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She thought back to that day where she had taken that big step that had led her to where she was now. She started to tell the internet what she had done, and she had gotten such a response from it. People were telling her that they wanted to see it. She fobbed them off by telling them that she would post new stuff as soon as she filled the pump up fully. People were encouraging her no end. She thought that her fan base would get smaller from her new step, but it didn’t. She seemed to get more popular instead. She couldn’t believe it. More and more people were messaging her, and telling her how sexy she was. It spurred her on to pump herself and push herself further. She couldn’t help it. The more they wanted, the more she needed to pump. She felt like she was trapped in a spiral. A web where she was compelled to push herself deeper into her enjoyment. She was doing all this for her, and for the people who were getting off to her, all around the world. The day came when she first fully filled her pump, and she announced it with pride. People were begging to see it. Wowimbig was not one to let her fans down at a moment like this. She set aside a day to have an amazing pump session, where she would record herself and show the world what she had become. It was only fair to give people what they want, and after all, they had encouraged her to get to where she was.

She pumped, she posted, and the people loved. She felt an explosion of pleasure from the reaction she had gotten. Some people telling her that she was the hottest she had ever been. Some asked her how she fucked with such a cunt. Some made jokes about her having cunt lips that hung down like curtains. She didn’t care though. To her, it all was such a turn on. Slowly people said they wanted more. Her fans were demanding, and they kept begging for more of her.

One person in particular, a guy from the UK called Kris, made a suggestion to her. He said that she should sign up to the site ‘cam4’ and put on a show for people. She toyed with the idea for nearly two months. But pressure got too much. Everyone wanted to see a five gallon cunt. They all wanted to see what a freak she was. They wanted to cum while watching her flash her gigantic cunt.

Wowimbig finally decided Maltepe Grup Escort to put up a post on various sites, giving a time and date that she would be online and on cam. The response was unbelievable. It felt like it was going to be the show of the century. Her pumping, and the world watching her grow. She had not stopped pumping, just because she had filled the jug. But she had not made another pump. This worked to her advantage, because she knew how long it would take for her to get to her maximum, and also that it would take less time than that first day where she had reached her biggest size ever. She had never done anything like this before. This was different to filming. It was live, and people would be seeing it without her knowing what would happen, or what they would think. But the appeal of it turned her on so much, she couldn’t contain herself. She had already been thinking about it, fantasising about it, when she had been pumping herself. The thoughts flooded her head and she had no control but to think what would happen when the day came.

She had the webcam positioned where she needed it, and everything to hand. She pre-lubed everything she needed to, and had everything she would need to hand. She signed in, and set up her ‘cam room’ and set it open for people to join, as soon the time she had stated came up on the clock by her bed. She waited, stroking her cunt lips, as she watched for people entering the webroom. One, three, seven, nine, slowly the people joined. Then it started to speed up, fast. Scores of people joined. She couldn’t keep up to the numbers, they were going up so fast. Floods of messaged pinged up on the chat bar, and she read what she could do. They were dying to see her with the pump on her pussy. They wanted to see her start enlarging that cunt they all so loved to see. She slid it on and started to pump.

Kneeling, so people could see the growing, she pumped away, notch by notch, getting bigger. They all watched her growing. The chat kept pinging with new messages of people telling her that they was already loving the show. All this did is make her want to pump harder. She kept releasing the vacuum and then started pumping again. Slowly, people sent messages saying Maltepe Manken Escort that they wanted to see. Thinking that it was only fair, she let the seal go, and pulled the pump off. She could tell that she was having an effect already. Messages were popping up, saying that they couldn’t hold on and had cum when they saw the jug slip off and her freakish lips wobbled like a deformed jello. As soon as she saw these messages, she started to rub herself. Because she had been pumping with such regularity, her cunt was not at maximum sensitivity yet.

But combined with the thought that she hadn’t even gotten to her peak yet, and people were exploding to her, pushed her over the edge, and she orgasmed as she rubbed her lips all over with her hands. Her knees went from under her and she collapsed on her bed. She rubbed and purposefully shook her pussy with her hands.

Moaning and losing herself, she came three times, before a noise dragged her out of her trance. She didn’t recognise this sound, as it was different from the message tone that kept ringing, as she got messages of more people orgasming, and of people praising her cunt of record breaking size. She looked at the computer screen, and noticed a bar at the bottom of it. At first she wondered what it was. Then it dawned on her; She hadn’t turned off the tips button. People were actually giving her money for this. She couldn’t believe it. She felt dirty, and aroused. People were paying her because her cunt was getting them so turned on. With this, she put the pump back on and started to go at it furiously. Her head was swimming. She wanted to hit that maximum now. Her cunt was burning and she wanted to get herself to the biggest she could get to. Right now, it was being that five gallon, huge lipped freak. She wanted to be bigger, but she settled for what she could be right now.

She pumped and pumped and pumped. Slowly she felt her lips fill more and more of the jug. Finally, she felt herself pressing the end of it. She felt herself pressing on more and more of it, till she hit the point where she couldn’t pump any more. She had hit her goal. In between the messages of encouragement, and the pings of tips from people, she was lost in a moment Maltepe Masöz Escort of being the weirdest cunt and biggest sick freak on the internet. She had officially outdone any woman who pumps, and anybody who had ever performed on a webcam before. She was literally the biggest freak the internet had ever seen.

Keeping herself together as much as she could, she knelt back up again. This was the moment. It was the moment she, and the world had been waiting for. Her gigantic cunt was going to be set free from the pump, live and on cam, for the world to see. As the seal hissed away, a thought hit wowimbig. One that hadn’t occurred to her till now. She suddenly thought that people may be video-capturing this whole show, and will be uploading it for more people to see. The thought made her heart race. Even more so, it made her cunt throb so much, she nearly lost total balance and nearly collapsed again.

Slowly, She pulled off the gallon jug, the seal equalising itself. She moaned as she felt the sides of the jug brush against her cunt. It was sending enormous pulses of pleasure through her cunt and into her body. Finally she was free, and her pussy shook for seconds. She shuddered and totally lost balance. She fell to her bed and came instantly. She had to spread her legs wide open so her cunt was on full display. Her computer was making so much noise, she couldn’t tell what was what anymore. She didn’t even care. In her head, each noise, was someone cumming, someone telling her she was the biggest, she was the hottest she was the freakiest. All of it, every thought, was making her cunt burn. She ran her fingers over her beyond fat lips, and came again instantly. She shook, causing an earthquake of shudders through her, which in turn made her cunt jiggle and wobble. She couldn’t help it any more. She went wild with both hands. Brushing herself, she came over and over again.

She couldn’t stop now. She kept orgasming, and kept rubbing. For five minutes she was lost in an endless cycle of orgasming, till she had to stop. But even though she wasn’t touching her cunt anymore, she was still orgasming. She thrashed on the bed and orgasms still spasmed through her. She bucked and jolted wildly as she came for another minute.

Finally they died down and a glow took over her. She layed there, exhausted, and feeling radiant. She though to herself ‘Now I am the biggest cunt in the world. I am queen of the pumpers, goddess of cunts. This is a new chapter for my life, and for all my fans and haters on the internet’.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32