redhead was lightly panting as sweat glistened her skin. The girl herself was capable of pulling off the move, but lacked proper strength to have kept him up for much longer than she did.

But she was in a much better position right now, and everyone in the crowd knew it. And she was fully intended on using her stamina advantage to further humiliate the exhausted boy.

“What’s the matter?” She asked as she got up, prodding his side with her foot. “You’re not done yet already are you? I’m not planning on letting you off that easily. And besides, this isn’t over until you’re squealing in submission.” Getting no response from him, she rolled her eyes before moving to stand over his head, facing towards his legs as she did. “But we don’t need to hear that just yet, now do we?”

“Unnnhh…” Max groaned as he tried to focus his eyes, his vision slightly blurry from the slam he suffered. As his vision focused, he saw the redhead above him bend down, getting ready to jump. “N-no wait…!”

Before he could say anything else, Anna jumped up and slammed her ass hard onto his face, cutting off his air once more while stunning him. The canvas shook from the force, the girl now planted firmly on the boy’s face. As she remained seated on him, Anna would once again rub her rear from side to side. His face was rolled between her heavenly cheeks, barely able to register his position as she continued to daze him with her movements.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32