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“Hey. Hey wake up! Good morning Sleepyhead,” said Vivian, shaking the daylights into me. I blinked, having forgotten my place momentarily. I was still wearing the black cocktail dress from the night before. It was now up around my hips, in contrast to having previously looked so very elegant on my willing body. Vivian peered into my fluttering eyes with apprehension.

She had no cause to worry; post orgasm disgust wasn’t my style. I slipped past her, flashing her a shy smile on my way to the washroom to clean myself up. I pulled my hosiery and black panties down to relieve myself as quietly as possible while looking at myself in the mirror. I still looked every part a woman, albeit a disheveled one. I finished up and returned to visit with my new friend.

“So, got any plans for today?” she asked. Vivian was wearing a silk kimono around her voluptuous form this morning, thrilling me greatly.

“Not as such,” I giggled, dodging her playful slap at my ass. Oh she was cute.

“Well then, let’s have breakfast.” Vivian trailed off with a sideways glance. I took her in my arms to hug her rotund, hour glass body to mine. She responded with happy relief, in a dignified way. My semi erect cock met the warm resilience of her belly. “I’m so glad I was right about you,” she breathed, close to my ear. She kissed me and let me go. She made us a decent breakfast just the way I like it, with no perversions of the traditional; no different for the sake of being different, good on her.

We talked freely like old friends as we ate, pausing to hold hands while we laughed. I held no doubts about loving her, despite our age gap. As they say, all good things must end, as did our breakfast. We retired to the sitting room where she sat on my lap. I loved the impressive weight of her on me as she slid her arms around my shoulders. We kissed as she fumbled for the TV remote. I watched her program her VCR. I gathered she didn’t want to miss any of her stories.

“So, what are you thinking now, lover?” she sighed.

“I’m thinking you’re great, Vivian,” I laughed.

“Well good. Let’s go out.” She slid off my lap, trailing my cock bulge along the parting of her backside with coy deliberation. “Let’s get you dressed.”

She led me back to her bedroom where she surprised me by producing a form fitting, set of realistic, large breasts and buttocks. “Wow, look at these,” I murmured, holding the soft silicone chest covering to my body.

“These aren’t bad either,” she said, reaching out to pinch the girly rubber ass cheeks on the bed. She gave them a loving caress, patting them wistfully. She looked up. “Put them on!”

“Whatever you say, Dear,” I said, laughing while rolling my eyes. We dressed me in a fresh pair of pantyhose but this time, as we were going out in public, she wanted to keep my cock from interrupting my female silhouette. She tied a nylon stocking over and around the base of my cock and balls. She attempted to pull it back up between my ass cheeks but couldn’t do it, as my erection had become stiffer by the second.

“Okay, there’s two ways we can handle this. Either you do something with it, or else I’ll have to,” she beamed. She awaited my decision while cradling my balls. She smiled at a drop of pre-come emerging from my glans. I shivered, wishing she’d suck my cock. I thought of clasping otele gelen escort my hands behind her head to encourage her. ‘Maybe I shouldn’t try that’, I thought.

“Oh, gee, I’m kinda tired, Viv,” I yawned.

“Oh well, a woman’s work is never done.” She led me to the bathroom sink where she took me from behind me in front of the mirror. She began grinding her abdomen into my backside as her hands roamed all over my torso. I loved having her breasts shoved into my back, causing be to lose myself in her passionate embrace. I gasped when she took hold of my cock. She aimed my throbbing rod at the sink to begin stroking me off. Vivian brought her knee up hard between my legs as she speeded me to release.

“Imagine a cock that big trying to ram up your horny little pussy. You’d be sore in the morning girly!” That did it. I reached back to grab her buttocks with both hands. She looked around my shoulder to get a good look at us in the mirror. We were locked together as I shot my hot load against the cool porcelain. She squeezed my balls as she worked the last glistening whiteness out of my shaft. “Good girl,” she purred, “Good girl.”

That business out of the way, she got my cock tied into a sling and pinned its end to the elastic hem of my pantyhose. She fixed the chest and buttock forms to my torso, much to our mutual satisfaction. A short, high necked red dress with a large oval breast opening, had me looking very fuck-able indeed. My cock strained between my legs, approving of my reflection. My reflection featured tight red satin stretched across my big round buttocks. Oh yes, I looked so very fuck-able, causing me to forget Vivian was there, but just for a second. “Do your make up like I showed you, Lorraine.” That got my attention. She had named me, her new creation, ‘Lorraine’. I tended to a few last minute details, readying us to face the world as Vivian and Lorraine.

Vivian looked great as well, in her form fitting pencil skirt with a slit buttoned up the side. I glanced jealously at her vintage black high heels. My shoes looked sexy enough, I supposed, in as far as they fit me well. We exchanged compliments as we walked out to her car. I was delighted to ride with her in her fine, classic Benz and went on to tell her as much. She blushed, nodding her way through the automotive compliment. We chatted on the way to…in all the excitement, I forgot to ask.

“Why to the library of course,” she waved, in a matter of fact manner. I gulped. Oh boy, here we go. “But first let’s strut you past some hard working lads on the way.” I blushed as we approached a busy downtown work site. I couldn’t believe we were going through with it.

“Don’t worry, Lorraine, I’ll be watching over you,” she teased. I detected the faint scent of her arousal.

She let me off on her way to park facing me a couple of blocks away. I stood at the walk light, teetering on my high heels while the breeze gusted up my dress, soothing my nylon bound cock. I was reassured by my reflection in the passing cars. A few men fixed their eyes on me as they passed, some even smiled and waved. The light changed. I went to take my first steps in public as Lorraine, a very nervous woman. I did okay; my confidence grew with every step. It was a good thing I could manage the high heels as I planned to türkmen escort speed past the super horny construction workers ahead.

“Whoa Baby, can I get fries with that shake!” hooted my first hard hat wearing cat caller. My impressive titties bounced as I raised my nose with indignation. I swiveled my hips to punish him, to harden the package in his pants. As I pictured him jacking off in a porta potty, the next one spoke up.

“Hey Hotty, check out my power tool!” called another model citizen. He held a the base of his noisy impact wrench against his trouser bulge and pulled the trigger. I couldn’t believe their conduct was legal, in this day and age. I stopped to give him a cold stare. He licked his lips, but stopped laughing, fixing his widening gaze over my shoulder. I spun around to spy a policewoman striding towards us, shaking her head in disapproval. I froze in my tracks before remembering I’d done nothing wrong. Vivian came to my rescue.

“Sod this lot, Lorraine! Get in!” she ordered. After we sped away, we couldn’t resist circling the block to see Mr. Power-tool being lambasted by the cop. He would probably jack off all the harder after his scolding. Viv reached over to slap my knee, shaking her head with dismay, “Poor bugger, just look at him.”

“Oh well, that’s hardly my fault, now is it?” I squeaked, laughing through my fingers. Viv started laughing hysterically.

“Lorraine, you did right well. This calls for a drink!” We went to a lounge of her choice, featuring big round tables complete with floor length table cloths. I was moving shakily, coming down from an adrenaline fueled laughing fit. I needed a drink, at that.

We were seated by a curvy young thing who looked me up and down. Her eyes sparkled with recognition, greeting Vivian by name, flashing a warm smile. Everything went as expected. We ordered a light lunch, as it was barely after noon hour. Our waitress dropped a fork. She bent to pick it up, revealing her sensuous stockinged legs admirably. Viv caught me checking her out.

“Oi! Eyes up here, Lorry!” she hissed. I, flustered, joked of how I was wondering at the girl’s brand of hosiery. Viv didn’t see the humor. When the crowd thinned out, she dropped a fork of her own. “Get it for me girly.” Shrugging, I complied. She kicked it under the table, sending me to scoot after it. She spread her knees, stretching the hem of her skirt, motioning towards her lap. I licked my lips and trembled, Oh boy, dessert!. I slid my hands up her legs, displacing her skirt, pausing to unbutton her side slit along the way up past her stocking tops. I kissed her stockinged legs, leaving red lipstick prints as I did so. She slid to the edge of her seat to allow my further oral servitude.

Her thighs parted. I peered in to see the details of the black satin covering her steamy mound. She’d chose to wear a tight pair of vintage button-crotch panties. My hard on raged against its nylon restraints as I inhaled her scent. I started at the top crotch button, deftly, deliberately popping the first of the black, pearly stays of her pussy’s clefted shield. Her pink clitty burst through the strains of her panty slit, aching for a tongue bath. She coughed to cover her horny moans as the first of my tongue lashings touched down. I unfastened more crotch buttons, evi olan escort exposing her fully engorged sex. I flicked my tongue under her tender nub, swirling it around to arouse her. She moaned while pushing my face into her pink pussy pie. I froze when I heard my chair move across the floor.

“Excuse me, ma’am, is this seat taken?” What the?

I gathered, by the details of their conversation, it to be the voice of the lady cop. She was none to pleased with Viv’s tire screeching rescue of me and proceeded tell her all about it.

“So, where’s your damsel in distress now ma’am?”

I never asked why she did what she did next, but she pointed under the table, or so I’m left to assume. A slight breeze washed over my goose bumped flesh, then nothing. A tense silence followed. They commenced making idle chit chat after the cop lowered the table cloth. Vivian groped for my head, guiding me back to her splayed sex lips. I shrugged, resuming the pleasuring of my Vivian.

The lady cop kicked off her shoes, crossed her legs and put one foot on my big round satin rump. She began bumping my ass rudely. Every kick drove me with my busy tongue into Viv’s sexy wet lady slipper. Oh god, she was into it. I closed my lips around Viv’s sex button while fingering her g spot. She clamped her thighs around my head as she quaked her way through a gushing orgasm. I licked her clean, daintily wiped my mouth, taking pains to re-button her panties with care.

I turned on my knees, crouching under the shrouded safety of the table. The lady cop had spread her legs, inviting my attention. I obliged, much to her girlish delight, in paying lip service to our lady in blue. She became quite aggressive with need, in grinding my face into her nylon covered mound. She pushed me away before digging a fingernail into her nylons, starting a small fissure. I had to laugh at the ‘happy face’ ring she wore on her middle finger.

I inserted my fingers to widen the gap, just enough to allow access to her most unusual clitoris. It looked just like the head of my own cock, only smaller. I prodded her clit with my tongue, failing to find a cum gushing slit at its center. She hooked her legs over my shoulders as I continued licking and sucking at her sexy surprise. Now it was Vivian’s feet on my bottom, pushing her spiked heels into my padded derriere as I serviced our police officer towards thigh clenching bliss. She patted my head when it was all over.

I backed away to reach up between my legs, frantic to release my throbbing inches from the complexity of its nylon prison. Grinning with wicked mischief, I looped my cock sling around the cop’s ankle and the leg of her chair. I began panting as I pumped away at my lusty shaft. Within seconds, I was spurting cum all over the policewoman’s feet, interrupting her talk with Vivian. It flooded between her toes hotly, soaking through the webbing of her pantyhose. The lady cop rubbed her feet together, exclaiming, “Hey! What’s all this, then?” She slammed the table and started to her feet.

“Let’s go Lorraine!” shouted Viv, kicking me over on my side. I rolled out into the light of day, pulling the table cloth along behind me, spilling drinks and crashing into tray wielding waitresses in my hasty retreat. We ran from the place, leaving the cop behind in a din of confusion. She was sprawled out on the floor, her chair on top of her, hollering with one leg in the air, stuck with our tab and all my squishy cum between her toes.

“I do believe you are the best kind of girlfriend!” cackled Vivian, as again, we sped off. It had been quite an eventful day. I guessed the library would have to wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32