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This story is inspired by a series of captions done by Wes Mantooth over on his blog. Wes has been gone for several years and I’m a huge fan of his work so my intent is to use several of his stories and characters as jumping off places to create a larger world.


Cameron once again ran his hands down the front of his pants, trying surreptitiously to wipe off the nervous sweat he knew had gathered on his palms. He hadn’t had to wait outside a principal’s office since he was in middle school, he’d generally been a well behaved boy and a good student, and doing so now was doubly nerve-wracking as he really needed this job. He nervously ran a hand through his hair, making sure his coppery red hair stayed in place. He couldn’t believe it had come to this.

A few years ago Cameron had been comfortable and set in the direction of his life. He’d been a respected writer at a relatively well known newspaper. But then, the world had somehow changed. After years of being disparaged and under-represented, black men had finally gotten their voices heard and lots of people were listening. At first, the changes were small – more representation in government, different kinds of shows on tv and more leading roles in movies. White women and black men as couples became more and more common, even amongst celebrities and the wealthy. Soon, the changes began to snowball. Culturally, white men began to be portrayed as docile, secondary and, increasingly, feminine beings. In only a couple of years society had been radically reworked with black men and women at the top, white women a step below and white men lagging far behind.

Cameron’s writing during this time began to slant stronger and harder against the current cultural flow. He resented the idea that he was somehow feminine, or more submissive, just because he was a white male – and he wasn’t afraid to share that opinion. At the same time, the newspaper apparently wasn’t afraid to fire his ass for expressing it. He’d thought he could easily get another job but suddenly none were forthcoming at top tier papers, or even any of the lower tier ones either. He’d ended up on a blacklist – or maybe a not-black-enough-list. So, he’d moved back home and gotten a job as a teacher at a local public school.

He didn’t mind teaching he discovered. But the students, they seemed so unengaged for the most part. The black students seemed intent on ignoring or disparaging him at every opportunity. The white girls simply hung on every word that the black boys said and the white boys – well they always said you look at later generations differently. The white boys all seemed intent on living into the very stereotypes he was trying to fight. They didn’t turn in work, or when they did it was written in pink flowing letters. They wore progressively more feminine and sluttier attire and he caught several actually having sex with black boys on school property. No one seemed bothered by any of this and Cameron started to once again hate his job.

Then he’d seen the advertisement for Bigdark Academy and had thought this might be his chance. While, surely, there were some unusual requirements and the dress code wasn’t something his father would have been comfortable with for his son, it was a prestigious school and there would be white boys here actually wanting to learn something rather than simply be hammered into the shape society desired for the. So here he was, wearing a dark green blouse and what were obviously women’s black slacks. He’d had to spend $100 on getting his hair done for this interview, the stylist commenting on how beautiful his copper hair was already. And he’d spent nearly the same on makeup, then several hours watching you-tube videos making sure he got it all right. Now he thought he looked better than presentable, unfortunately he’d have to go with pretty as a descriptor.

Finally, the secretary’s phone rang and after she picked it up and spoke for a minute she pointed at Cameron with her pen and said, “Ok, honey, you can go on in.” Cameron stood and walked to the door, knocking and, hearing a deep voice say, “Come in,” opening the door and stepping inside. As he stepped inside Cameron once again marveled at the quality of everything in this school. The larger office area had been exceptionally nice, with beautiful dark wood walls and elegant touches everywhere. The principal’s office was no istanbul travesti different. Numerous awards and plaques hung on the walls around the room, a lovely rug graced the middle of the flow and two sturdy but smoothly linder wooden chairs sat on this side of the large desk dominating the space. And, walking out now from behind the desk, there was the principal his arm outstretched towards Cameron who quickly stepped forward, reached out his own hand and said, “Cameron Luvdarc, Principal Blackwell, it’s so good to meet you. Thank you for the chance to interview.

“Oh, no need to be so formal Candy. Please, take a seat and call me Daryll.” Daryll Blackwell flashed a smile that seemed at home on his face. The principal of Bigdark Academy was only in his early forties, about ten years older than Cameron. He was a very fit black man, his dark tailored suit emphasizing his build and conveying a striking sense of professionalism.

Cameron bridled briefly at the feminizing of his name, “Actually it’s Cameron, sir.” He tried to keep any irritation out of his voice and took the seat that had been offered. Principal Blackwell, Daryll, Cameron noted in his head, didn’t respond but took the seat behind the desk and picked up a file folder.

“So, it looks like all of your qualifications are in order. Impressive job at a legitimate newspaper and some experience in teaching. In preparation for this interview I read some of your articles, you seem to have some distaste for the current state of culture. Could you say more about that?” Cameron froze for a moment, unsure what to say and Daryll looked up at him with what seemed like genuine interest.

Cameron decided to be honest. “Well, Daryll, it seems ridiculous to me that we are suddenly being exposed to this ‘hidden truth’ that white men are somehow inherently submissive. That they are meant to be little more than feminine, excuse me, play toys for black men. I am, of course, a big believer in equality, but it seems like our culture has swung well past equality to somehow denigrating white men.”

Daryll nodded as Cameron spoke but then gestured towards him with his hand, “And yet, I see you have made some notable compromises to the new way of looking at things.” At this Daryll pointedly looked at Cameron’s chest.

Cameron noticed immediately where Daryll’s eyes were and felt his own cheeks flush. He looked down and saw the mounds of his own breasts, the tops poking out of his blouse and looking every bit the textbook example of feminine cleavage. “Well, I understood your institution had certain expectations of it’s teachers. The public school I’m currently teaching at seems to have no interest in its white male students reaching for anything beyond a simple submissive life. Frankly, most of my white boys won’t become more than secretary’s or perhaps housewives, others may end up in much less reputable situations. I deeply hope I might get an opportunity to come and work with your white male students and teach them the truth about themselves. Inspire them to reach and work for more.”

“Ok,” Daryll responded, “But, Candy, honestly, if you’re telling me your plan is to come in and tell them that then how can I trust you to be really living into what we expect of our white male teachers. We don’t have many on staff, possibly because our standards are so high. I can ill afford to have one who is bucking the system. Look, please stand up.”

Cameron thought about objecting to the name again, but had the sense he might already be on thin ice. Instead, he nervously rose to his feet and stood across the desk from the principal. Daryll Blackwell smiled gently at him and then twirled his finger, obviously indicating that Cameron should turn. Taking a deep breath and adopting an upright posture, Cameron submitted to the inspection, because that it obviously what it was, and began to slowly rotate around.

“Yes, you see, you’ve adopted some of the feminine trappings, excellent makeup work, a delightful hair style, even feminine pants – they are doing your ass some serious favors. But, all of this could be a simple ruse. Hell, Candy, those could be implants in your bra and you could intend to begin trying to break down our system as soon as we hired you. I’m sorry, I just don’t think it will work out.”

Candy nearly broke down in tears as he spun back to istanbul travestileri face the principal. “Please, no sir, I really need this job. I’ll do anything to prove to you that I want to be here, that I’ll do my part if you’ll just give me a chance.”

Daryll posed with a finger on his chin, as if considering, for a moment and then said, “Fine, off with your top then.”

“My top?” Cameron exclaimed.

“Yes, your top. I’m going to have to verify the implants are real.” Daryll stood and began to step around the desk. “Nor, hurry up Candy, I don’t have all day. There are other candidates you know?”

Cameron recognized the implicit threat in that statement and reached down the buttons on his dark green blouse. With shaking hands he undid them one by one and then slid the blouse off his shoulders revealing the cream colored bra with black lace on the cups underneath. Daryll closed the distance between them in a few quick steps and raised his hand up to the shaking applicants chest. Cameron started to step back. “Stay boi,” Daryll coldly commanded, the substitution of the feminized “i” for the formerly masculine “y” somehow evident in his voice. “I told you I’d need to inspect them, let me do my work.” Daryll placed his hands on each of Cameron’s breasts and proceeded to squeeze and lift them. His finger slid slightly into the cups and tweaked a nipple and Cameron let out a small girlish squeal. “Yes, these are very nice. I like that you decided to go big. Must be a D at least?”

Cameron stared down at the ground as the principal literally manhandled his newest assets. “Uhm, Double D, they don’t really sell small implants to white men anymore.”

Daryll stepped back and removed his hands from the obviously nervous white boi in front of him, “I guess the medical community has figured out what blackmen have always known: bigger is better. Now,” he continued with a wave at the rest of Cameron’s body, “let’s see what you’ve got under the pants. Our dress code frowns on pants as you know, for both female teachers and white bois. They are expected to model the dress code for students, though more professional.”

Cameron had gone far enough that he couldn’t just stop now. He reached to his side and found the pants zipper and then shimmied them down his shaved legs and slipped them off over his shoes. He stood back up, knowing that now the matching panties, a cream thong with black lace with attached suspender clips, as well as the lacy black stockings were fully visible to this strong and intimidating black man.

“Matching lingerie,” Daryll smiled again, “I wonder if there is some part of you that has enjoyed all this Candy. To go so far, not just the implants but the hair styling, the makeup and all this,” he gestured at the beautiful, feminine body displayed in front of him. “Have you actually decided to accept being a little sissy white boi?”

“No, sir,” Cameron breathed deeply, and tried to tell himself that anger was the only emotion rising in him right now. “White men and men too, even if we are currently subjected to less manly expectations and treatment.”

“White bois are men, you say?” Daryll laughed out loud. “What makes you think that? Here, sweety, hop up on this desk.” Cameron moved over to the desk and sat himself on the edge, finding the cold wood on his ass cheeks deeply stimulating. “Ok, now. One last test before we finish here. You show me what makes you a man.”

This time Cameron’s face flushed fully and stayed red. He knew it was less anger than shame but he wished it were the other way around. Especially because knowing it was shame meant that – damn it, he really needed this job – he was going to have to do it. Cameron lowered his hands down to his panties and slipped them aside, allowing his 2 inch penis to slip out of the side.

“Is that all Candy, that’s what makes you a man? Does it even get hard anymore?” Cameron couldn’t bring himself to respond, he simply shook his head while looking at the powerful black man in front of him. “You see Candy,” Daryll reached down and undid his belt and pants all while maintaining direct eye contact with Cameron. “This is what real men have.” He dropped his pants and Cameron let out an involuntary gasp. His cock draped more than halfway down his large powerful thigh. It had to be 7 or 8 istanbul travesti inches and it wasn’t even HARD.

“Now Candy, come closer.” Daryll reached out his hand and took hold of Cameron’s arm and pulled gently, hoping to give the white boi just the push he needed. “Take a close look at what makes black men superior to you bois.” Cameron gave in to the subtle pressure Principal Blackwell was exerting and first moved closer to the larger man and then found himself falling to his knees in front of him. Now he was looking directly at the large cock and it seemed nearly 3 inches around as well as being incredibly long. Daryll slid his arm down Cameron’s and took the boi’s hand and placed it on his massive cock. “Feel that boi, doesn’t it feel powerful, doesn’t it feel manly.” Daryll had to suppress a laugh as he watched Cameron bite down on his lower lip, the feminine mannerism one more piece of evidence of the truth of the current cultural paradigm.

“If you teach here Candy, you won’t be required to stifle your own voice, or embrace the changes we’ve gone through. But right here, right now, and always in this office, you will know that I am your superior.”

Candy shook her head trying to clear it of the sudden cloudy feeling she was experiencing while staring at and holding the cock in front of her. She could almost feel the heat coming off it.. “Daryll, I don’t think this is appropria-“

“I think you should show a bit more respect, Candy. Why don’t you call me sir. And this seems perfectly appropriate, you were a white boi should be and me where a superior black man should be. Go on, why don’t you give it a little kiss.”

Cameron knew she had to give something to get this job. She leaned in and placed a small kiss on the head of the cock. “Good boi, now open your mouth just a bit.” Cameron followed instructions and quickly found her mouth full and stretching as Principal Blackwell began sawing his meat in and out of her waiting lips. “Mind the teeth now Cany, ooh yes, that feels good, I think you may have done this before?” He pulled his cock fully out of the boi’s mouth and looked down, obviously awaiting an answer.

“Sir, with everything I needed for the interview I got a little behind on rent and my landlord well – we had to come to an arrangement.” To keep from having to say more Cameron turned his head back towards the dick in front of him and placed it back in his mouth. Soon, the boi was gagging as he quickly worked his head back and forth, never realizing that he had taken over all the work from the principal. Daryll rotated between statements of encouragement and humiliation, reaching down more than once to feel the incredible breasts of the boi on his knees in front of him. “Yes, good work.” “Not sure how you learned to work a dick so well with just that little clit.” “If you get this job iit’s slutty little skirts and dresses from now on. You can stick with this lingerie though.” “Keep going, I’m getting close.”

A minute or two after the last Daryll withdrew himself from Candy’s mouth, actually having to reach down and push the boi’s head away to keep him from returning to the blowjob. “Now Candy, jerk me off. Make me explode all over your face and big ole sissy tits.” As Cameron quickly moved to comply, Daryll continued, “You thought you could come in here and change everything about my school, upset the balance, you’re just a sissy like the rest of them. Well, aren’t you?” Cameron nodded. “Tell me boi, I expect you to answer just like you’d expect your students to answer.”

“Yes sir, I’m just a sissy like the rest of the white bois,” Cameron said in a humiliated tone as he continued to stroke the large cock inches from her face.

“Now, tell me your name boi.”

“Cameron, sir,” a quick glance up at the principal was enough to let Cameron know this wasn’t the right answer. “I mean Candy, sir. Candy Luvdarc.” As he said this Principal Blackwell’s cock suddenly leapt in his hand and cum shot out like a firehose. The first shot splattered across Candy’s face, some leaking down into his mouth. The second was aimed directly at his tits, cum landing across both large globes and running down the valley of cleavage between them. More shots covered both face and tits until the Principal seemed spent.

Daryll Blackwell looked down at the splattered sissy kneeling before him. He took hold of his own dick, leaned forward and wiped it off in the boi’s coppery hair and did up his pants. As he stepped back he said, “Well, Candy, let’s start you off on Monday. Thirty day probation and you’re in here every Wednesday and Friday afternoon for,” he smiled at the boi, still blinking to keep cum out of his eyes, “private counseling.”

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