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The afternoon dragged on, after such an exciting lunch with Michele, I was looking forward to our evening together and it could not get here fast enough. My thoughts were consumed with how this girl had dominated my desire and passion for the past few days. We’d just met on Monday, but shared more together than some lovers in a lifetime. Our time together was completely free of inhibitions and I was enjoying exploring her fantasies with her. She also had found a new level of confidence and sexuality, she hadn’t believed she was capable of.

As she covered the material, I watched her move. It was difficult not to stare and draw attention to myself. I found that focusing on the others in class, and directing my comments and questions at them helped me to focus my attention elsewhere, however short that span may be until I was thinking about Michele naked again, and all that we’d shared. Her petite body, tight little ass, and big pregnant belly were all so sensual to me. My cock agreed with my thoughts by throbbing regularly in the confines of my suit pants, no doubt, beginning to drip precum again. I had to focus, I couldn’t stand up in front of class with a huge bulge!

I couldn’t risk anyone here seeing that there was anything more than professional courtesy between us. It would ruin both our careers, not to mention our marriages if anyone found out about us. The fun in public we had at the hotel, and even at the park, was somewhat anonymous since we were both from out of town, and we both stayed at a hotel out of choice, and it wasn’t the normal hotel that colleagues stayed at. Most of them were ten miles down the road. Our meeting and sharing the same hotel had been pure coincidence. What an interesting trip this had turned out to be.

After what seemed like an eternity, finally we were completing class. Saying our goodbyes and good luck to our newest employees took a while. We had been glancing at each other throughout, and each time my cock throbbed with anticipation of Michele’s touch again. After the final new employee left, we found ourselves in the room together, alone. I smiled at her, and she smiled back.

“Well Scott,” she started smirking, “have you recovered from your lunch?”

“I believe I have,” I smirked back, “and I’m famished again.”

“We should find you something to eat.” She said shifting in her seat and squeezing her thighs together for effect.

“Agreed.” I answered, thinking through where we should go, already knowing what the dessert menu would be.

Thinking of last night, and all the entertaining onlookers we’d found at the poolside restaurant. She was incredibly turned on, and we’d had several of her ‘fans’ join us poolside. Last night had turned into one of the most erotic nights of my life, helping her fulfill her fantasies of showing off for strangers, and then having multiple men cum on her as she was building toward her own orgasm. Only one thought consumed my mind as a place to eat. We had to go back, I wanted to see if she could return. If some of the others were there, especially our well hung waiter, I wanted to see if she could look them in the eye and be as turned on as she was last night. Where the night led from there, we’d leave that up to chance.

“Let’s go back to our favorite poolside place.” I told her.

Her first look was a little shocked, I watched her expression show a twinge of fear and self consciousness. As I’d thought, I know she didn’t want to return and have to face the men she’d acted like such a slut with the night before. The guests may be gone, but the waiter with the monster cock would likely be back. We maintained eye contact, I wasn’t wavering. Little by little her lips began to smile, her cheeks flushed a little, and her face lost the concern and fear, her eyes twinkled a bit.

“Absolutely.” She agreed.

“Let’s pack up our stuff, and get out of here.” I tried to sound confident an not giddy with excitement. She broke the tension.

She leaned in close, “my pussy has been sopping wet since lunch, I hope dinner isn’t the only thing on the menu for you tonight.”

I just looked at her and silently mouthed ‘fuck’ back at her.

She smiled that wry smile, and tossed the rest of her paperwork in her bag, as I finished packing. This was going to be a night we’d never forget. We decided on 7pm to meet for dinner again, and left the office separately so not to draw attention to ourselves. As I drove, my mind raced forward, wondering what was in store for us later. I’d plan less tonight, and let the evening unfold more naturally, but I wanted to push her boundaries again. Seeing her unleash her buried sexuality was an incredible turn on. Watching this woman drop her inhibitions with me, and try things neither of us had done before, exploring new territory was exciting. I wanted more, and I could tell by her comment, she felt the same.

I arrived at the hotel around 6, had about an hour to shower, shave, and clean up for tonight. After being Kadıköy escort bayan in a business suit all week, I looked forward to being a little more comfortable. Planned on pulling on a casual button down shirt, linen pants and flip flops. I took a long, hot shower, washing every inch, and shaving clean my face, and took special care to make sure my balls were perfectly smooth too. Thinking of Michele as I did that, my cock thickened and throbbed in the shower. I stroked myself slowly, enjoying the sensation and watching my flesh grow longer with each throb. It felt good, and I wanted to continue and finish, but with Michele’s new found love of being splattered in cum, I wanted to ensure I saved up a nice big load for her. I stroked a bit further, nearly making myself come, but stopped just short. The present agony, only a precursor to the release I’d have with her later. I felt my balls ache just a bit, it made me smile knowing that she’d be enjoying what I’d saved up for her.

Out of the shower, I went through my routine, got dressed and headed down to the restaurant. I was semi-crowded like it had been the night before. The bar was busier, with many guests, presumably traveling for work crowding the bar and eating at it, and scarce couples seated at tables around the restaurant and on the balcony looking over the pool. The hostess was new tonight, but she gave me a wink and a smirk that I found cute, and sat me down at the same table Michele and I had been at last night. It had a nice view of the pool, and overlooked most of the restaurant as well. It immediately brought back visions of last night. How Michele had gotten past her fear and really shown off, making so many men hard, and lusting after her. As it turned out that was just the appetizer for her, the main course was unbelievable, and so fun to see her enjoy herself like that.

I saw her immediately, Michele standing at the hostess stand, scanning the room. She looked a little nervous, sort of returning to the scene of the crime. We made eye contact, just about the time the hostess returned to her stand and began to escort Michele back to me. She wore a white strapless dress that was a little fitting at the top, hugged her pregnant belly tight, and flowed out over her hips to her mid thighs. Not as short as last night’s, but she still left plenty of leg to enjoy. On her feet she wore the new rope wedges I’d bought for her the day before, she must have liked them. I stood as she approached, we smiled at each other, her hair in a ponytail, ‘nice handle’ I thought. I must have smirked when I did it.

“What?” She asked as she sat down across from me.

“Nice handle!” I quipped anyway.

She smirked as well, “Thank you, you going to put it to good use?”

Our hostess spoke up, “If he doesn’t, I will.”

I’d forgotten she was standing right there, listening to our sexually charged conversation. Michele blushed a bit, and looked at me sheepishly, then we both looked back at the hostess.

She was a curly haired brunette about 5’8, her large breasts and bubble ass offset with a narrow waist. Her big breasts could hardly be contained in the black button down shirt she was wearing, a couple buttons straining to stay closed and at the right angle offered a glimpse of the pale skin of her full breast. Her round ass nicely filled out the black pants of her ‘uniform’. She looked to be all of about 19 years old. One feature that could not be ignored was her eyes, the were very large and medium brown, they glistened in the light of the restaurant. She had kissable lips, shaped well and full, that she was now biting after her comment to us. She then giggled nervously when Michele and I looked at her.

“Would you now?” I asked with a tone of sarcasm.

“Yes,” she looked right at Michele, “from what I’ve heard, I’ve love to taste you, and want you tasting me too.”

This comment took us both by surprise, and Michele blushed and nervously looked at me. Our hostess did not mince words, in fact I wondered if she had seen some of Michele’s antics the night before, I’m sure our waiter had told her all about it. I wondered if she’s gay or bi, if she’s bi had she seen the waiter’s massive cock? Was there some employee fraternization going on at this hotel? My mind raced, I realized I had been staring into space a moment too long.

“After dinner, maybe I can personally show you the dessert menu.” She flirted with Michele.

Michele shifted in her seat, clearly turned on, and nervously looked at me.

“Let’s see how full we are after dinner first.” I saved Michele from any commitment. In all our conversations, she’d never mentioned wanting girls, or a potential three way, so I didn’t want to ruin my chances if she wasn’t into it. Even when the store clerk had stared at her she hadn’t made any advances on it.

“Yes.” Michele quipped, “but please come back immediately after we finish.”

I smiled, as our hostess began to speak again, Escort Kadıköy leaning forward onto he table. Allowing Michele and I a view right down the front of her shirt. Her heavy breasts swayed beneath her as her full bra struggled to contain the weight of what must have been DD cups. She smiled at both of us knowing full well what she was doing.

“My name is Emma, and I’ll be her to serve each of your every needs for the rest of the night. Do I make myself clear?”

“Perfectly clear Emma, thank you.” I acknowledged, smiling at both women now.

“Yes Emma, thank you.” Michele added, she never took her eyes off Emma’s ample cleavage.

With that, Emma turned and headed back to the hostess stand. I don’t think Michele or I took our eyes off her ass the entire way back. It filled out those those tight pants, leaving not a trace of a panty line, she was either commando or had a small thong on underneath. It was perfectly round, and her shapely toned legs looked strong as well. She wasn’t thin and petite like Michele, she had curves in all the right places. Both Michele and I were a little intoxicated by her.

As she got out of sight our gazes returned to each other. Michele spoke first.

“Oh my God,” she started, “I’m so wet right now. My pussy is throbbing already, I promised myself I’d hold off, but between your ‘handle’ comment about my pony tail, and her hitting on me, my God, I’m dripping!”

“I thought tonight would be just about us Michele, but I’m not opposed to exploring more.” I returned.

“I’ve never been with a girl before, but I’ve thought about it. Never thought it would happen so I just wrote it off. I mean, this would NEVER happen with my hubby, he’d be too insecure and would never share.” Michele’s voice turned to a sadder tone for a moment.

“Well,” I started, “we’ve experienced a lot of first’s this week, maybe we should try once more? When will you get another chance?”

She looked up, now with a serious expression on her face, and her voice was in an excited tone. “You’re exactly right! Tonight, I want to explore anything and EVERYTHING!” She said this with such enthusiasm, my cock began throbbing under the table.

Looking down, I used my hand to shift my stiffening cock to a more comfortable position. Michele watched me do this.

“Hard baby?” She asked coyly, and as I nodded, then, “Good, I want your cum all over me tonight.”

I mouthed the word ‘fuck’ to her silently, and picked up my menu. Momentarily shifting the subject in an effort to slow down my excitement a bit. She did the same and we began the discussion of talking about all what we liked on the menu. Decided on what to eat quickly, just as our waiter showed up at the table, grinning from ear to ear…the same guy from last night. The same guy with the monster erection that had pumped a hefty load of cum all over Michele. Looking at his name tag for the first time, I saw his name, John. ‘John with a fat cock that comes like a geyser’ was my first thought. I’m sure Michele was thinking something similar.

I looked at her, she blushed and looked back at her menu for a moment. Clearly not wanting to acknowledge the sexual tension that he just brought to the table. I think her throbbing pussy must have won the argument in her head, because it only lasted a second or two until she was also grinning and sizing up our waiter again. I watched her, looking him up and down, clearly trying to make out a bulge in the front of his pants.

“Good evening,” John started, “would you like to hear today’s specials or have you already decided what you want.”

“We’ve already decided.” I stated.

Michele was giggling like a school girl at this point. “Yes, I want the same thing I had last night!” Her perky breasts jiggled in her top as she laughed out loud finishing her sentence.

This made both the waiter and I smile even bigger.

“Good ma’am, I had a feeling you’d come back for seconds.” John joked with her.

“So, now that we’ve determined that,” I answered, “We’ll both have the catch of the day, and a small side salad. It seems the lady is also hungry for dessert,” I nodded at Michele.

“I’m starving!” She said with that wry smile I’d gotten to know quite well this week.

Our waiter turned and headed toward the kitchen. I looked at Michele, she amazed me. Earlier this week I’d found a repressed woman, one that found it hard to express herself, and one that had limited sexual experiences. She’d found a new level of confidence, and learned to find beauty and sensuality in her pregnant body. She’s experienced things she’d told me she’d never dreamed of, and it seemed, each night we’d found new boundaries to push, and she’d just kept coming back for more. Maybe she was changed, maybe she’d go back and demand more from her husband, or maybe she was just trying to make the most of our week together. Maybe it really was her last chance at some of this. Mine too, it was my last Kadıköy Rus Escort chance to let go and enjoy myself with someone who had complimented me so well. I couldn’t imagine having to go back to my predictable life after this week. Everything we’d experienced this week was so wrong, and would end our marriages and careers if word got out. But the sex we had together was so unbelievable, neither of us wanted to stop. We didn’t want this week to end, soon it would be ‘goodbye fantasyland, hello reality,’ neither of us were ready to acknowledge that.

We talked about our week, and how much fun we’d been having. We were both a little sad about leaving in the early morning to head home. We wondered if there’d be an opportunity to meet up again someplace, and both agreed to stay in touch and talk to each other about schedules in the hopes that we could make something like this happen again.

Dinner was served before we knew it, we both enjoyed a fabulous meal. We laughed and talked as we had throughout the week. But there was an elephant in the room. One elephant was our waiter’s cock, which was catching Michele’s eye each time he stopped by our table. She had told me should couldn’t stop thinking about him stroking his thick tool over her face, and she wondered what it would feel like stretching her tight pussy. The second was the sudden appearance of Emma in the restaurant. She seemed to be flirting hard with Michele as well. I was beginning to wonder where this night was headed, but not long after finishing dinner, I knew where I wanted it to start.

We finished our meal and I paid the bill.

“So Michele,” I started, “I think we need to let your newest admirers know where we will be heading now.”

“Where is that?” She asked with a smile as wide as can be.

“Pool area. It was fairly quiet and private last night until we showed up, and from the look of things, it’s desolate again tonight.” I started.

She smiled again, eyes darting around the pool area to see the pool, totally devoid of people. No other patrons, just potentially on onlookers from the restaurant and anyone looking over the balcony of their hotel room.

“But first, I think you need to make it perfectly clear to our friends in here that they are invited to join us.” As she searched my face for a clue. I called John over.

“Use your imagination, but don’t leave anything to chance,” was all I told her.

Michele just smirked as he showed up. Eyeing his pants again for a bulge, she squirmed in her chair as he stepped to the table, and adjusted his crotch in plain view for her to see. He must have been half hard and his thick flesh pressed against his pants making it very obvious to anyone that he was packing. I looked into her eyes, trying to pass some confidence onto her. She’d come along way this week, but what I was going to ask was going to be out of her comfort zone.

“John,” I started. “I need your help with something.”

“Anything you wish sir.” He responded, answering me, but never taking his eyes off Michele.

“I can’t tell if Michele tastes more like strawberries or peaches.” You work in the food service industry and probably have more sophisticated taste buds than me. So, Michele honey, give John a taste and see what he thinks.” I requested confidently, smirking.

They both turned their heads and looked at me shocked. Michele first, her facial expression was priceless and was a mixture of shock and horror at what I had just asked her to do. I knew she was wet, and squirming in her seat. I also knew that she found John attractive and had really gotten off last night when he came for her. So I thought I’d test her a bit. Her expression changed when that wry smile crossed her lips and I saw that look in her eyes. I think John was just surprised to hear me talk like that in the restaurant, and quickly looked around to ensure no one overheard, or was looking in his direction.

Just as he turned back to her, I watched Michele slip her hand under the table. She clearly moved it towards her sex. As she made contact, she closed her eyes. I had to imagine how delightful her soaking wet pussy must feel amazing to finally be touched, and I figured she was slipped her fingers through her folds to get some of her juices on her fingers. Her hand remained down there a few seconds longer, and when she opened her eyes, she was looking right at John. She looked around quickly, and pulled her fingers from her crotch and extended two sopping wet and dripping fingers to John.

John eagerly sucked them into his mouth, closing his eyes as he did this and moaned slightly. Michele watched him and bit her lip as he sucked every drop off her fingers. After what was probably a few seconds but seemed like an eternity, she pulled her fingers back out and placed them in her napkin on her lap.

John just turned to me, “strawberries,” he said with a grin. He looked back at Michele as he turned to leave our table.

“Oh John,” I said to hold him there a second more. “We’re going down to the pool for a swim, why don’t you and your friends from last night come join us,” as I nodded in the direction of the bar. Noting that most of the players from last night had returned, and had their eyes fixated on Michele.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32