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So I may be a little odd, I get that but for a long time I have had a bit of a strange obsession of watching women go for a pee. I know that I’m not alone in this and many people have an even greater fetish for this then me. Personally I’ve no interest excessive contact and definitely not in drinking, if that’s your thing then fair enough, it’s just not for me.

For me it is just about the taboo and secrecy rather than the physical action I think, but the fascination is certainly there. Unlike most people I can pin down exactly when this curiosity began and this is the story.

Firstly I need to explain a few bits and set the scene I guess. Right now I’m a 42 year old fella from England, whilst I now live in a large town this has not always been the case. I grew up in a very rural area of the country called Cornwall in the lowermost South West of the country. The county of Cornwall is a peninsula with a lot of coastline and beaches.

It is on one of these beaches that I lived, most of my spare time was spent surfing and hanging out with friends on the beach. Having turned 18 and near to finishing college this was likely the last full summer I’d see not being part of the rat race of adult life proper. I was fortunate to still live in my parents large house with a huge garden. What I failed to realise at the time was that my parents were actually pretty cool.

It was not rare, particularly in the summer for the day to be spent down at the beach with friends, then all piling back to my house where a party would normally ensue. Those who hadn’t been at the beach that day would normally find their way over as well. As I say it turns out my parents were pretty chilled and long as nothing too outrageous was going on than they would leave us in peace to have fun.

It was one of those party evenings where the beginnings of this mild fetish was born. The evening was getting late, a fire was burning and everyone was just chilled out and a few guys from a local band were jamming and entertaining everyone.

At this time I noticed someone peeking over the wall of our neighbour. A girl I didn’t know was obviously trying to be inconspicuous but having a nose about what was going on. Now my neighbours were elderly but a good sort so I had to wonder who it was. Being a friendly fella I headed over and pushing the large conifer type trees aside surprised her saying “Hello”.

We soon got to talking and she introduced herself as being Estelle, and explained she was visiting with her grandparents for a week over the summer as a cheap holiday during her summer break from university and had only just arrived that day.

Of course being the perfect gentleman it would be rude to not offer to show her round a bit, introduce her to the crowd and make her stay in our lovely part of the world an enjoyable one. With a bit of cajoling she clambered over the wall and came and joined the party.

We spent most of the next hour or so chatting and got on really well. Time passed and the evening started to die off, people left and soon there where only a handful left. Making her excuses and saying it had been a long day Estelle headed back to clamber again over the wall. After seeing her safely over I felt happy that she had agreed to come to the beach tomorrow and I looked forward to spending some more time with her.

Over the next few days we repeated the cycle with days spent on the beach, me teaching Estelle to surf (sort of anyway), swimming, cliff jumping hanging out on our fixed spot on the rocks. The crowd of people was largely the same each day and Estelle fitted in and made friends with all. The evenings were spent either at the pub or back for another impromptu party at my house. It really was a great time of life when I look back on it, I was fortunate to live and grew up in such a great place.

Halfway through the week one evening Estelle was asking what happened at the end of the beach. Whilst this puzzled me slightly she explained that the beach seemed to just end at the huge cliffs.

Now would probably be a good time to explain a bit of the geography. I lived in North Cornwall, think Poldark and other such dramas you may have seen (Or not), but North Cornwall is very rugged and made up of many bays and lots of cliffs. Warning signs are everywhere warning tourists of being cut off at high tide, rock falls and sudden vertical drops. It really is a bad idea to go off exploring beyond the main beach area if you don’t know where you’re going.

Of course having lived here for all but the first three years of my life I knew every nock and cranny of our bit of coastline. I told Estelle all about the coves, rocky inlets and other secret places very few people got to see other then maybe from the top of 200+ foot cliffs above.

Of course Estelle really wanted to see everything I had been telling her about, so that was that, we agreed the next day I would take her on an adventure.

Checking that she had some decent beach shoes for getting over the rocks and some Betturkey sun cream, I chucked these in my ruck sack which mainly had some food and plenty of water in it and off we set down over the cliffs for the five minute walk down to the beach.

A few of the normal lot were there when we arrived so we dropped of some stuff we wouldn’t need or didn’t want to carry and set off along the sea edge. At this time the tide was turning so would perfectly suit a long walk. Not that it matter as even should the tide turn I knew every olden smugglers route up the cliffs.

Now we weren’t in a rush and the day was absolutely beautiful, and given that Estelle had her swimsuit only on and me a pair of shorts we jumped in and out of sea, messed about splashing and goofing around as we made our way.

Despite how things might seem at this point and whilst a lot of flirting and even good natured innuendo filled teasing had occur neither of us had pushed things beyond this, all had been pretty innocent most probably because neither of us had the confidence to just “go for it”.

That doesn’t mean that as I walked down the beach with this gorgeous girl (Blonde, kinda short, very lean athletic body with boobs just a little bigger than you would expect and what I thought was the prettiest face ever… in case you were wondering) I wasn’t constantly sneaking a look at her bum as she run away from me, taking every chance to grab or hold her when swimming or messing about in the water and I definitely didn’t mind the way her nipples poked out every time she got out of the water.

Of course I had been busted a few times starring at her breasts in this state and had been called a perv, but in the nicest possible way. And there was never any attempt to try and hide them or push me away when I got a little too grabby. It was clear we were both having fun.

Anyway after an hour or so we had passed the two main touristy bays and I had navigated us around the cliff base through a maze of “secret” alleys and over some minor boulders.

As we jumped down the last of the rocks and whole new cove stretched out in front of us. Estelle was amazed to find such a perfect place and decided that I really was a good tour guide!

What makes all these coves special is the fact they are pretty much always deserted, unless some other local or a small boat has decided to head this way you can pretty much bet to have the place to yourself.

Due a break we sat for a while eat some food and rehydrated, chilled and enjoyed the sun again for a bit. A swim and drying off in the sun left us ready to carry on.

As we neared the end of the cove Estelle suddenly asked “Erm so Matt, where exactly does a girl find a bathroom round here?”

“A bathroom?” I laughed, “It’s right over there behind them rocks.”

“Oh wow really?” she exclaimed.

“Nooooo,” I howled as she realised I was joking.

“But I need to pee,” she laughed.

“So pee then.”

“Where?” She asked.

I point out to her that there is no one within a mile of us and that if she has to go it’s a wild wee or no wee.

Exclaiming that she most certainly is not going to pee outside Estelle most adamantly tells me she will wait.

As we head towards the cliffs not two minutes later it’s obvious that Estelle really does need to pee, just the way she is walking has me laughing and teasing her. However she is adamant she will wait!

Now earlier I mentioned that I was a gentleman, that’s not always true. I couldn’t resist teasing and even ducking behind her and grabbing her waist and tickling her. I can tell that she is getting more and more desperate.

“Stop it or you’ll make me piss myself,” she snapped whilst trying not to laugh at the same time.

I stop the tickling but keep up the teasing, offering her more water, exaggeratedly taking large gulps myself and singing any song that involves rain or running water that I can think of.

Estelle stopped and faced me.

“You are really not helping,” she said with a pained look on her face, “I really need to pee, what am I going to do?”

“Pee then,” I tell her again.

“What just do it here?” She exclaimed.

“Yes,” I laughed. “There’s no one around for miles.”

“You’re here, and I’ve never done a wee outside,” Estelle giggled.

“Well you aren’t going to last much longer either way so you might just as well get on with it.”

“OK, but you must turn around,” she said as she kind of bobbed up and down clearly not far from having any choice taken from her.

I turn my back to her but I already know that the gentleman in me has deserted again, I’m intrigued and know I’ll being doing my best to have a peek.

“It won’t come,” I heard Estelle saying, then suddenly she let out a massive sigh of relief and laughs “Oh my god I’m pissing myself.”

That’s my cue and I spin around. There stood just in front of me Estelle is stood with her legs a bit apart and her water cascading from the crotch Betturkey Giriş of her swimming costume.

“It’s going all down my legs,” she tells me in fits of giggles, “Your not supposed to be looking, perv.”

It’s true I am a perv but the sight of her stood there with a stream gushing through the material covering her crotch has me fascinated, I can feel the blood flowing into my dick as I feel turned on by the sight. Plus I know she wasn’t really mad at me as she’s watching me watching her with a big smile on her face.

As the flow dwindles Estelle gives a cute kind of shake of her hips.

“Oh god that feels better,” she said laughing “Now I need to wash myself off,” and skips off to the ocean.

I’m not sure what to do so just stand there watching as she jumps in the sea. I can see as she rinses off her legs and watch as her hand rubs across the material of her swim suit. If I wasn’t already hard I definitely would have been when I saw her hand slip inside the gusset of her swimsuit. Knowing her hand was right then in contact with her naked pussy certainly added to the horny feelings I was having.

“Come on perv, lets go,” Estelle shouted as she came running up. And we headed for the next crop of rocks to cross. This time there was a bit more climbing and scrambling to be done. Nothing to dramatic but enough to focus our attention on making sure no slips occurred. As we reached the top of the section we needed to cross we sat on a natural bench type ledge to recover our breath and admire the view.

“You know that was really fun, I want to do it again,” Estelle suddenly said as we were sat in silence.

“What climb the rocks?” I asked not quite catching on.

“No donkey, pissing outside. It was liberating and even better it felt really naughty,” she shyly giggled as if she had just admitted something really shocking.

“Huh told you!” I said “fun even though you had a perv with you.”

Estelle went quite for a moment and I worried I had offended her.

“I don’t actually think your a perv, if any one is it’s me,” she said quietly.

“Why you?” I asked a bit confused “I was the one watching you.”

“Coz I liked it, I stood there peed and let you watch me. I liked that you were looking and watching me. It made me feel funny and I liked it. It turned me on a bit and when I rinsed myself off I realised I was wet,” she said still talking quietly.

“What did you expect, plus you were in the sea,” I laughed trying to lighten to atmosphere a bit.

Chuckling she carried on “Not that kind of wet, the other kind of wet you donkey. My fanny (pussy to my American friends) was very slick,” she explained shyly. “Plus I’m a perv because I want to do it again, I want to piss outside and I want you to watch me do it. And now you will think I’m some kind of freak.”

“Wow really,” I exclaimed, “I don’t think your a freak, I liked watching you and would really like to see you do it again.”

“OMG, so we’re both pervs then,” she set off giggling again, “Give me that water I need to fill up.” The giggling turning to proper laughter.

That seemed to be the end of the conversation for now as Estelle got up and started her way down the rocks to the next cove. This was only a small one and the last sandy beach in the stretch as the coastline got more rocky as it went on.

Against the base of the cliff there were loads of rock pools and we spent some time exploring these looking at little fish that were swimming around them. A few crabs and other sea creatures shared the pools with them. We swam for a bit and finished off the food I had packed for our lunch. I noticed that Estelle was constantly sipping at one of the large bottles of water I had packed. Whilst nothing was said I couldn’t help but smile to myself about the likely outcome.

“What’s next?” Asks Estelle glancing away across the cove, I know she is meaning the next cove we will visit. I point out the rocks jutting out in to the sea that hide any view of the next stretch of coast. Telling her that we need to follow a ledge out and all around them then back in the other side. Here we will find our last port of call. An amazing little inlet with a rock ledge all around it. Even at low tide the basin is full and it’s like a sea water swimming pool. Totally secluded and can’t be seen anyway other than being there. The only way out from there now is an old path once used by smugglers and wreckers along this treacherous coastline, we have left it way to late to go back the way we came as the tide coming back in would have cut off the route. I tell her about some local folklore about how The Wreckers would lure ships in by flashing lights pretending they were the light house further up the coast, and how the sailing ships would get lost and crash against the rocks. The Wreckers would then loot the wrecked ships ignoring the sailors who perished.

“Such adventure,” teased Estelle. “We best get on our way before we get trapped and a ghostly wrecker comes Betturkey Güncel Giriş for our loot,” she said standing up.

“First though I need to pee though, you coming?” She smiled at me.

I was up like a shot as I followed her towards a big cave entrance. As I caught up with her she grabbed my hand as we walked along.

“I want to feel really free this time, I assume you won’t mind if I move my costume out the way and get my fanny out?” she giggled. “Maybe I won’t soak my legs as much either then!”

Hell no, I certainly didn’t mind. The thought of seeing Estelle’s pussy naked had my cock instantly hard.

“You sure?” She asked as she stopped and turned and faced me. “I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to have a wee before.”

“Oh I’m very sure,” I replied. I couldn’t help but unconsciously touch my own crotch which by now contained a bulge. Estelle saw me do this and gave a very fake roll of the eyes and smiled at me.

Then looking at me she placed her hands on the top of her chest and slowly run them down her body, as she passed them over her tits it just made her erect nipples even more obvious.

As her hand reached her hips she turned them outward and slipped her fingers under the edge of her costume. Each hand following the crease at the top of her legs. Her fingers inside the costume obviously feeling good against her skin as she let outa little gasp as they passed over her slit.

Pulling one hand out and hooking a finger through to the other side with the other, she gripped the material and pulled it downwards and to the side.

“Taa da,” Estelle exclaimed as for the first time she reveal her beautiful pussy to me. Her slightly plump mound was 100% smooth and creased with a perfect slit running between her lips. At this time I hadn’t seen a lot of pussy’s in real life but I know this was the prettiest one I’d seen to date.

“Oh shit, I can’t hold it,” Estelle suddenly said.

As she did a powerful stream erupted from between her legs. Such was her need to relieve herself the stream shot straight down and in front of her. My eyes were transfixed.

“Look at me, I’m pissing like a boy!” Estelle erupted in laughter. Suddenly Estelle started waving her hips about, sending her stream flying in all directions. Finding the hilarious she swept her hips from side to side as she clasped her hands together behind her head.

“Wow this is so fun, I’m such a dirty cow! Do you like seeing my pissing fanny? I reckon I could spell my name in the sand if I practice,” She howled laughing. “Well I could if my name was whoosh.”

I couldn’t help but join in with her infectious laughter.

As her stream started to ebb and lose some power it started to spray a little, Estelle reached down with her hand and parted her lips a little. Finishing up with a little bob up and down she looked down at the puddle spread around her feet. Even though it was rapidly draining into the sand she exclaimed how much there was, excitedly saying how she really really did need to go.

“Did you enjoy that?” She asked slightly nervously stood with her pussy still out in the open and making no attempt to cover up.

“I really enjoyed that” I enthused.

“Come on, lets go clean up,” Estelle grabbed my hand and led the way the waters edge. We waded into the small surf until the waters nearly up to our knees. Well nearly to mine and up to hers given she was shorter than me.

As we stop Estelle turned and faced me, pushing herself up on tiptoes she lifted her face up to mine and we shared our first kiss. As our lips met nearly a weeks worth of passion spilled out. Her warm tongue pushed into my mouth as we duelled both of ours together. It was warm, wet and I absolutely loved the intensity of our first kiss.

Breaking our embrace Estelle turned her back to me and taking my wrists pulled my arms around her to embrace her from behind. As I leant forward to kiss her neck she bent forward and scooped up some water in her hands. She splashed the water across the top of her legs and stomach. Repeating this action and washing herself down Estelle then stood back up and leaned into me. Offering her neck to me I leant in and kissed it. Obviously something she liked as a little shudder ran through her body.

“You better make sure that I’m clean!” She huskily whispered.

Sliding down her body a little I scooped up some water myself. Using my hands to spread this water I started at her thighs and slid my hands up her inner thighs. Intentionally sliding my hands past her exposed pussy and along her hips. Carrying on their path my hands slid around her flat stomach, up her ribs and nearing the end of their journey as they travel up the underside of her breasts.

“Oi, it wasn’t my tits that got pissed on!” she said as she turned her head towards mine.

Instead of answering I just put my lips back on hers and shut her up by kissing her. Again I didn’t find any complaints as I grabbed her perfect handful sized tits in my hands. Squeezing and kneading them through her swimming costume I could feel her nipples getting even harder as they poked the palms of my hands. Using just my fingers I teased and played with her nipples, lightly pinching them, circling them and dragging my nails over them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32