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It had been another blur of a night. Nathalie had a bad habit of drinking way more than she could handle, and then accepting drugs from strangers. Surprisingly, she hadn’t gotten into too many bad situations because of it. But last night, she had gotten way more fucked up than ever before. Even being a party girl like she was, the cocktail of drugs and alcohol she had put in her system had created a hurricane blackout like she had never felt before. It had made for quite the wild night, from the bits and pieces she could remember.

She had been in the ladies room, putting on a fresh coat of lipstick and trying desperately not to puke, when she saw the brunette girl next to her glancing not-so-subtly in her direction. Nathalie, being the overly-friendly type when she was this drunk, decided to make a friend.

“Hey there, I’m Nathalie. See something you like?” she giggled at that last bit, and went back to finishing her make-up with a slight flip of her blonde hair. It wasn’t necessarily like her to outright tease strangers, but the alcohol was making her bolder than usual.

“Well hey yourself.” the girl replied in a flirty voice “I’m Allison. I love your lipstick, what brand is it?” If Nathalie had been less intoxicated, she might have been a bit suspicious of how friendly this girl was. And she also might have noticed that “Allison” was practically eye-fucking her as she put away her make-up.

As they made small talk, Nathalie couldn’t help but admire the other girl’s outfit. She had on an obviously expensive red cocktail dress, which flared a bit at the hem but otherwise was quite form-fitting to Allison’s shapely body. The strapless neckline fit snugly over her small, perky breasts, and her ass popped nicely above the flared skirt. She was wearing almost opaque black stockings which accentuated her slender legs, and red open-toe stiletto heels. It was an outfit that guaranteed whoever was wearing it never went home alone.

Nathalie also noted two odd, almost asian-looking fish tattooed on Allison’s chest, one on each collarbone.

“Like them?” Allison asked. Nathalie started a bit, and realized she must have been staring at the girl’s chest.

Nathalie blushed slightly, embarrassed even through the haze of alcohol. “Well, yes. I really do. Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare, I just spaced out for a second.” She gave a light tipsy laugh and continued, “Well I didn’t mean to make this awkward, why don’t I buy you a shot to make it up to you?”

Allison gave her a sly look and said, “Well, that does sound lovely. We can do that, but also..” she hesitated slightly and looked around the bathroom, then continued in a lower tone, “I think you should get high with me. That would definitely make up for you being awkward. And being too damn cute for your own good.” With that last, she gave Nathalie a wink and pulled two small white capsules out of her purse.

“Well, I think that would make a fine apology. Thank you sweetie.” Nathalie replied, then took one of the pills and popped it into her mouth without a second thought. Allison laughed and took the other one, then closed up her purse and started toward the door.

“Shall we?” she said in a sultry voice, and took Allison’s hand and opened the door into the club.

For some reason, Nathalie felt nervous. She was normally fearless when she drank, but for some reason this girl made her feel different. It felt like as soon as they first started talking, Nathalie wanted to do nothing more than please Allison. Normally she didn’t really care what people thought of her, but she felt a strange need to impress her new acquaintance.

The outfit she had picked out for the night was one of her favorites. She was wearing a black lace knee-length flared skirt, with a ruffled white top that had a fairly modest neckline, just deep enough to tease her petite breasts. The outfit itself was nothing too flashy, but her favorite part about it was that it allowed her to wear some fairly luxurious undergarments with it. The skirt flared just enough to hide the fact that she was wearing a silky black slip, with a black lace garter belt over her sheer white panties. She had black thigh-highs on, with a white lace ruffle at the top to match her panties. Under her shirt she had on a white ribbed bustier, which pushed up her small tits just enough to give her a bit of cleavage.

Normally she felt like the sexiest girl in the room with that outfit on. But tonight, when compared with Allison’s red-and black seductive, very expensive outfit, she felt a little silly with all of her frilly lingerie. Nathalie had on heels as well, but hers were black with a small bow on the toe, and a good inch or so shorter than Allison’s.

All these things ran hazily through the back of her mind as they ordered shots, and then drinks, and went out to the dance floor. As they danced they attempted conversation, but Nathalie remembered none of it. From there the night only got hazier, and then the last thing she remembered was the dancing getting istanbul travesti very sensual as the pills kicked in, and then leaving the club suddenly and getting in a cab with Allison. After that, the night was a total blank.

Nathalie woke up groggily the next morning, slowly taking in her surroundings. The bed she was in was not hers, it was considerably larger, with silk sheets, a four-post frame, and a canopy above it. There was sunlight seeping in through the drapes that covered the large window on one of the walls. As she slowly blinked awake, she realized three things. First, she was wearing nothing but her garter belt and thigh-highs from the night before. Second, she was not alone in the bed. And third, and this startled her a bit, her wrists and ankles were cuffed together with leather restraints.

“Wha…?” she sat up, weakly trying her wrists to see if she could get free. The leather cuffs were lined with some sort of fur, and not uncomfortable, but the foot-long chain that held them together was locked tight.

As she sleepily inspected her restraints, the figure beside her rolled over slowly. It was Allison. Even with slept-in makeup and bedhead, she was an absolute goddess. Even through the haze of the depravity-induced hangover, Nathalie absolutely adored her.

“Good morning love.” she said with a small smile. “How are we feeling?”

Nathalie noticed that Allison was topless as well, and she was mildly surprised to see that their breasts were similarly shaped, although Allison’s were slightly larger, and had silver barbells through each nipple.

“Umm, ok, I think. Is this your place? What happened last night?” Nathalie asked, concern creeping into her voice as she began to realize that she was tied naked in a stranger’s bed, and certain intimate parts of her body felt suspiciously tender. She started to feel a sense of panic, and began to tug weakly at her restraints again.

Allison could tell she was starting to panic reached over and put her slender hand gently on Nathalie’s shoulder. “Relax Nat, I’ll get you out of those if you want.”

As Allison rolled towards her, Nathalie saw the sheets fall off of the other girl’s body. Allison was wearing only a pair of black lace panties. What Nathalie noticed most though, was the slight bulge in the crotch of Allison’s panties. Suddenly, bits of the night started to come back to her, and everything made sense. The panic faded away.

She smiled weakly, “No, that’s ok. We can leave them on.” As the brunette smiled back at her, she felt such a great sense of relief. This gorgeous woman was just like her. She suddenly remembered what their conversations had been about at the club. She remembered why they left so suddenly. And the rest was still a bit hazy, but she remembered the passionate sex that had kept them up the whole night.

Just over a year and a half ago, Nathalie had made the transition to being a woman. The hormones had made her already feminine form become quite shapely, and her breasts had filled in as well. She loved herself now more than ever, and loved going out to the clubs and meeting new people. However, she hadn’t had a relationship since she had transitioned, or been brave enough to have sex. It was something she had worried about quite a bit, but decided that it was for the best to avoid sex, as she was quite convincingly female, and didn’t know how her partners would react to the fact that she still had leftover male bits. Distinctly feminine-looking male bits, but it still worried her immensely what any potential partners might think.

As Nathalie and Allison had danced the night before, as the drugs kicked in they had become more and more physical with each other. Nathalie vaguely remembered feeling scared, and then excited as Allison’s hands rubbed briefly up her inner thigh, and across her crotch. She remembered Allison’s eyes opening wide, breaking her cool, sexy demeanor that she had displayed all night. Allison had leaned in and said “You too?!” then gave her a quick peck on the cheek and began to grind up against Nathalie.

Before Nathalie could ask what she meant, Allison grabbed Nathalie’s hands and pulled them down to her waist, and then quickly ran them across her own crotch area. Nathalie had gasped as she felt a familiar bulge pressing against the fabric of Allison’s dress. She almost wanted to cry with happiness. She found a girl that was just like herself.

After that, they could barely keep their hands off of each other. As the bar had closed down, they rushed to find a cab.

Nathalie couldn’t help but smile as it came back to her. She stretched as much as the cuffs would allow her, then rolled over and planted a kiss on Allison’s lips. “I’m so lucky I found you!” she said with a giggle. “Last night was amazing! From what I remember anyway..”

This got a giggle from Allison as well. She grabbed the chain that connected Nathalie’s wrists and pulled the blonde close to her. “Maybe I’m the lucky one” she said with kadıköy travesti a smile, then passionately pressed her mouth against the other girl’s.

They made out, slowly at first, then more intensely as they began to get aroused. Then, with one last kiss, Allison gently pushed Nat away from her, looking at the cuffed blonde with a wry smile.

“How much of last night do you remember?” she asked slowly.

“Enough to know it was amazing.” Nathalie replied with a smile. “I remember us meeting, taking those wonderful pills, then a pretty great time on the dance floor. I also remember you saying that.. Well.. That we’re the same.”

At that, Allison slowly pulled the covers off of Nathalie. The blonde’s small clit was beginning to wake, aroused from making out. Nathalie groaned as the other girl began to work it up and down slowly, a familiar touch from the night before.

“Well that’s definitely some of it.” Allison said with a laugh. “Do you remember us getting kicked out of the club?”

This Nathalie did not remember. “No.. What did I do?” She said wincingly. Drugs had a way of making her do things that were rather drastic, and this wouldn’t be the first time she’d gotten kicked out of a club while high.

“Well..” Allison continued stroking Nathalie as she talked “Once you knew we were so much alike, you just had to feel me for yourself.” She laughed as Nathalie groaned with combined embarrassment and ecstasy.

“We got kicked out of that club because you, darling..” her voice was down to a throaty whisper “Because you hiked up my dress and started working on my tights when the bouncers came to get us.” She laughed as Nathalie covered her face and let out a mortified gasp.

“But that’s fine, I would’ve done it with you on that dance floor if they had let us.” She began stroking Nathalie in earnest, and with her other hand she rolled down her panties and started touching herself.

Still touching herself, Allison pushed Nathalie onto her back and began using her mouth on Nat’s clitty.

“Oh. My. GOD..” Nathalie moaned as she reached her climax. After almost two years of sexual inactivity, she was so sensitive that it took almost nothing to make her orgasm.

As she heaved with the strength of her orgasm, Allison smiled. Watching the blonde cum was something she’d done several times the night before, and it was even better sober.

After Allison helped Nathalie clean up, the girls lay next to each other on the luxurious bed.

“I can’t believe I tried to undress you on the dance floor.” Nathalie said with an embarrassed laugh. “I guess it’s just been so long since the last time I..” She trailed off.

“I know.” Allison replied. “You told me last night. You haven’t done it since your transition. It’s absolutely fine honey, you were amazing last night.”

“Well apparently I made quite a fool of myself last night. Not the best way to make a first impression.” Nathalie played with her wrist chain absent-mindedly. “I’m not normally this socially awkward, I swear”

“That’s fine dear. It really was a lovely evening. Now let’s get cleaned up and maybe we can find something to do with the rest of the day.” Allison said, as she took out a small key and released Nathalie’s restraints. “Bathroom’s this way.”

She gave Nat a small kiss and walked out the door of the bedroom.

Nat sat for a moment. Could this really be happening? She hadn’t known what she was waiting for, or why she had avoided any intimate relationships for the last year and a half. Was Allison what she needed? Or was this just a drug-fueled one-night stand? She shook her head. Either way, a gorgeous, nude brunette had just turned on the shower in the next room, and she intended to follow this budding relationship wherever it went.

She jumped up hurriedly and pulled off her garter belt and stockings, and walked to where her host had gone.

The bathroom was huge, almost more luxurious than the bedroom had been. It had a huge mirror with two sinks, a large jewelry box, and a plastic box overflowing with all of Allison’s various make-up. The main feature, however, and the one that interested Nathalie the most, was the spacious shower. Behind a tall glass door, the shower contained opposing shower heads, and a small bench in the middle. It also contained Allison, who was already soaking wet, and the sight of her washing her toned body made Nat ache, even though she had just cum just minutes before.

Allison gave Nathalie a large smile as she opened the door and joined the brunette in the steaming water. They embraced, rubbing each other’s naked body.

Side by side, the girl’s bodies were quite different. Allison was slightly taller, and a bit more curvy. Her breasts were about a cup bigger than Nat’s, but her cock was more petite. Nathalie had slightly less muscle definition and was skinnier, although her ass was nicely rounded. It was something she prided herself on, and worked hard to keep anadolu yakası travesti it in shape. Allison’s shoulder-length hair was a light brown, almost dirty blonde, and slightly wavy. Nathalie kept her golden blonde hair short, cut just below the ears.

As they washed themselves, both girls kept stealing glances at one another, giggling slightly whenever their eyes met.

They finished their shower and got out to dry themselves off. Nathalie felt like something out of a softcore porno, two gorgeous, dripping wet women slowly toweling off their naked bodies after enjoying each other in the most intimate sense of the word.

“As you can see, I have plenty of make-up if you need any, and I’m sure I can let you borrow an outfit if you would like. Also.. I understand if you don’t want to, but you’re welcome to spend the weekend here, or at least hanging out? I would absolutely love to spend more time with you.” Allison blushed a bit as she said this, as if she was afraid Nathalie would reject her. It was strange to see the otherwise confident girl show a sign of hesitation, and it made Nathalie even more endeared to her. “Please call me Ali too, Allison feels a bit stiff coming from someone who just came all over my bed.”

Nathalie laughed and hugged the taller girl. “Of course I’ll stay for a bit Ali! I might have to run home at some point, but for now, let’s get dressed.”

Allison laughed too, relieved. “Well I’m glad you feel the same way I do. Finish your make-up and then come meet me in the bedroom, I’m sure you’ll love my wardrobe. We’ll get dressed and then there’s a little breakfast place just around the corner I’d love to treat you to.”

Allison left the bathroom, leaving Nathalie to put on a quick face of makeup. She went for a natural daytime look, rather different than what she had on the night before when the two had met. After a brief pause, she blushed and applied a light coat of the wine-red lipstick she had been wearing the night before. Ali had said she loved it, couldn’t hurt to look good for her on their breakfast date.

Or was it a date? Nathalie still wasn’t sure what to make of all this. It felt like more than a one night stand, especially since the other girl seemed intent on spending the weekend together. Nathalie desperately hoped that it went beyond that, and tried to silence the butterflies that jumped around her stomach as she left the bathroom.

On her way to the huge walk-in closet, she grabbed her panties from where they had been tossed aside the night before. Nathalie had a quick flashback of Allison deftly sliding them off of her, Ali’s long, manicured nails tracing lines of pleasure on her thighs, the drugs electrifying every touch. Nat shuddered and let out a quiet moan of delight as she pulled the panties up her legs. Just as she was tucking herself into the sheer white material, Allison poked her head out of the wardrobe. Nathalie blushed red as she finished and stood there in her underwear in front of her crush, feeling slightly exposed even though the other girl had already had plenty of experience with her naked body. Somehow it felt different in the light of day, not bad different, just different.

All of this washed away as Allison beamed at her and then gave her a quick peck on the cheek as she entered the closet. “Hey gorgeous! You look amazing, let’s get you into a cute brunch outfit and then get some food.”

Allison looked stunning even half-dressed, wearing a pair of jeans unbuttoned in the front to reveal just a peek of her black lace panties, with a matching black push-up bra giving her a delicious amount of cleavage. Ali’s tattoos on her collarbones made a nice accent as they peeked out from under the bra straps, giving her an alternative, somewhat rebellious look. Nathalie tried her best not to stare as Ali pulled a loose purple blouse with a deep neckline. The girl was clearly happy with her bust and not afraid to show it off.

After she was dressed, Ali excitedly grabbed a couple of different sundresses off the rack. She turned around and held each one up to Nathalie, trying to size her up. Nathalie smiled slightly and went along with it. She wasn’t exactly the sundress type, but Allison seemed to be enjoying it so much that she humored her. After a bit of indecisive fussing, Ali finally decided on a sunny yellow dress with spaghetti straps and a fluffy, knee-length bottom. “This fits you perfect Nat, try it on and let’s see if you like it!”

Nathalie slipped the dress on carefully. Allison was right, it did fit her quite well, and matched wonderfully with her makeup. Her tits were small enough that she didn’t need a bra unless her top was absolutely see-through, and the material on the dress was enough to cover her well enough. She slipped on a pair of light sandals that Allison handed her and the two girls headed out of the apartment.

The sun felt amazing, and the light breeze teased at the hem of Nathalie’s dress as they walked. She smiled to herself as she imagined a huge gust of wind flipping her dress up, exposing her to the others out walking in the morning sun. She might have the blonde hair, but with the small package tucked into her dainty panties, Marilyn Monroe she was not. Her light giggle caused Allison to give her a small quizzical smile, then shrug and nonchalantly take Nathalie’s hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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