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I wiped my sperm off on the dress – there was only a little bit of it thankfully. And I did as I was told, cleaned Sam’s house. Sometimes I would catch a glimpse of myself in the maid’s outfit and stop and stare for a moment. My cock would stir to see me looking so feminine, and so submissive.

I finished up and sat down in the lounge for a bit, realising that I should cross my legs or hold them together to stop my penis being on display. Even though nobody was there to see it yet.

A thought stirred in me, the old desire again. I wondered about going to Becky’s room and putting on some makeup. I had done it before when nobody was in at my house – I had some bits and bobs I had collected but probably nothing as expansive as Sam’s sister would had.

The idea made me really horny, but if I put makeup on I thought it might prevent Sam giving me my clothes back. At some point I needed to go home and perhaps it was best to pretend I wasn’t at all into his game.

I tried istanbul travesti to distract myself with telly but my dick was throbbing more and more. There was no ignoring it, it was definitely a losing game, so I lifted the skirt and apron of the dress and slid my hand up and down.

I remember when I first noticed how much more intense and sexy masturbating is when wearing something pretty. I used to have a girlfriend and we spent a lot of time together, so sometimes she left things at mine. After she had stayed over one Friday night, she left her school uniform.

It was then that curiosity got the better of me, and I buttoned up the crisp white blouse, noticing the difference in feel of the tight fitted cut to a slouchy men’s shirt. It felt nice. I pulled up the pleated black skirt she wore and knew that I’d never stop wanting to wear them then. It was so forbidden and foreign. I laid down and masturbated at least twice, having discovered women’s clothes. şişli travesti Throughout our relationship I continued wearing her clothes when she left them at mine, but her uniform always held a special place for me.

I came and a little sperm came out which I wiped clean. In post orgasmic clarity I decided I was not Sam’s toy. Makeup was for wearing at home, in front of nobody and this had gone far enough. When he got back, I would just not be amused and ask for my clothes back. Until I would sit awkwardly on the sofa locked in my maid’s dress and horny as hell.

Eventually I heard the gate close and sure enough Sam momentarily came through the door, with a bit of mud on his face from training, and a bag from La Senza. He grinned when he saw me.

“I’ve got you a present,” he gestured to the bag grinning.

“Fuck off Sam. This isn’t funny and I want my clothes back right now!” I shouted at him.

“Don’t have a hissy bakırköy travesti fit!” He laughed at me. I scowled back.

“I’m serious. This is humiliating.”

He walked towards me and tried to touch my hand, which I snatched away. “If it was so terrible, you wouldn’t have put that dress on. And it’s not like you’re locked into the stockings you’ve kept on.”

I went red and silent. He was right of course. There was no pretending I wasn’t a sissy – I’d shown my hand.

He handed me the bag and I drew what was inside out from it, hands shaking. It was panties, of course. He hadn’t given me any with the dress so my cock had been out all day.

They were black and silky, not so different from men’s briefs. Except, turning them round, I saw a very big bow on the bum, also black silk and very sexy. I slowly drew them up my legs and tucked my cock beween them, so that they fit snugly.

Sam laughed to himself. Shit – he didn’t tell me to do any of this.

“How long until I get my clothes back if I play your stupid game?” I asked him, as though that was the reason I put the panties on.

“A while longer yet. Now I want a sandwich and a beer.” He said, winking at me. He smacked my arse and went through to the lounge, I stood there stunned.

I was his bitch. Shit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32