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I have worked on this story for several days now. I offer it for your enjoyment but it is not free. If you read it I want a vote, that is not too much to ask. BTW this story is based on true events that happened where the story is set. enjoy, Mikey


Mick watched the slave, remembering the unique feelings of being naked, hooded and bound in public. He imagined the leather of the hood would have soaked up a lot of different smells since he had made it two years ago. As he stood there watching he saw the slave swallow several times. He knew how it felt to breathe around the phallic like soft gag. Since he had built it, Mick realized how long it was and how the gag was something that rode the slaves mind. It truly was a constant threat to choke the slave if he didn’t work at keeping it wet and moving it around in his mouth. With the hood laced on tight, there was no place to spit or puke, the slave had to learn to adapt. That’s why they called it a training hood.

The hood had a strange effect on a slave, denying him sight and speech, but at the same time giving him so many other sensatory feelings. Like the smell and the taste of the material as it wrapped itself around his head. A dehumanizing embrace that he was powerless to escape. The hooded slave could hear the movements and the sounds from the busy room that surrounded him. A couple had been playing on the swing in the corner, he could hear them as plain as if he was watching with his eyes. He heard the girl moan in sated lust, his mind watched, as her mistress slow fucked her in public.

The slave couldn’t help but get hard as he listened to their passionate screwing, making his cockring bite into his swelling cock. He wanted to turn his head to better hear the action but he couldn’t because of the restraints that held him on the bondage sled. He was desperate to get his mind off of what was about to happen to him. His Mistress, a woman by the name of Pat, was selecting a flogger from the rack on the wall. She was wearing a seven-inch dildo that stuck out from the custom leather harness that Mick had made for her two years ago. It was part of the same order that included the hood and a complete set of his best restraints.

It was easy for him to put himself into the mindset of the young man on the sled. Mick was a ‘taster’ he had tasted every dish that the table of life had put before him. He had tried the sled with his girlfriend and partner Leesa calling the shots. It wasn’t what he was looking for, but it was an experience that he would always remember. He tried out every device and toy that he made, he needed to know how it felt, it was his job.

Mick stood in the doorway taking in the sights that the room was offering. He wasn’t the only one watching, there had to be at least twenty people in the room. They filled the two large couches and three wingback chairs that were placed amongst the stocks, the bondage sled, the swing, and in the corner the Gynecological table. Every area had a crowd watching, and everybody seemed to be getting alone with everybody, it was a very good party.

They had mirrors hanging on all the walls and two full-length mirrors on the closet doors. Mick caught his reflection across the room. He saw a short balding man with a slightly protruding gut leaning against the doorway. Something about the way he had his legs crossed and the way he held his coffee made him look like he was waiting on a bus or something. He didn’t look like he belonged in the room, nearly everybody else was either completely or semi-naked or they were dressed up in wonderfully erotic fetish wear. Mick’s tee shirt and jeans just didn’t fit the room. Many of the guys in the room knew him from past parties and started to wave and talk to him. He waved and had a word for everyone who approached him; it was part of the job. Soon enough the hot sex scenes drew their attentions away from Mick.

His eyes scanned across the room to the swing, the scene that had so captured slave Steve’s attentions in the hood, had captured the room’s attention now. It was hot as hell. The top, a girl that came to a lot of the parties, was a tall slim black woman. Mick remembered that she was a social worker from down in Philly. She was a lesbian who lived with a woman named Jezebel. Topaz was her name and she worked in child welfare. Jezebel did domination for a living; she was always flying somewhere to have a session with somebody. They ran a sexual boutique down on south fifth St in Philly. Mick had known them for several years now but still couldn’t tell which played the top role in their relationship.

The girl secured in the swing was a white girl, a little plumb but still nice to look at. She raised up her ass to receive the long silicone cock deep into her cunt. The strokes were long, slow and deep, the top in no hurry to finish, wanting to string it out. The chubby girl in the swing moaned out loud when her Mistress, a tall redheaded woman, reached out and twisted her nipple. The black girl smiled and the two of them Maltepe Fetiş Escort started to play with the bound woman. Soon the girl had to be gagged with a ball gag to keep her from screaming as they forced her to cum again and again.

He took a sip of the hot coffee that he held, turned and walked through the kitchen and back into his leather shop in the rear. Passing the table loaded with finger foods and soft drinks Mick snagged a couple of donuts. As he placed them on his paper plate he heard the sound of a man’s voice, a long low moan coming form the front room. Sounded like Stevie was getting that strap-on scene he had often dreamed of doing. Mick smiled around a mouth full of donut as he considered the old proverb, ” Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.”

As he walked into his workshop he purposefully left the door open, exposing the young woman who stood topless in front of his table to anybody in the kitchen. Mick couldn’t remember what her name was, he thought that it was Sue but he wasn’t sure. He decided to call her slave and let it go at that. When he finished his donuts he wiped his hands on a towel and picked up the box of saran wrap.

He looked at the scared young woman and said, “come here slave.”

Sue, or who ever she was, came to stand before him while he sat in his swivel chair.

“Closer,” he demanded, she edged closer coming between his spread legs. She wore only a small transparent throng panty, Mick could see the wet spot caused by her arousal, and he could smell her heat as she fidgeted from the close contact with a strange man. Mick ignored her discomfort. “Put your hands behind your head.”

She obeyed, her smallish breast sticking out from her chest, her flat stomach rising and falling with her heavy breathing, her eyes held tightly closed. The sounds of the flogger meeting soft flesh came from the front room; the girl flinched with each smacking sound.

Mick started to wrap the clear film around her body, brushing against her erect nipples when he reached behind her with the roll of plastic wrap. After about twenty revolutions he thought that he had enough. The young woman was wrapped from just under her tits to just above where her pubic hair would have started if she had let it grow, but she was clean and smooth, no hair. Reaching for a roll of duct tape he started to wrap it tightly around the plastic wrapped woman. He pressed the tape hard onto the saran-wrap sealed body of the girl, his hands gliding across her pushing and pressing, ironing out wrinkles as he taped her. His fingers worked the tape into the area under her breast, the lifting and poking causing her nipples to show her excitement. The tape was covering over the layer of saran wrap, soon the girl was wearing a sliver corset of tape.

Mick stood back and looked at the girl, she was really quite pretty. Her straight reddish hair was cut short, like a young boy’s, but her face was so clearly feminine. Her eyes were watching him now. Once again he ignored her. As he rose from his chair, he placed his hands on the woman’s shoulders. He felt the stiffening in her flesh as she prepared to resist him, instead he moved her aside as he stepped over to his sewing table. He got a few magic markers and a tailor’s tape, returning he once more used the girl’s shoulders like handles to move her where she should be, this time there was no resistance.

Her breast were made more pronounced by the tight wrappings, while they were too small to hang down over the tape, they were pushed and squeezed upward like an offering. The nipples jutting hard and erect the darker flesh that surrounded them wrinkled up tightly, making the nipple stand out even more. She was one sexy package; he forced his thoughts back onto the job at hand, starting to draw a design on the duct tape she was wearing. “Turn to your right.” He never looked at her when he spoke, he tried to think of her as an object not a person. It was all part of the service that he and Leesa provided to their clients, a complete immersion into S&M. This young woman wanted to be a slave and by God that was the way that Mick was going to treat her.

It took another thirty minutes to get the design down pat and then he had to take a pair of bandage scissors and cut along one of his lines to get the pattern off of the girl. When he peeled the tape from her it took the saran wrap off with it, leaving the sexy young body with red lines and wrinkles where it had been compressed by the tape. Her hard nipples pointed right at his face as he spun her around to stand facing him. “Tell your mistress that I will have the corset ready in two weeks. Are you guys coming to the next party? If you are then you can pick it up then, if not then I will mail it to you. Ask your mistress to come back and see me before she leaves, OK?”

“Yes sir, I will tell her. Thank you. May I go now?” Her manner and voice confirmed her sub status.

Mick nodded his head, picked up his empty cup and followed the girl Maltepe Gecelik Escort out of the room back into the kitchen. Stevie, the slave in the hood who had just been fucked in public with a strap-on, was sitting at the table with his own cup of coffee. The cup sat in front of Steve but it had a straw, with a small pink penis on the top, stuck in it. The slave’s hands were cuffed behind his back. Pat, the woman who held down the job of wife as well as the role of Mistress, sat across from him, her eyes filled with satisfaction and pride in how her slave had performed.

“That was a hot scene that you two did.” Mick offered his opinion without being asked as he slid in behind the table to sit next to stevie. “Was it everything that you had thought it would be?”

Pat answered for Steve. “He loved it. Did you see the way he was reaching for it with his tight little ass toward the end? What a slut he was, I was so proud of him.”

The woman did seem very pleased with her slave Mick thought but the slave was being very silent. He decided to push it a bit. “What did you think of it Steve?”

“Go on, tell him what a slut you felt like as I fucked you.” Pat encouraged her shy slave.

Steve’s eyes trailed up Mick’s middle-aged body until they found his face. “It hurt at first, but later it was alright.” His eyes strayed to his Mistress. “Did you enjoy it Mistress?”

“Yes stevie, I enjoyed it very much and I will enjoy it more each time until you are wanting my cock inside you all the time.” She reached over and grabbed steve’s cock. It was reddish purple from being in the cockring for so long, cool to her touch from lack of circulation. It was only semi-erect but started to respond to her touch, growing and swelling to full size making the sliver cockring sink into the hard flesh of his shaft. The head became a slick shiny purple, the skin stretched so tight that it made every wrinkle flow into hardness. The cock jutted out to where it bumped the underside of the table.

“Mick,” Pat was talking to him. ” Will you help me with stevie’s training?”

Mick liked to avoid these types of situations but he had stumbled into one again. It was a question and she was waiting for an answer. “Sure Pat, you know that I will help out when I can. What can I do for you?” Mick waited for her answer, his eyes scanning the room for Leesa, not finding her. She must be in the basement.

“I want stevie to be fucked in both ends, I can fuck him with my strap-on but I need your cock for his face. Will you let stevie suck your cock for you while I fuck him?” She asked the favor much as if she wanted to borrow a cup of sugar, no big deal.

It wasn’t the first time that Mick had filled this role at a party. He wasn’t shy and he liked blowjobs. “When do you want to do this?” He asked Pat, but he was watching stevie trying to see what his feelings were as his mistress lined up a cock for him to suck in front of all these people.

Stevie’s cock jerked when Pat told him, “Tonight in the basement, I want to get it on tape. Do you mind that?”

“I don’t mind the tape if my face doesn’t show. But I want to see it before it leaves the house.” Mick looked at stevie. “You think you can give a good blow-job? You know I like a slut that can deep throat, I’m going to face fuck you if we do this. You OK with that?” His eyes went back and forth from Pat to stevie, stevie nodded and Pat was much more vocal saying.

“This little slut is going to suck you like it is his own mother’s milk he is after.” She turned to stevie. “Tell him how much you want to suck his cock.”

“No.” Mick said, “let him show me” He held his thumb up in front of the slaves face. He placed the thumb on stevie’s lips and pushed inside his mouth running deep to the back of his throat, his palm and his other finger laying flat across the man’s face. “Suck me, show me how much you want me to fuck your face. Show me what a slut you are, suck my little cock and tonight I will let you suck my big one.”

Pat’s face was lit up like a kid’s on Christmas morning, her eyes riveted on the thumb stabbed into her slave-husband’s mouth. She was too excited to be quite and started talking to stevie. “Suck it, you slut, suck it like the whore you are. Suck it for me baby, show me what a slut you can be for me.”

Steve started to work his head up and down on Mick’s thumb sucking for all he was worth, his tongue doing overtime as it swirled around the part of the thumb where the head of a cock would have been. He drove his face deep onto the digit taking all he could get down his hot little throat until he gagged. He came up for air and dove back down the shaft.

Damn thought Mick, this little slut is really ready for this. He pulled his thumb free of the hot mouth, rubbing the slobber off on the slave’s hair. “Yeah, I’ll let the slut have a suck on the old cock. Let me know when you want to do the scene. Right now I got to get some restraints ready for that new couple from Pittsburgh.” Maltepe Genç Escort He stood up and refilled his coffee. “Pat, you should get that cockring off for a while or you could do some damage. I’m not telling you what to do but I don’t think you want to really hurt him do you? Let me know when you’re ready for my blowjob.”

He retreated back into the safety of his shop and got behind his sewing machine. Damn that slut was really sucking that thumb; he was looking forward to fucking his face later. As he watched the needle making it’s strokes in and out over the leather he thought of his life and how it had changed since they had rented this place that they could not afford. The ‘place’ was an old two-story farmhouse with a full basement sitting on a hundred acres of farmland with several out buildings that he used in his other job doing custom interiors in cars. The rent was twelve hundred plus utilities every month.

Neither of them had a steady job with a check coming in every week. Both Leesa and him worked for themselves doing jobs where they found them, mostly off of their websites that Leesa maintained. The parties were their answer to the problem. Two parties a month brought in over three thousand every month and it was all tax-free. The parties had gained a momentum as they continued year after year and the clubs in New York were giving discounts to WIC members now.

The leather shop was the only room where smoking was allowed; it had a ventilation system to get the glue fumes out of the room. It worked very well on the smoke also. All the smokers would end up there several times over the course of a party. They provided a play by play of the hot scenes that were going on in other places in the house. And it gave Mick a chance to get to know everyone, at least the smokers. Soon they were telling him about the scene that Mistress Pat was planning for her slave. They told him that she had him on the sled now and was giving him a wine douche. Later he was told that she put a whole bottle of merlot in his ass and sealed it with a butt-plug. Mick decided to take a break and watch a few minutes of slave stevie’s ordeal.

He was back in the doorway the room before him was like a three ring sexual circus. Gynecological table on the far side of the room had a crowd around it as a slave had her nipples pierced. Her feet were in the stirrups because they were going to do her clit next. It was legal because the rings would not be left in, what they called play-piercing.

One of the new couples were on the bondage sled, the guy secured by the restraints while his mistress whipped him with an assortment of different toys from the toy rack on the wall. Mick watched with a professional interest since he had made most of the toys being used. The swing had a pretty woman tied into it wearing a blindfold while her partner sat on a stool and teased and nibbled at her pussy to the music of the slaves sighs and moans. He didn’t see stevie or Pat he decided to check downstairs in the basement.

The only light in the basement was from a string of white Christmas lights strung around the top of the wall on three sides. The hundreds of tiny lights gave a soft warm glow much like candlelight. The bare rock walls sucked the light up not giving any reflections only the people stood out in the soft light. Mick spotted Leesa, with her slave rob, they were doing a scene with rob in stocks. Leesa was whipping him with a leather strap that had turned his ass into a red and spotted battlefield of pain. He cried out with each blow, counting and thanking his Mistress.

“Fifty-one, thank you Mistress, may I have another!” He cried out as the thick leather strap fell across his asscheeks.

Leesa stroked the back of his legs with the strap, teasing him with the uncertainty of when the next blow might fall. Surprising him with a hard smack of the strap across the back of his thighs.

“Fifty- two. Thank you Mistress, may I have another?” The sound was a little muffled by the hood he was wearing, sweat was pouring off his body as he was rapidly reaching his limits. Mick decided that he wouldn’t fuck up the scene, he waited in the shadows, but Leesa seemed to sense his presence and turned to look right at him. She smiled warmly her face happy, she truly loved this shit, Mick thought to himself.

She turned back to her slave and said. “Think of something that you will do for me that I might like while I am gone. When I get back I will let you tell me what it is, and it better be good and slutty” She slung the strap one last time connecting with the sore ass with a loud smack.

“Fifty-three, thank you Mistress. May I have another?” Rob yelled out followed by a quieter, “Yes Mistress.”

Leesa grabbed Mick’s arm and they walked back up the stairs, he got both of them fresh cups of coffee and they walked out into the coolness of the Pennsavania night. The Pocono’s mountains rose up all around them. The lights of the ski slope lighting the sky with a soft glow, they could see the small dots of bright colors that marked a skier as he rushed down the cleared slopes of the mountainside. They both loved living here, nestled in this small valley far from everything yet within easy driving from New York and Philly. They found chairs and sat on the deck behind the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32