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I’ve co-authored this story in partnership with sexyslut of Pandora’s Secret (not Literotica’s sexyslut). Major thanks to Literotica’s DiamondStar for her fantastic editing services! This is the first part of what we hope will become a multi-chapter series (that, of course, will be determined by reader response). Happy reading!


Dear Diary,

The most interesting thing happened to me Friday evening at work. Believe me, you’ll have almost as much fun reading about it as I did doing it!

It was 5:30 PM. Everyone else had left the office for the day, and was beginning to enjoy their weekends. Instead of going out on the town, I was in Mr. Goldstein’s office taking an important dictation. One of the firm’s most important clients needed this ASAP.

I’ve written to you before about the huge crush I’ve had on Mr. G. ever since he hired me as his assistant, nearly seven months ago. Mr. G is my handsome boss and a married man in his 40’s; he’s been a successful lawyer for nearly 20 years.

Despite knowing how unlikely it was that Mr. G. and I could ever be together, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hoped that he would throw me onto his desk and fuck my brains out.

As you know, I am a twenty-two year-old young woman… just graduated from a good college with a degree in business. I have tiny breasts, a pear-shaped body, and long, beautiful red hair.

Anyway, I was typing up the dictation, when all of a sudden I felt something unexpected in my pussy. This feeling reminded me that I hadn’t gone to the bathroom all day. The official end of the workday had come and gone, and I desperately needed to expel the many cups of coffee and several glasses of water I’d consumed during my shift.

“And furthermore…” my boss continued. I did my best to keep my mind on the job at hand and not on the massive pleasure I’d feel at squatting over a toilet to relieve my overflowing bladder.

I crossed my legs tighter together in an attempt to reduce my urge to pee. This caused my garters to tug at my nylons, but did nothing to alleviate my need to piss. “How much longer is this letter going to take?” I thought. Still to myself, “I REALLY need to go!”

Crossing my legs hadn’t helped. Perhaps uncrossing them would do the trick. Meanwhile, I was fighting the instinct to place a hand under my mini-skirt and onto my crotch to hold the urine in.

Just in case you’ve forgotten, I’m 5’9″ and I weigh about 165 pounds. That makes me a little tall and curvy for my a-cup breasts, but the proportions must look okay because guys have always told me that I’m cute as a button! I let a few of those young guys bang me in high school and college, but they were all mediocre lovers at best.

Mr. Goldstein stopped dictating his letter. He was staring right between my thighs. Dark-haired Mr. G. caught himself peeking. He quickly averted his gaze.

“Is everything alright, Veronica?” my boss asked compassionately.

God! The man’s voice sounded even more intoxicatingly deep and sexy than normal!

“I have to pee real bad Mr. G.,” I said as I squirmed in my chair. It didn’t dawn on me how slutty yet innocent those words would sound until the sentence had already passed my lips.

Mr. G. was staring into the depths of my skirt yet again. The gorgeous man in front of me obviously couldn’t help himself. “Fine by me!” I said to myself.

“Under normal circumstances”, my boss began, “you’d be more than welcome to use my executive bathroom.” Mr. G. gestured to the doorway on his right. “But as you know, they’re remodeling it for me. I don’t have a toilet or even a shower in there for you to pee in.”

Mr. G. shifted in his chair, as if hiding a hard-on or something. “Why don’t you go and see if the employee bathrooms are still open? Feel free to take as long as you need. Then we can finish the letter for our client and get you on your way for the weekend.”

“Thanks,” was all I took time to say as I grabbed both of the heeled shoes from my feet and tossed them onto the carpeted floor; It would be easier to run through the building without my heels clicking and clacking on the floor the entire time.

I raced out of Mr. G’s office, through the receptionist’s area, and into the hallway containing the employee bathrooms. I went to open the women’s restroom door. I heard and felt resistance.

“Fuck!” I yelled out loud. It was locked!

I tried the men’s restroom in desperation. It was shut tight for the weekend as well. I scurried even faster than before as I retraced my steps and barged into my boss’s office. It was then that I literally caught him with his pants down.

Mr. G. was sitting on the edge of his desk, stroking his semi-hard cock with his right hand. Even with his less Kadıköy Olgun Escort than full erection, Mr. Goldstein’s cock looked just as enticing as I had imagined in all of my daydreams. Certainly better than the tiny boy pricks I’d grown accustomed to!

But ridding my bladder of its full load was still the primary thing on my mind. Before my boss had the chance to formulate an excuse for why his pants were at his ankles and his dick growing in his hand, I spotted the only reasonable place in the entire building to pee.

I quickly unzipped my skirt and stepped out of it. Mr. G’s jaw dropped at the forwardness of my action. The older man was still holding his dick. His cock was certainly firming up nicely!

I scampered to the side of Mr. G’s office opposite his out-of-order bathroom, and arrived at the small bar where my boss often prepared drinks for clients before getting down to business. Drinking glasses and liquor bottles clattered against each other as I moved them, in a single mass, to the far side of the bar.

I hopped onto the counter and squatted over the bar’s built-in sink. My entire backside was now facing Mr. G. Strangely enjoying the exhibitionist aspect of what I was about to do with my boss watching, I tugged the crotch of my black lace panties to one side and let golden urine explode from my body. Out of pure instinct, I moaned primitively as hot pee noisily impacted the metal surface of the sink. My hand and panties intercepted some of my piss.

There was a mirror adjacent to the bar. I was watching myself pee, and looking at Mr. G. ogling my body. He was masturbating to the unloading of my bladder. I was enjoying this immensely!

“I’m such a little whore,” I whispered too softly for my boss to hear. My nipples were getting harder and harder as a stream of possibilities began racing through my young mind.

My vibrant green eyes met Mr. Goldstein’s deep brown ones by way of the mirror. “So, you liking the show?” I inquired, speaking loudly enough this time for him to hear me over the sound of my pee hitting the sink and flowing down the drain.

Mr. G. nodded silently. I smiled.

The smell of my own piss floated up from the sink and into my nostrils. How could I have never paid attention to this wonderful scent before? I can’t think of words sufficient to describe the pleasure I felt as my bladder finally emptied.

Done pissing in my boss’s bar sink, I hopped down from the counter and turned to face him. Our eyes met again with the same lustful magnetism as before, this time without any assistance from the mirror. Seductively, I made my way towards Mr. G. I undid the buttons on my white blouse and Mr. G. slowed the stroking of his cock to match the rhythm of my stride. I looked down pointedly at his hard cock and licked my lips. I wanted, needed to taste it…

“Let me sniff them,” my boss commanded. He indicated my panties by pointing at my crotch with the pointer finger of his free hand.

Now, you know from my previous entries that I’m usually very well behaved, but Mr. G’s request was a huge turn-on. I knew that doing what I was about to do with a married man was wrong, but any chance of me stopping myself disappeared the moment he demanded my panties.

Like a good employee, I immediately went into action to fulfill my employer’s orders. I unclasped my garter belt from my stockings, and then removed my panties while being careful not to snag them on any of the clasps. Although I’d held them to one side during my pissing adventure, my panties were saturated with my 20-something pee.

I casually handed my damp panties to my boss, as if giving him a stack of memos for his review. Mr. G. brought the panties to his face as I re-clasped my garter belt to my stockings. I could see him eying my bald pussy over the fabric of the panties held tightly against his face. I knelt on the floor in front of Mr. G’s desk, noticing that he’d opened his mouth slightly to taste my piss-soaked panties as he sniffed them with his nose.

Mr. Goldstein’s took his hand off his cock and reached down to caress my silky cheek. I placed both of my hands around his dick and asked, “Would you like some help with this, sir?”

Mr. G. didn’t respond with words. Rather, he moved his hand from my cheek to the back of my head. Still taking in whiffs of fresh female urine from my panties, Mr. G. pulled my head towards his crotch. I opened my mouth and allowed his magnificent dick to enter. I began bobbing my mouth back and forth on his cock.

Then, out of nowhere, the phone rang.

I should tell you that my boss has one of those special phones, you know, the kind that speaks the name of the person calling in. “Miss-us Gold-stee-een… Miss-us Gold-stee-een… Miss-us Gold-stee-een…” Kadıköy Sarışın Escort rang a simulated voice.

The rush of adrenaline that surged through my body was like Mr. G’s wife had actually walked in on us! It took a moment for the rational part of me to realize that she wouldn’t be able to see a thing through the telephone.

Mr. Goldstein took my panties away from his face and pressed the button to answer with speakerphone. “Hi Christie,” he said as if nothing out of the ordinary was going on, “What can I do for you tonight my love?”

“Wondering what you’re up to Don,” replied a mature-sounding woman’s voice on the other end of the line. “Are you working late on the Freeman case again?”

I’d met Mrs. G. a couple of times. She was attractive. Dirty blond hair, cut short; large tits; and a trophy-wife figure that most women (including me) would kill for. She had also seemed very nice. As Mrs. G. talked with her husband at that moment, I felt a little guilty for having her husband’s rod in my mouth… but only a little. I kept working on my boss’s dick with my open mouth.

“I did some stuff with that account a little while ago, but now my lovely personal assistant is sucking on my cock. She’s almost as skilled as you are, dear.”

Mr. G’s dick hadn’t reached my throat yet, but I nearly gagged in shock upon hearing him confess to his wife so freely! I stopped bobbing on Don’s cock, but he just chuckled and pressed his hand firmly against the back of my head. I had little choice but to take his manhood deeper into my mouth as he continued talking with his wife on the telephone.

“Congratulations honey!” began Christie Goldstein with a tone denoting her sincerity, “Veronica has been there for less than a year. I didn’t think you’d be able to land an innocent type like her for a couple more months at the very least!”

I don’t consider myself naive, but I was quite confused by the turn this had taken. Nonetheless, I loved having Mr. G’s big cock in my mouth so much that I just got lost in the sensations. I started bobbing again, moving faster and sucking a little harder than before.

Mr. G. took the phone off speaker and brought the receiver to his ear. After a brief pause, my boss said, “Right. Yes… very good. Don’t wait up. I love you too darling. Bye-bye…”

My boss hung up the phone then picked up my panties and began breathing in my wet, womanly scent once again. At the same time, he forced my head towards him until my nose was digging into his flesh. His cock was now as deep in my tiny throat as it would go. I have to confess that I was overwhelmed by a choking sensation none of the schoolboy’s I’d been with in the past had ever been able to give.

“This is so much fun,” I noted silently to myself, “I must be a perverted little skank!”

Without being able to pull away, I coughed a lake’s worth of saliva all over Mr. G’s ridged cock. He responded with a pleasure-filled groan. With a great sense of timing, Mr. G took his hand away from my head so I could slurp up the mix of my spit and his precum. I worked on his cock a little more with, if I do say so myself, a great deal of schoolgirl-like enthusiasm!

“I had no idea you were such a little slut, Veronica,” Don observed.

He’d earned it with that comment. While continuing my rampage on Don’s dick, I removed my blouse and unfastened my bra (black lace, like my panties). I let both items of clothing fall to the floor. My nipples had already been hard, but they turned into stone upon exposure to the office air.

Don threw my panties across the room. I instantly guessed what he had in mind. I slid my mouth off his cock, stood up, and allowed my boss to lift me onto his desk. His grip on my body was strong yet oh so tender. He guided me until I was on all fours on his desk.

“Wanna taste the real thing Mr. Goldstein?” I teased as I wiggled my butt and looked at him over my shoulder. We smiled at each other… lust-filled smiles.

“You bet your ass I do,” he said with a hint of hidden humor in his voice. In a single stroke his tongue went over my bald pussy, into it (hitting my g-spot just right), then out again to land on my asshole. He jammed his gigantic tongue what must have been several inches into my unexpecting ass. Mr. G. pulled his face away from my ‘down there’ and spread my ass cheeks apart with his hands. Then, he spat on both my ass and pussy in a single volley.

“My god! Oooh, Don!” I squealed in complete surprise.

My boss removed his clothes — from expensive necktie to fancy, glossy dress shoes — with a speed I would have previously thought impossible. A millisecond later, his dick penetrated the pouting lips of my waiting cunt.

I’m not ashamed to tell you that I was somewhat Kadıköy Şişman Escort startled by the thickness and Don’s ridged, mature cock as it slid into my young wetness. Hormones raging, I gyrated my hips backward, attempting to take even more of him inside me.

“Patience, my little tramp.” my boss criticized sternly. “We’ll have plenty of time for that sort of thing before this is over.”

He placed his hands on my hips and adjusted his stance so just the head of his dick was in my cunt. Within moments, he pushed his entire length back into me again. Mr. Goldstein’s cock was by far the biggest I’d ever had in me. It felt like he was going to push through all the way into my empty womb!

“I LOVE seeing my cock stretch that tiny twat of yours baby, and watching you being so good at take it all so deep,” Don moaned.

My clit had become engorged, and the tingling was driving me crazy with delight, so I reached a hand under me to start rubbing it. At the same time, I squeezed Don’s swollen cock between my fingers. He growled, with a sort of playful anger, and started pumping faster.

“That’s right, baby. Cum on my dick. Let your boss feel employee pussy clenching his hard-on!”

I felt a stinging sensation across an entire side of my ass as Mr. G spanked me powerfully with an open palm. That sent me over the edge.

“Fuck Mr. G.! I’m cumming!”

I don’t know from what depths within me it originated, but despite having emptied my bladder a short time ago, a golden shower erupted from me on top of my already intense orgasm.

My boss’s cum flew into my snatch. He almost immediately pulled out of me as I was in mid orgasm/squirt, and placed the head of his cock against my asshole. Boiling jizz streamed from Don’s cock into my ass. More than sufficiently lubed — his spit and cum. My piss and cum — my ass obediently accepted Don’s still-spewing dick.

At that point, I orgasmed again. I was experiencing the gloriousness of two orgasms plus squirting. I quite naturally bore down on Mr. G’s penis with my anal muscles.

“Holy shit baby!” Don exclaimed.

I was overcome in that moment by how much my sweaty body loved his cock ramming it. Both my holes were now filled with my boss’s tremendous load of cum. I could feel his cock, still hard in my small little asshole.

I’m going to share a little secret with you now… Don is the first man to ever fuck my ass. A lot of girls I know say that anal sex hurts the first time. However, for me it was pure ecstasy.

“Still hard? Your wife must adore you!” I stated.

“And she’ll adore you too!” said my lover, breathing heavily and thrusting in and out of my ass. “When I took her off speaker, she told me to have fun with you at a hotel tonight, but to bring you home with me first thing in the morning so the two of you can get better acquainted.”

“Sounds like an excellent plan to me,” I panted.

I pushed back against Don again. This time he let me. I was fucking my own ass on his big cock, gyrating my hips so I felt every inch of him in me. My hand reached down with a mind of its own to finger-fuck my dripping pussy as I kept shoving my ass further onto my boss’s rod.

“Take your boss’s big dick in your ass, little whore!” boomed Don in a room-filling voice.

“No!” I disobeyed… surprising myself. “I want to taste everything I’ve put on your cock until you explode in my mouth.”

Don spanked me more harshly than before, as if punishing me. I cried out in response to a pain that somehow enhanced my pleasure. Mr. G. grabbed me and slammed my back onto the top of his desk. My head dropped over the edge of the desk.

“So you really are a cheap slut,” Mr. G commented as he shoved his cock into my waiting mouth. For the next minute or two, he fucked my face with such force that I thought he was going to snap my neck.

The taste of my pee, lady-cum, and anal juice on Mr. G’s dick nearly sent me into another fit of orgasm. Somehow, I was able to fight that urge until the older man started spraying his cum into the back of my throat. I grabbed my lover’s ass and pulled him closer. I could feel my gag reflex starting to act up again.

“I’m cumming baby!” Don yelled. I was cumming too!

“Ppppfffgggt,” was my unintelligible reply, as my throat couldn’t wait any longer to purge itself of Mr. G’s invading, mature jizz.

“That’s so hot,” observed my boss about my massive gagging.

Our eyes met again. We both knew that our lives would never be the same after what had just happened. Don helped me off of the desk. Both of us standing now, we hugged, petted, and caressed for what seemed like hours but what must have only been half a minute or so in reality.

Don and I got cleaned up, dressed, and were out of the office a few minutes later. We’d left the interrupted dictation for next week. My boss, the best lover I’ve ever had, and I drove in our own cars to the Grand Hotel… the most luxurious place to stay in the entire city. We had a great time. I can’t wait to tell you all about it real soon!

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32