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I used to spend a lot of time at the beaches in Malibu. Turquoise-blue waves, white sand, gorgeous surfers with bronzed bodies and Sun-bleached hair. It felt so good to be surrounded by other beautiful people! We played volleyball, swam in the ocean, made sand mermaids and hung out at random little spots along the PCH. My friends loved to have fun and knew people that threw great parties. Up and coming actors, models, all sorts of hippy-dippy characters were welcome at nice big houses for pool parties and I was invited too. Pool parties all over Malibu, Topanga and Bel Air became my new hobby. Oh, the things I saw at these parties! Booz, coke, hot hookups in the shower and changing cabins… No more guilty whining from my ex who couldn’t get over losing his virginity before marriage! I moved on. Here with my new friends everything was so easy and so fun! I could do anything I wanted to…

One time a very pretty girl approached me at a pool. She looked like a Barbie fairy and her name was Plum. Her nose was exquisitely thin and straight, her hair was silver-lavender color and her boobs under a silky robe were absolutely perfect. I was already tipsy when she came to me and asked if I wanted to be a “candy.” Her boyfriend wanted to have a “candy” while they were having sex. I still wasn’t sure what exactly she meant but the possibility of having a threesome excited me. Should I get involved with another girl though? Women didn’t interest me sexually but she was really hot… There was only one way to find out I thought and followed her inside the house. We went upstairs and ended up in a nice big bedroom. It had a vaulted ceiling with a beautiful chandelier, big standing mirrors and white fuzzy carpet. The boyfriend, his name was Greg, was lying on a huge bed watching TV. He was pretty tall and well built and really handsome. He reminded me of my ex Anthony. The only item of clothing on him was a pair of grey sweatpants.

-Look, babe, – Plum suddenly switched to a high-pitched baby voice, – this is… What’s your name again?

-Candy, – I didn’t know why that came out but went with it.

-She is so gorgeous, isn’t she? And so sweet…

Greg shook my hand and smiled. He had a gap in his front teeth, it was very sexy. He was looking me up and down shamelessly. I was wearing my favorite bikini, three small golden triangles connected with golden straps. Somebody told me, it left very little to Kadıköy Anal Escort imagination but I knew it looked great on me. Why imagine things? Long legs, tight butt, flat stomach, swan neck, golden tan, long dark hair and sparkling chestnut eyes – I liked what I had. Greg did too. He turned the TV off and sat at the edge of the bed squeezing Plum’s butt through her robe.

-The rules are, – Plum was all business, – she is only a pussy candy, ok? You can only eat her pussy, nothing else. And you, – she turned to me, – don’t touch his dick, that’s for me only, got it?

Her tone was a bit too intense for the situation but I nodded with a straight face. I stepped back to a white leather couch facing the bed and watched Plum climb on her boyfriend’s lap for more. She sucked his tongue while feeling the back of his neck. He liked that. His hands were all over her boobs and butt. Plum’s hands quickly found their way down to Greg’s crotch. That was kinda hot. Then she started slowly sliding down his neck and chest to his stomach. That was really hot. I laid down on the couch, spread my legs and slipped my hand in the golden bikini. My pussy was getting wet. Plum got on the carpet between Greg’s knees and pulled his sweats down. He leaned back enjoying the view of Plum’s pouty mouth slowly approaching his penis and just a few feet away – me on the couch touching myself. His dick was getting hard. Plum moaned sucking him off. She was very good, I was impressed! Her head was bobbing up and down, one hand encircling the shaft, the other – softly squeezing his balls. All that while looking in Greg’s eyes. He was looking back smiling at first, then his breath started getting heavier. That made my pussy tingle. I raised my legs up on the couch’s arm and crossed them tight together squeezing my hand between the thighs. I rubbed my clit, then licked my fingers and rubbed it more and then caught Greg’s horny gaze. With a wet slurp Plum let his cock out of her mouth. It was hard and wet.

-Are you ready, babe? – She got up in front of him and took off her robe.

She was rather petite with an hourglass shaped body and impeccable tan. Greg moaned something and started rubbing her pussy. She started moaning “yeah, baby”as he fingered her and sucked on her boobs. She pushed him back, climbed up on him and sat on his dick. Plum already started moving, when Greg lifted his head and pointed at Kadıköy Yaşlı Escort me:

-Hey Candy, come here…

I got off the couch and slowly took off my bikini top. I felt frisky, I wanted to tease, to play with him. Obsessed was playing in my head and my body was moving to the rhythm. I took a step to the bed, swaying my hips and sensually touching my breasts, slowly bent down pulling my bikini off and twerking. Greg was all eyes. Plum, sitting on him like a cowgirl, turned her face to me. She looked unimpressed. I slowly rose back up rolling my shoulders humming the song. Greg groaned and reached out to me. I came closer. The plastic girlfriend watched me climb on the bed with annoyance. She didn’t like that Greg was caressing me and when I was about to kiss him she almost yelled: “no kissing!”

That was unsettling but I was so horny at that point, I let it go and sat on Greg’s face. I turned to the wall, mainly to avoid the evil doll grimace, rested my arms on the headboard and – oh my god! His tongue and his facial hair almost made me faint. I could hear moans behind and feel Greg’s arms holding my wide spread thighs but the reality was quickly fading. I moved my belly back and forth to feel his tongue and lips. The white wall before me dissolved into some magical shimmer… He was licking and sucking and slightly tugging my pussy… My knees were getting weaker… I was getting closer and closer…

All of a sudden he stopped and moaned.

-Babe, do you wonna cum in my mouth? – Plum’s voice wedged into my pre-orgasmic mind.

The next second Greg’s arms gently but rather swiftly moved me to the side. I couldn’t believe this was happening! After being so close… I leaned on the headboard and watched him jizz all over Plum’s dolly face and perfect tits. She was licking his cum off her lips and giving me victorious looks.

I got out of the bed, picked up my swimsuit and walked out to loud smooching. That sound followed me all the way to the stairs where voices from the pool area finally broke the annoying spell. I couldn’t bring myself out to the pool yet. This was horrible! I walked down to the kitchen, found in the refrigerator an open bottle of Champagne and sat on the floor hiding behind the counter. I was horny and wanted to cry at the same time. I took a big gulp straight out of the bottle hoping that agitation would go away. The Champagne Kadıköy Zenci Escort was flat. What a horrible experience! What’s wrong with that girl? I didn’t ask her anything, she came up to me!..

My mind got clouded at last. Couldn’t tell how long I sat there alone.

Somebody’s steps made me snap out. It was Greg wearing his sweatpants again. He smelled nice and fresh after shower.

-What are you doing here?

I raise the bottle.

-Where is Plum?

-She is taking a bath…Why are you sitting on the floor?

His crotch was right in front of me. I put the bottle aside and put my hand on his bulge. Greg gasped.

-What are you doing?..

-Daddy was really bad today. Made me horny and left me hanging. Bad, bad, Daddy…

His cock got harder in my hands. Greg’s breath got heavy. I slowly pulled his sweats down.

-Plum and I… We have an agreement… I can only have some candy…

I licked his dick like a popsicle and watched him close his eyes. He shivered with the whole body.

-Really? So Plum got hers, you got yours… Where is my candy then?

Greg was about to say something when I swallowed his cock. I took it really deep til almost choking. He got very hard very quickly. When Greg started moaning I took him out and got up on my feet. He slowly exhaled looking desperate. I pressed my ass against him and swayed around until he grabbed my hips and bent me over the kitchen counter. The next second we were fucking hard and fast.

-Bad, bad Candy, – he whispered in my ear.

-Yes, Daddy…

The edge of the counter was pressing against my clit and it drove me wild. My body started tingling, everything was getting blurry. Greg was relentless. He was holding me by my hip and my shoulder thrusting steadily. All I could hear was loud slurping. I pulled even closer to the edge of the counter and… Oh, my god! The kitchen disappeared in beautiful pulsating shimmer when my body went limp. Greg stopped thrusting trying to catch his breath.


Plum in a long bathrobe was coming down the stairs all slitty eyed, gnashing her teeth. Greg got out of me and froze. I turned to Plum and casually leaned on the side of the counter like I wasn’t fucking a minute ago.

-What the hell?!

I turned to Greg and gave him a sweet smile.

-Daddy, do you want to come on me?

Not waiting for an answer I took his hard dick and stroke it until he jizzed all over my stomach. Then I carefully wiped myself with a paper towel, gave amazed Greg a peck on the cheek, picked up my bikini and headed to the door. As it shut behind me, it shook from a high pitched scream and an empty bottle smashing into the wall.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32