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I had been waiting for some time to meet a cross dresser I had encounters on the net. Our frequent chats online invariably ended with us being unable to co-ordinate our free time and ended in frustration at our failure to meet and satisfy our cravings.

Eventually a time and date were set and I spent the intervening time in eager anticipation of our meeting. Sarah ( the name the guy used when he was dressed “en femme”) had told me she was totally sub and was prepared to satisfy any kink or fetish that would give me pleasure. As neither of us could safely accommodate we had agreed to meet at a local “dogging site”, mutually convenient for us both.

Eager as I was, I arrived in good time and was pleased to find the car park was, at present, deserted. This I hoped would give me some time to enjoy Sarah to myself, prior to letting others use her charms for my entertainment. On the stroke of eight, our arrange meeting time, a car fitting the description I had been, given pulled slowly into the car park and made its way to where I was parked. The occupant appeared to be female, but a tell-tale 7 o’clock shadow was, on closed inspection, an instant giveaway. Sarah smiled at me and got out of the car. She wore a white blouse, navy-blue pleated mini skirt and flat shoes, the obvious intention of which was to simulate a schoolgirl. I late found she also wore a white bra and suspender belt and a pair of silky black panties. The image was complete.

We walked off into the denser foliage that surrounded the car park and she led me towards an area that she had used before. Once embedded deep in the thicker undergrowth with sufficient room to manouver, özbek escort she dropped to her knees and started to remove my trousers. Once they fell to the floor she seemed pleased to see that I, too, was wearing a pair of silk panties, though in my case they were midnight blue in colour. She pulled them to one side to reveal my already hardened cock which she proceeded to try and swallow whole. Not wishing to finish before I got started, I soon had to stop the cock-sucking slut from finishing me off before I shot my load down her throat.. I told her to stand and strip down to her undies, which she did.

Her cock was by now climbing over the top of her panties waistband, so I told her to take them off. She was then ordered to turn round and bend over. I parted the cheeks of her arse, and there it was: the butt plug I had insisted she put in before setting out to meet me. I eased it in and out, moving it just past the neck on each occasion, stretching her arse to the maximum each time it was partially removed. Her arse was well lubed and the butt plug made rude slurping and sloshing sounds as I pushed it in and out. Eventually I removed it completely and gazed in awe and admiration at the wide open hole of Sarah’s arse begging to be refilled.

Stepping out of my panties, I picked up my trousers and removed condom from the pocket; removed it from the wrapper and slip it over my helmet and down my shaft. I moved forward and brushed my knob end against the still open entrance to Sarah’s man pussy. With very little effort it slipped in and buried itself up to the hilt in warm arse. Sarah groaned, thankful to once again azeri escort have something filling the void that had been made in her arse since the plug had been removed. I now started to fuck the bitch in earnest, starting with long slow strokes and gradually increasing the tempo ’till my balls, now slapping against the base of her arse, began to tighten and I knew the explosion was imminent. I slowed slightly to prolong the sensation and then it happened. My balls exploded in a torrent of spunk which coursed through my cock and must have been very close to shooting through the condom and into Sarah’s bowels.

As I slowly came down from my climactic high I gently eased my now limp dick from Sarah’s arse. I stepped back, and in doing so, caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. Spinning to my left I saw a couple staring fixedly at us a mere ten yards away. My initial reaction was to pull on my clothes and run like hell for the car, but a second take of the couple found they were both smiling. In addition, the woman, middle aged and BBW, was openly playing with her pussy, with her hand high up the cotton dress she was wearing. Even closer inspection revealed a large bulge in the guy’s trousers. I returned their smile and, taking that as consent, they came over to where we were stood.

They both began to play with Sarah, who was taken aback by their approach but quickly accepted her fate. The woman got to her knees and began to stroke and then suck Sarah’s cock, while her partner was stroking the undie clad crossdresser, feeling all of her underwear with an obvious relish. He took out his cock and told kazank escort Sarah to suck it. She bent down and engulfed his hot tool into her mouth trying not to disengage his cock from the woman’s mouth. They continued like this for some time until the husband took his cock out of Sarah’s mouth and told her to turn and bend. His wife stopped sucking and let Sarah get into position. Her hubby then got behind Sarah and began to ease his not inconsiderable prick into the waiting love-hole of my TV slut. A little too late I suggested that he wear a condom, but Sarah was so far gone she cried out for him to be left alone to fuck her ‘cos she was desperate.

While he began to give Sarah a good shagging, his wife turned her attention to my, now rapidly reviving cock. She knelt to suck it back to life, taking it ball deep into her mouth and working her tongue round it like an expert. I was ready to shoot again but she wanted more, so she laid on her back and offered me her pussy to lick. Her dress was pulled up to reveal tan stockings, red suspender belt and red panties, the gusset of which was absolutely soaking. She pulled the panties off and opened her lips to give me full access. I dived in and was greeted by a hot snatch, dripping juice which was running down her arse crack. It tasted very musky and I lapped as much as I could before moving to her clit which was hard, prominent and engorged. Licking this for a couple of minutes brought her to her first shuddering climax. As she came down to earth I eased a couple of fingers into her cunt to stop her going totally off the boil. We both turned to see how the other two were getting on and were just in time to see her husband pull out of Sarah’s arse and stick his cum spewing cock into Sarah’s mouth before too much was lost on the floor. Sarah’s cheeks sucked in as she tried to swallow the payload without spilling a drop.

There was, of course, still more to come – but that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32