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Jeff and Lauren have been married for 3 years now. They met in college and dated for 2 years before eventually getting engaged and married. They are a fit and active couple always going to the gym. Jeff is 6-1 200 lbs and has a six pack and is packing a nice 8 inch cock. Lauren is 5-5 130 lbs with nice perky C cup tits and a firm round ass that gets all the attention at the gym both from males and females. They are a damn good looking couple and they have steamy sex almost every day. They are both constantly horny but Lauren knows Jeff has some extra kinks that he never fully admits. Lauren knew he had one big fetish he kept secret until she finally caught him.

It was a normal Thursday night. They both got home from work in the evening, ate dinner together and then watched Netflix, cuddled and made out. This usually led to sex but Lauren got a phone call from her friend asking her to help her in an emergency. She kissed Jeff goodnight and said she didn’t know when she would be back so he didn’t have to wait up for her.

Jeff was starting to get horny during their make out session and to avoid blue balls decided to go to bed early and turn on porn on their bedroom tv. He was scrolling Maltepe Öğrenci Escort through some of his favorite categories, lesbian, orgy, big titts, big ass, rough sex, but then stopped on his secret favorite: tranny.

Jeff didn’t ever know why he got so turned on seeing a woman with a dick but it just always turned his gears.

He took off his pants and got out a bottle of lube and pressed play on a video of a tranny pegging a submissive man. Jeff lay in bed jerking his cock moaning wishing he was the lucky man with a dick in his ass. His dick throbbed and grew to his full 8 inch erect length. The tranny on the video had an equally impressive dick. His hope was that his ass could be impaled by a dick that sexy. Jeff lubed up his fingers and pokes around his asshole while vigorously stroking his cock. He starts probing his anus with 1 finger and pushes it in to stretch himself out until he can fit a second and then a third finger. He penetrates his ass imagining it to be a hot tranny with a huge thick cock. He adds a fourth and then a fifth finger to start fisting himself. He is so loose now and imagines the biggest dick he could possibly fit.

Jeff has Maltepe Çıtır Escort the volume up loud and is too in the moment to hear the front door open when Lauren comes home.

Lauren was earlier than expected but knows Jeff would have fallen asleep by now so I’m order not to wake him she comes upstairs to their bedroom slowly and quietly. She hears faint noises coming from the room that sound like moaning both from the tv and from Jeff. She is curious and doesn’t want to disturb him.

Lauren has walked in on Jeff masturbating to porn before. Heck even she does it when Jeff isn’t around. But she was taken aback to see what she saw. She’s never seen him watch tranny porn or finger his asshole like this. The biggest surprise of the whole event was when Jeff was about to cum he flipped his legs over his head so that his dick dangled right above his mouth. While he finger fucks his ass he strokes his dick until he cums all over his face and down his own throat.

Lauren never thought in a million years her husband liked eating his own cum. She wondered if he has ever done anything like this with a man or tranny before they were married. So many questions flew Maltepe Elit Escort around her head but one thing she knew was that it oddly aroused her. She reached down and felt her damp pussy. How could this turn her on? She doesn’t know but she doesn’t care. She reaches for her clit and starts rubbing herself. She puts and hand over her mouth to keep herself quiet as she rubs her clit with extreme focus. She reaches up into her vagina and fingers her g spot all while thinking of her own husband getting fucked by a tranny. She imagines him sucking on a big fat dick and slurping down the cum that sprays all over his face. She furiously finger fucks herself until accidentally letting out a faint moan. Jeff turns to look at what made a noise but before he could say anything Lauren walks in on him as he enjoys the last drops of his cum and she immediately sits on his face. He doesn’t get the chance to react before his wife starts fucking his face and smearing her pussy juices all over him.

Lauren moans in pleasure as Jeff doesn’t know what else to do other than eat her pussy. He loves eating her out and brings her to an orgasm almost every time but this time it only took a few seconds before she erupted and orgasmed all over his face. Juices squirting all over their bed and into his mouth. Lauren gets off and lays down to go to sleep. She pats Jeff on the head and says they can talk in the morning but for now it’s time for bed.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32