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“Bye Anne. Thanks for the company! See you next week.” Nicole called out to her friend as she rushed from the gym to her car.

“See ya Nicole. Don’t hurry home too fast! The last thing you need is another speeding ticket!” Anne hollered back.

“No kidding.” Nicole muttered to herself as she slammed her car door and started the engine. “That would earn me at least fifty lashes with the crop. Not to mention any other punishment he decided to tack on for the insurance increase.”

Keeping it within 5mph over the speed limit Nicole berated herself for losing track of time at the gym. She rolled her window down to dry her long wet hair faster from the quick shower she took at the gym to, hopefully, save some time. She could feel her legs quivering a bit as she pressed on the accelerator. Six miles was the longest she had ever run on the treadmill before, and her legs were letting her know they needed a break. She was hoping that Tyler’s pride in her would replace the anger for her tardiness. He had wanted her to get out a bit more and get back into shape. She had spent a few months in bed recovering from a leg injury that was caused by another speeding episode where she ran a red light and got hit by another car. Remembering the pain and long recovery time she slowed the car down to the speed limit and turned her thoughts back to driving.

As Nicole pulled into the two car garage she saw Tyler standing in the doorway that led from the garage to the kitchen. He was already dressed for their evening out, wearing his black dress pants, deep red shirt, and the dark red tie she had gotten him for his new job promotion earlier this year. “He looks so damn handsome.” She thought to herself. “He looks so damn intimidating too!” He was standing there with his arms crossed and a small hungry smile that portrayed his displeasure with her more than his happiness to see her.

She took a breath and pasted a smile on her face as she stepped out of her car. “I ran six miles today, honey! I’m finally getting back in shape. Isn’t that great?”

“Fantastic, Nicole. It’s 6:30.”

“I know. I’m sorry I’m late. Anne and I were talking and we just lost track of time.”

Tyler stopped her at the doorway holding her firmly at the waist. When she stood in front of him like that she felt like a small child. Her 5’3 frame feeling even shorter next to his 6’2 build. “I told you to be home at 5:30. Now we are going to be late. I see you already showered. You are to go upstairs and dress in the outfit I have set out for you. Leave your hair down and do not put on make up.”

She stared up into his dark brown eyes feeling his authority, and at the same time feeling her pussy tingle as she heard his soft spoken instructions. She had always marveled at his ability to seem so calm and feral at the same time. Whenever he took on that tone she knew he had planned something that would push her to her limits. She also knew hd porno not to disobey him in the least or expect three times the punishment.

Nicole tried to turn to go inside the house to get dressed but he kept her in place still. “Is there something else, Sir?”

“Yes, my dear, there is.” He smiled down sweetly at her. “You are not to enter this house clothed for the rest of this night. You may undress here.”

She stared up at him in shock and embarrassment. “Sir the garage door is open. Anybody can see right in here.”

Tyler turned her around quickly, pressing her against the door frame, and pulled her workout pants to her knees. He smacked her butt hard three times over her panties as she yelped in surprise. “Undress now!” He growled in her ear. Watching in pleasure, he stared at her as she kicked her tennis shoes off and pulled her pants the rest of the way down. She kept glancing up worrying about someone seeing her undress in the garage. She pulled her t-shirt over her head and stood there in undergarments and socks. He was enjoying her discomfort and he had to try not to crack a smile as he saw her blush to her ears as she took off her panties and sports bra. “Good girl. Now take your clothes and shoes upstairs and go change into the outfit laid out on the bed.

Nicole hurried upstairs to their large bedroom. On the bed there was a pair of fitted light blue jeans, a tacky blue shirt that had “smart ass” written on it in sequins from her younger days, and her black high heeled boots. She also noticed that no bra or panties were laid out for her, and she groaned in displeasure. They were going to a nice Italian restaurant. She would look trashy and out of place wearing this get up. Getting ready took no time since she didn’t have to do her hair and make up, and she ran downstairs to meet him.

As Tyler pulled into a parking spot and went around opening her door, Nicole hesitated to get out. “Please Sir, don’t make me go in there like this. Everyone will stare at me. I look horrible dressed like this.”

“Maybe everyone will stare at how beautiful they think you are.”

“Yeah right.” she mumbled and stuck her tongue out at him playfully.

“Mind your manners, brat.” He told her as he swatted her ass in return.

Nicole was right; everyone was staring at her. Here they were in a high end restaurant and she was dressed like a tramp. She could tell that people were looking down on her; thinking she didn’t belong. Even the waiter kept his eyes adverted from her and talked mainly to Tyler, as if she wasn’t there.

When it was her turn to order Tyler spoke for her. “She will have the salmon with steamed zucchini and peppers, and wild rice. For the drinks just water with lemon for her, and I’ll have a glass of your Chardonnay.” He looked over at her and saw her confusion. He knew she loved the wine here and was looking forward to it. “Tonight you will brazzers porno have only water. Did you drink plenty of water at the gym?”

“Yes Sir, I always do.”

“Good, we wouldn’t want you to get dehydrated, now would we?”

“No Sir, we wouldn’t.” She grumbled back.

The waiter brought their food and refilled his wine and her water. He couldn’t help but notice her nipples outlined in the shirt. He gave her another rude glance but also kept looking down at her shirt. She was blushing again feeling the waiter stare at her like that. Her body was giving her mixed signals. On one hand she hated being humiliated like this but on the other she was so aroused from it all she could feel her pussy getting moist. Humiliation was part of their relationship. She enjoyed being controlled and put into situations that made her uncomfortable. She got off on the embarrassment and shame that came with it.

“Excuse me Sir, I need to use the restroom.” She said as she started to rise from her chair.

“Sit back down Nicole. Do you just need to go pee?” He asked her bluntly.

Red face she nodded her head yes. “Please Sir I didn’t get a chance to go at the gym.”

“You are not allowed to use the restroom Nicole. In fact let me call the waiter over here to refill your glass, I see you are low.”

By the time they were ready to order their dessert Nicole was squirming in her seat with the need to use the restroom. The added pressure was also making her pussy wetter. She could feel her juices seeping into the crotch of her jeans. She tried to calm herself down when she the waiter coming over to their table.

“We will each have a piece of your tiramisu and the lady here needs another refill on her water. In fact bring another glass of water as well please.”

“Please Sir I can’t drink that much more water without wetting myself!”

“Yes you can. If you do wet yourself, though, there will be severe consequences.”

She tried to hurry through her dessert and her awful glasses of water so they could get home quickly. Tyler, however, was not falling for it. He took his time with his dessert, savoring each bite and each bit of discomfort his little minx was experiencing. Her bladder was getting ready to burst when Tyler finally finished and stood behind her chair. She though he was reaching down to help her up but he leaned down and discreetly gave her a sensuous kiss behind her ear as he pressed a hand against her full tummy. The added pressure was too much and she felt her bladder release. “Oh no, I can’t hold it anymore.” She whimpered. She sat rooted to her chair as she felt her warm urine gush into her jeans and seep out to run down her legs and over the chair to the floor forming a puddle. To make matters worse the sudden relief and the huge humiliation caused her orgasm right there. Her small cry of pleasure brought a few eyes her direction.

“Tsk, seks filmi tsk tsk, what a shame. I told you to hold it, but you didn’t listen. Now stand up and let’s go to the car.” Tyler scolded.

“I can’t stand up like this, please Sir.”

The small scene brought the waiter over to ask if anything was wrong. Tyler responded to the waiter, “Well, the lady here seems to have peed her pants. I am terribly sorry for the mess; I assure you we are leaving. I have to get this naughty little girl home.” With that he stood her up and led her slowly out of the restaurant. Her light blue jeans making it impossible for urine stain spreading across her butt and down her legs to be hidden.

By the time they got to the car she was crying. He pulled a towel from the trunk and laid it across her seat. She climbed in and hung her head.

“Unzip your jeans.” He told her as he started to drive back home. “I bet I will find you soaking wet, not only with pee but with your own juices. I believe you came in there when you wet yourself, right?”

“Yes Sir, I did.” She admitted. “I’m sorry Sir I couldn’t help it.”

With one hand on the wheel, he reached the other down her soaked jeans. He found her soaked pussy and started fingering it bringing her to another orgasm in the car. As they pulled into the garage, he opened her door for her. “Remember Nicole, you are not to enter this house clothed tonight.”

“I remember Sir.” She stood there, as before with the garage door open, peeling off her wet clothes. At this point she didn’t even care if anyone saw her. After she undressed, Tyler reached up and pushed the button for the garage to close. She stood there naked before him feeling dirty, humiliated, and more aroused than she had ever felt before. He turned her around roughly and bent her over the hood of the car. She could feel the heat from the engine warming her tummy as it was pressed against the hood. He grabbed a leather strap that was hanging on the wall and started to spank her ass and legs.

“You will not be late again when I give you specific instructions to be on time!”

“No Sir, I’m sorry Sir.” Nicole cried.

“You are a little slut aren’t you Nicole? You couldn’t contain yourself when you felt yourself piss your pants, could you?”

“Yes Sir, I’m a slut, I’m your slut!”

“That’s right baby girl, you are my slut. And I think my slut needs to be fucked right now.”

“Oh yes please Sir! I’ve been so naughty and don’t deserve it, but I want your cock in my pussy so bad!” With those words he threw down the strap and unzipped his pants. He pulled his hard cock out of his boxers and slammed it not into her soaking wet pussy but her tight ass. She screamed in surprise and tried to grip the sides of the hood while he fucked her ass. A few hard thrusts and he had to cum. He pulled out of her ass and came all over her back and ass. He pulled her up and turned her around so he could look at her and kiss her lips.

“You are my naughty little slut. I love you”

“I love you too Sir. Umm, Sir?

“Yes Nicole?”

“Can we do this again sometime?” She asked with an impish smile.

“Oh I’m sure we can do this again.” Tyler smiled at her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32